> Can I run a LED headlight on my motorcycle and still be street legal?

Can I run a LED headlight on my motorcycle and still be street legal?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I would like to replace my headlight on my motorcycle to a LED. I need to know If I can run the LED head light and still be street legal. The Head light is a Cyclops Penetrator 1500 lumen and can ether be a 25 degree beam pattern or a 10 degree pattern.

I would like to do this because my bike has a very small stator and the headlight I use now takes about 35w. Whereas the LED light I want only takes 15 watts.

I called my local sheriff and even he did not know. So I asked if he could find out. He did get some regulation form for me to read but its so full of BS wording its almost impossible to decipher. Almost another language. Even he gave up on trying to understand it.

Yes you can. The law, or Federal Dot regulations only states Illumination requirements. The only requirment is that you must be able to stop within the distance illuminated. Also, it must not blind on-coming traffic when on low beem. I have changed many bulbs over to the L.E.D.'s But, for another reason. Since the Headlight on a motorcycle is the only one you have. If it burns out at night while riding the entire road goes dark. If the High beam filament gets taken out by the failing low beam filament you are left with no light at all. Since the L.E.D. does better with vibration and will typically last 100,000 hours you just don't see the LE.D. Buring out. After you install it check your illumination and ask yourself, can I stop in the distance illuminated. If yes, you are legal in all 50 states.

That's a simple answer to a complicated question and the answer is, if the headlight you are about buy says it's d.o.t legal then yes you can have it on without a problem chances are the manufacturer will say it's only off road use just to avoid legal issues incase you decide to sue them..at the end of the day if you're not blinding incoming traffic an officer won't even mess with you..led lighting is becoming more common in street applications so I wouldn't worry about it not being street legal

Technically, any light bulb that is not stock, or stock equivalent, is illegal.

However, run what you want. If you aren't blinding oncoming traffic or have weird colors, you should be fine. Just know that having something non-standard on your vehicle gives the police a valid reason to stop you.

First thing you need to state is WHERE in the world you are located, laws vary from area to area and us guessing on your area is about the same as winning the Super-Lotto.

Second thing you need to state is the Make, Model and Year of your bike because the stakes get even worse in the Super-Lotto if you're putting money down in the wrong area.