> Do truck drivers eat shitty food at truck stops?

Do truck drivers eat shitty food at truck stops?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Is truck stop food shitty? That's what I hear. If im gonna become a truck driver, I don't want to be eating shitty food. Do truck drivers have options when it comes to food, or are they stuck with what I heard..

As a 20 year truck driver, You can eat what you want. Healthy or fast. It is just planning. There is limited places to park, but many nationwide Truck stop chains do have healthy options. Even the fast food locations inside do have options. It just depends on what you like. You can purchase your own food and make it yourself, just get a fridge for your truck.

In the UK, most truck stops have decent food, at the very least there's usually a mobile kitchen with a decent selection. You also have the option of carrying your own food and cooking that instead if you can be bothered.

The old saying that "truck drivers know the best places to eat", might have been correct 20+ years ago when truck stops had real cafes, (instead of Micky-D type crap places like they do now).

The truth is truck drivers eat where they can PARK. - And that is pretty limited in most places.

Short answer to your question (IMHO), hell no!

I'll take a truck stop over any fast food joint and many chain restaurants. And I'm not a truck driver. Get your hearing checked.

Truck stops with shitty food don't get customers. There are too many good truck stops to stop at the pitiful truck stops.

When I travel, I stop at truck stops *because* they have good food at reasonable cost. I use http://www.truckstopinfoplus.com/

I don't see why they'd put up with it. The kitchen doesn't need ticked-off truckers barge-ing in with complaints. Truckers are hard working All-American types that darn sure don't deserve bad chow.


You could bring your own food.

I packed a lunch ...but I was home every night.