> Did this guy cut me off while merging on a freeway?

Did this guy cut me off while merging on a freeway?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I was trying to merge on a freeway and this car was in the merging lane going the speed limit. Our cars were side by side and he did not slow down.

I finally slowed down at the last second and went behind him, and then honked at him. Who has right away in this case?

The vehicle continuing along a route has priority over a vehicle joining unless there is a "merge in turn" sign.

You was enterring the freeway, you had a duty to adjust your move to conform to a space.

Using your horn was criminal - that is there solely to alert other drivers not to shout at someone exercising their right to drive.

So you managed two offences in one manouver.

You were merging AND the other car was also merging? Were there two merging lanes? I'm not understanding the scenario.

Regardless, unless there is a control signal or sign such as a light, a yield sign or a stop sign, BOTH or ALL vehicles must adjust their trajectory and/or speed to allow the merge to happen safely. No one has the right of way in that case. ALL vehicles must yield.

Being in front doesn't give you the right of way. Being on the freeway first, or approaching a merge lane on the freeway doesn't give you the automatic right of way.

There are a lot of distracted drivers out there. It's no excuse, just the way it is. Pay attention, give way when needed, speed up a little if you have to or slow down a little if it's better and let people merge into traffic. Give them a bit of a break. An accident only costs you time and money, even if it's not technically your fault.

You were merging onto the freeway so it's your responsibility to do so safely without cutting a car off that's already on the freeway. Too many people think they can just get on and all the other cars have to yield to them. Sometimes the other car can't move over if they have someone next to them. You need to restudy the laws of the road before you go honking at people when you are the one in the wrong.

In your lack of knowledge as to driving, you obviously, did what you see other ignorant people do. The sign in entry ramps all over the nation indicates YIELD to those entering. Merging requires the driver MERGING to make a judgment as well as to follow rules. First of all, 80% plus of drivers do not signal. This is REQUIRED by all states in the changing lanes, and merging traffic is changing a lane, to signal. Not on the lest three seconds nor 20 feet . Early is best. A blinking light not only indicates intention but also catches the eye of the incoming driver, the one with the right of way. To merge properly you need to signal, to keep an aye on traffic and to speed up to traffic speed, if possible. You expected, demanded, that traffic yield to YOU. That is incorrect. You expect people to move over. That is incorrect. The other ignorant factor is that people like you, speed on the inside lane, not being aware that people do exit and enter freeways at slower speeds. You got luck you did not get into a crash. There is one other rule. YOU NEVER PASS PEOPLE WHILE ON THIS LANE. Very dangerous for you are invisible to the driver of the other car. You merge carefully with a turn signal and you shall meet all of the lawful requirements.

Cars on a highway have right of way over cars entering a highway. Drivers should drive both defensively and courteously. If the driver on the highway was driving at a constant speed it is mostly up to you to properly judge your entry either ahead of or behind him. The biggest issues come into play when both slow down or accelerate at the same time. You, as entering, need to use ultimate caution.

you are not priority. if you merge on the highway then you have to give priority but most people will let you in. the trick is either you go slower or faster and you have to judge the vehicle speed distance. you should not honk because it can lead to a serious road rage. some people can have a very bad personality and follow you and do something bad

sounds like he was on the road and you were not .