> Am i the only one that does this?

Am i the only one that does this?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
I always tend to not be safe like whenever i drive a car i never put my seatbelt because i feel like i wouldn't give a crap if i die or sometimes im just waiting for it or whenever i use my motorcycle i can be going on high speed and not use a helmet

I have been doing stupid things all my life. Chances are nothing bad will happen. There was one time I went 105mph wearing a t-shirt and shorts. No helmet, no gloves. If I would have fallen off the bike the road would have torn up my skin and I would have bled to death. The experts say you should wear safety gear all thie time. But, when you actually research the dangers you would spent more money and effort wearing good clothing. A pair of jeans will provide little protection from the road ripping your flesh off. But, a slightly more expensive pair of cotton jeans from denniskirk.com with a kevlar thread woven into every 5th thread will stop the road from getting to your skin. In reality, any cheap helmet with a DOT sticker on it will provide all the protection you need. If the impact is severe enough to damage the helmet your head won't survive anyway. Wearing the proper gear can turn a deadly event into an unplanned slide down the road. One where you get up and go, "Oh, crap! Now my bike is all scratched up."

No, unfortunately you're not. If I had a dollar for every stupid thing I've done, I could live off the interest and would never have to work again.

When at a work function (yes, I know I rode there) I got so horrendously drunk they bar staff kicked me out. With all my riding gear under the bar. I was within walking distance (about a 30-40 minute walk) of my front door, yet I thought it would be a clever idea to get the emergency spare key and ride home wearing dress jeans, shirt and shoes. Felt quite nice at the time with the wind in my face and pretty much exposed torso. probably would have felt marginally less nice with exposed ankle and elbow bone ground down by the road, or a lovely de gloving injury to go with somewhat less skin than I started with. Point is, as already stated, you may well not die. What you most likely will do is have the local healthcare nurse you back to health. At considerable expense. Which will then be passed across the board, with higher insurance premiums, or if you live in NZ/Australia, Higher TAC/ACC levies on the annual registration for motorcycles.

You're not the only one. Lots of silly people still out there, some even drive and ride drunk or stoned on pills and grass. The coroners reports for cycle single vehicle 'accidents' resulting in death show about 30% drugs, 50% drunk and a fair percentage of both. Weather, bad roads and deer are contributors on rest, inexperience is sometimes recorded and if a car did a left turn it is a multi vehicle accident record. Speed is involved secondary in many of the smashed bodies- drunk and/or stoned going over speed limit. Fair amount of older riders on cruiser without helmets- but they are sober, straight and years of experience on 2 wheels and make a conscious decision to dress or not.

I could put some judgmental post about what a fool you are, but.....

I NEVER drive my car or truck without a seatbelt. I never allow passengers in my vehicle without reminding them to buckle up.

Then? My Girlfriend an I will hop on and ride out to lunch or something without helmets. It's our choice. We are both adults. We both have all the gear. We usually wear it, but sometimes we don't.

My guess is that you and I are closer to the norm than those who wear all the gear all the time.

Both of us should probably be more consistent with safety gear, but after 25 years of riding? I'm not likely to change.

ok I agree the whole politically correct seat belt and helmet scene pretty much sucks but Suicide sucks way worse! I admit it would be nice to be able to ride without a helmet on quiet country back roads like back in the good ole days, but even back then if I was going to be riding in traffic or at high speed I used to wear my helmet because I truly loved riding my bike and was smart enough to realise that I could'nt do it dead! So if ya really want to kill yourself fine go for it but don't mess up a perfectly good bike or car in the process! seek out some professional help you have obvious problems!

Yeah, but you might not die. Instead you could wind up in terrific pain for a prolonged period or even lose the use of one or more limbs.

BTW: Sign off on your organ donor on your driver's license.

A new Darwin Awards candidate!