> Best SUV car in the world.?

Best SUV car in the world.?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
Yamaha bikes have always ready to introduce the new models in the Indian auto market with advanced technology. Yamaha bikes are well known for its good mileage and excellent fuel efficiency. Yamaha bikes are signed a dashing Dhoom movie actor John Abram as its brand ambassador to promote its products. Some amazing and popular Yamaha bikes are Yamaha Crux, Yamaha Alba, Yamaha G5 and Yamaha Gladiator. The price of Yamaha bikes in India are comes under the bracket of rupees forty to seventy five thousand. Yamaha has recently launched its superb model Yamaha FZS after the success of its muscular and stylish Yamaha FZ16 bike.

In my view best SUV Car in world is Hummer or Audi Q7.

This can get you a ton of different answers. Most will be personal preference, which is hardly relevant to anything.

Perhaps you ought to put a category. Best what? Best price? Best reliability? Best fuel economy? What?

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As I ride a motorcycle and this is the motorcycle section, I will say that none of them are good

The one in the crusher