> Carrying a loaded gun across state lines?

Carrying a loaded gun across state lines?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I'm going to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to start my life. I'm leaving from Central Florida. So I will be traveling from Florida, into Alabama, Mississippi, and end up in Louisiana. I wanted to know all the state laws about gun carrying. I'm a petite women and I'm going to BR (not the safest city), so I need a way to protect myself.

Also, I do plan on traveling to Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina this summer. If y'all know the law for carrying a loaded gun in those states, it'd be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!

google gun laws in the united states by state. Scroll down and they have a state by state law. Among other things it will tell you if you can open carry. Join the NRA if you haven't, they fight hard to keep our rights to own a gun.

You're going there to "start my life" and you're old enough to drive a car????(or ride a bus).

So you've had no life for 18 or more years?? Most people start their lives when they're BORN.

ANYWAY, you'd better have a permit to carry a firearm if you plan on taking it with you. I do believe if you have a permit, it's legal to carry most anywhere (in the states)

I COULD be wrong though. I was wrong once, back in 1964. (LOL)

More than likely, unless you have a concealed carry permit, you can't travel with it loaded in the passenger compartment......legally. My mom once drove from Washington to Oklahoma to visit me, with a revolver on her lap. She had no permit and no one gave her any crap.

I would look them up , when I travel out of state I all ways unload it and lock it in the glove box ,