> Am I a aggressive driver or a crazy driver?

Am I a aggressive driver or a crazy driver?

Posted at: 2015-04-14 
So I was on my way from work and im traveling down a single lane road on both sides. So there was a group of on coming cars and the speed limit it 55 mph and I was doing 60 mph. On this road you can pass and there was no cars in fornt of me and I have super bright headlights so there no reason why this guy can't see me. Out of the blue here comes this suv coming straight at me trying pass 6 cars out of 10. Without thinking I push down on the gas and got my jeep up to 70 mph this guy missed me by inches either way without speeding up he would have hit me on head on but I made him swerve almost into another car even though he try taking on another car before braking into another lane. But am I crazy or aggressive for not running off the road into a marsh? Right after incident I completely started shaking and wonder why I just risk my life doing something crazy and aggressive also the cars behind him to?

You're not crazy or aggressive. You just did a really stupid and reckless thing, and then realized how stupid it was. Hopefully, you learned something.

In truth, both of you were stupid. But you looked back, sweating and shaking, and recognized that what you did could easily have sealed your doom right then and there. That's what makes you not crazy.

If you were truly crazy or overly aggressive, you would have blamed the other idiot 100% and maintained that you did nothing wrong. But you didn't do that, so you're normal. You pulled out thinking everything would be just fine and no problem, and only when it was too late did you realize the severity of the risk you took. Normal people do stupid stuff all the time (that's why insurance is so blasted expensive), and the lucky ones get away and learn not to do it again.

So congratulations, you're normal. You had a seriously stupid moment and lived through it, and hopefully you'll keep that with you and remember not to do it again.

I had to do some research as to this posting. After an hour or so I think I located the correct reference. It is combination of self righteousness, a sense of domination and you can sprinkle a sense of vigilantism. In your opinion this person was aggressive and stupid for driving on YOUR land. Rather than realize the potential for disaster you wanted to scare this person, to teach a lesson as to passing. As to your description, he did not miss you, YOU missed him. IN any court of law it is accepted standard that once a problem is detected on the road a driver has the total responsibility to minimize risk, damages and injuries. You were speeding in the first place. In the eyes of the law YOU were in violation of the speed limit. Supposed some felt threatened by your speeding. Would it be acceptable for that person to invade your lane with the risk of a collision to get you to slow down? In a way, human behavior can justify dong the wrong thing for the supposedly good result. To torture a prisoner of war to get "good information to minimize combat loses" fits that description. As to the specifics. Your speeding qualified you as an aggressive driver. The reaction to the violation of your lane is 100% incorrect and can easily be unreasonable which is a nice word for crazy. Suppose you found out this driver was rushing a sick or injured person to a hospital? What if it was a doctor rushing to treat a patient with time being extremely critical? Suppose he was transporting medicine or even human organs needed at a hospital? If you go for the "right reasons" instead of assuming an idiotic, self serving, inconsiderate and stupid driver, perhaps you would be in a better place. If there was a collision and a death you would be guilty of aggravated vehicular manslaughter or worse, depending on provable facts. I suggest you reconsider your driving behavior. This crash killed an off duty law officer, father of two young kids. This happened in Chicago when the van ran a red light a high speed. The policeman never had a chance. I also recommend you take a few advance driving courses. AAA has plenty for reasonable prices.

So you're doing 70 in a 55 limit? Makes no difference whether you want to label it as aggressive or crazy. Just take it you're an idiot.

Well IDIOT if you hadn't sped up he wouldn't have "just missed you" or hit you, because you would have been further back. YOU were trying to run him off the road or hit you for having the nerve to pass people when he normally safely could have.

its just your personality. some drivers don't like that so they don't allow people to do that and it causes road rage. its a useless road rage in my opinion

Road rage. you need to calm down when driving


you should have slowed down