> Are winter tyres really essential in the winter?

Are winter tyres really essential in the winter?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
its an expense I can do without but its the first time ive driven in the winter since i passed my test. Should I get them?

Depends. Are your roads cleared all winter long(a snow plow goes down your street everyday when it snows) then you could get away with all season tires...so long as you plan to stay "in town"

I never see the snow plow...I think they forgot my road so if there is a foot dump of snow (or more) expect to stay home with all seasons. Me, I go skiing 50 miles up in the mountains so snow tires are necessary to get anywhere. Sometimes mountain passes are closed to any traffic that does not have snow tires(and sometimes even chains are also required) Studs are useless. A couple miles on pavement and they are worn off.

As you call them tyres I take it you are in Britain. Does it not just rain?

If you get into a crash with another vehicle...tyres are inspected first and if the other car has full Snow tyres, and you have all season...you get nailed for the accident...by the cops. They tow your car away...and fine you.

Snow tires give you traction so you can move. Not summer highway speeds, but you do better than those folks that have all season tires. (They normally sit in a ditch.) I used to get 4 feet of snow in a winter weekend. Last couple of years it has been closer to zero. Guys would still be riding their motorcycles. You never know what is going to come down.

Money tight? Then check auto salvage yards. Sometimes cars come in with basically brand new snow tires on them. And you can get for cheap with the rim attached and wheel is balanced.

. Some of the tyre stores also sell used tires as someone wants new ones and leaves the old ones. They may have 60% life remaining. Also cheaper than new.

Really depends where you are and where you want to go. and how good the roads are maintained(sanded and salted)

But saying you can't afford them (and yet you can afford the petrol to filler up) is a contradiction and the cops don't accept that answer.

Nope, not essential. I've been driving over 25 years, through some nasty Canadian winters, and all-season tires have done just fine for me.

I'm sure winter tires do perform better in the winter, but they're not essential. The difference between spinning out and keeping control is decided purely by how you drive, not what you drive or what tires you have.

Depending on the car and how careful you drive. Winter tires are for surely beneficial but the benefits depend on what car you drive. Rear wheel drive vehicles (especially trucks) seem to be more beneficial with winter tires than all wheel drive or front wheel drive. FWD it can go either way, depending on where you live. In my opinion, with AWD winter tires aren't needed most of the time. Although, if you live by a hill IT IS NEEDED FOR AWD. I have a Subaru Impreza and I live at the top of a steep hill and boy, it's so helpful. People with big, flamboyant 4X4's couldn't get up that hill and everyone had to park at the bottom. But that Subaru with winter tires dropped jaws when I went up no problems at all. I even stopped near the top to show off a bit and had no problems at all setting off again. Again, in my opinion they are worth it, but that's because where I live it's snow for over half the year (even in summer for god's sake!). Ultimately, it's your call but I hope my little story helped.

All season tires (tyres?) are generally better than snow tires for the winter. They do give a bit more traction in snow, but on ice (and hard-packed snow) the all-seasons are better. I live near Chicago, driving the last 55 of them.

All-season tires with a good tread are usually sufficient for many/most areas, especially for city driving. If you tend to drive hilly terrain or live in an area where there is a lot of snow (especially where storms accumulate snowfall quickly) snow tires (studded) could be beneficial.

Make it between you, the tire store, and the weatherman.

You need them if you like traction.

Without them?

You could end up in traction.

Ever watch news shows where they show vehicles sliding into things, one another?

I just watched one where the guy was parked and crossed the street.

Had his camera going as the sand truck rounded the curve, and could not stick, slid into and crushed his little german touring sedan.

If he had the traction devices required, he could have not been there at all.

I used to put snow tires on the front of my car, not the rear. Lol! I had front wheel drive. What a winter monster!

Dangers like sleet, ice and snow can be fatal in many cases. The winter tyre can protect you from these potential dangerous hazards.

I used to put snow tires on the front of my car, not the rear. Lol! I had front wheel drive. What a winter monster!

Been driving since 1974, never had winter tires. Drive carefully.