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archived news / February 2014

BMX Racing News - Monday/Tuesday - February 24-25, 2014

The Night Steven Tyler Checked Out A Little BMX At The 2001 ABA BMX Grands!

Check out the Steven Tyler Photo Page on BMX Mania!

One of the coolest cats in Rock N Roll, Steven Tyler made a visit to the 2001 ABA BMX Grands and BMX Mania was there to capture the action. Well, not any racing action went on but Steven did take a few pedals around the track, and was impressed with what he saw.

After his intro to BMX, some of the top pros who were still hangin' around after Pro Practice lined up for some photos and since the BMX Mania camera was still out and ready for action, it became the official camera for the event.

Steven was super cool about hangin' out. He readily posed, signed autographs and chatted everyone up, he was so easy going and accommodating. Funny thing. Every photo that he took with people, he made an effort to make it 'the best one' of the evening. When he posed with Mike Gonz and Derek Betcher, he grabbed the two riders in a big hug and reached over snatched Gonz' cap off his head and slapped it sideways on his own, making the photo, "just a little bit' more memorable. A very cool dude, who made everyone around him feel good, for sure the coolest celebrity that I've ever met!

But, of course, after I got done taking everyone else's photo with Steven, I totally forgot to get one of my own! Ha! All good and a great night of BMX with Aerosmith's, Steven Tyler!

Check out the Steven Tyler Photo Page on BMX Mania!




BMX Racing News - Thursday - February 20, 2014


The panhandle of Florida’s longest operating

BMX Track-Trails / Skatepark

Go to …… or on FaceBook under Emerald Coast Dirt & Vert  for more info on the park and its sponsors!!

Call 850-796-2326 for more info.
Studs/pros - $1000.00 cash prizes Overall Top 3 plus top 4 cash awards for each venue
Groms/amateur –HUGE SWAG FROM DK BICYCLES for the  overall top 3 places and also for the top 4 in each venue
Entry Fees- 20.00 per venue or Sign up for all three for 50.00
Park- Saturday at 11:00 am
Dirt- Saturday at 2:00 pm
Track/Time Trials- Saturday at 6:00 pm
Awards ceremony/dinner at Fokker’s Sport Pub in downtown FWB
Weekend Passes available for 25.00 for all USABMX
members (includes reg. fee at ECDV) to ride the Dirt

Jumps, Skatepark and BMX track!

New Jumps and New Park Setup for 2013-14!

Come experience the only Complete Extreme Sports Park in the Southeast and a weekend filled with BMX Madness you won’t soon forget!!!!!!

For more info…………..
Emerald Coast Dirt & Vert
126 Jet Drive
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548








BMX Racing News - weekend update - February 14-16, 2014

Mad Dog Is Back On His Bike In This Awesome WSBT-TV Interview!
Way back in August of 2012, BMXer extraordinaire, Brett "Mad Dog" Banasiewicz suffered a potentially career ending head injury during practice at a contest in Virginia. The accident left him in a medically induced coma for 15 days and his comeback has been long and hard.

One of the local TV stations near BMX Mania World HQ, CBS station, WSBT-TV dropped by 'The Kitchen', Brett's South Bend skatepark and did an extensive interview with Mad Dog and his parents on what's been going on with the hard working BMX superstar.

Click on Mad Dog above to go to WSBT's web site to check out the story!

It's BMX Mania Approved!!!!!

Jayce Cunning, Turns In An Outstanding BMX Racing Video From Australia!
Hot racing video from Australian Junior Elite rider, Jayce Cunning #94, riding like a champ on his home turf, in this outstanding video from Hamish Mackie.






BMX Racing News - Wednesday/Thursday - February 12-13, 2014

Alienation BMX Sponsors
GT Factory Team!

The finest name in BMX racing rims, Alienation BMX has announced the sponsorship of the GT Factory Team for the 2014 BMX Racing season. 

Alienation BMX was founded by Zach Taylor in 2006 after building another rim brand to a world wide powerhouse. Taylor, who came from a long association with top brands in BMX saw a vacuum to fill in the BMX market and established Alienation BMX as a rider run component business manufacturing the finest of rims in BMX racing. 

From the beginning of Alienation BMX racing, the company has aligned itself with sponsored riders and teams of the highest order in BMX racing. This year, one of those teams is the super powerful GT BMX Factory team, which will see some of the best riders around hitting the track with some of the best BMX riders in the world! 

According to ALN owner, Zach Taylor, “GT has always run a phenomenal program & it has been a pleasure to be part of that heritage these past few years. GT Team Manager, Steve Spencer has out done himself this year assembling an extremely talented team. We’ll keep them rollin for 2014.” 

The team is lead by long time AA Pro/Elite Men’s performer, Tyler Brown, leader of the pack and GT Team Manager.  The GT team  will be lead on the track by new UCI Junior World Titlists, Felicia Stancil (2013 UCI Jr. Women) and Sean Gaian (2013 UCI Jr. Men) head up a group of performers made up of Olympic BMX Silver Medalist, Mike Day, Aiden Otten, Brooklyn VanRenselaar, Dutch Petersen, Jonas Harmon, Jordan Miranda, Shan Hatfield, and 2012 USABMX National Girls Champion, Sophia Foresta

Look for the 2014 GT Factory Team to be leading the way around a USABMX National track, a UCI BMX Supercross race or the UCI BMX World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands ….. Rollin’ on Alienation BMX rims!

Chase / Stay Strong Freedom Park Clinic Report
Freedom Park Clinic Report through the Photographic lens by Alejandro Garcia  (

On February 1, 2014, Dale Holmes Racing held their first Chase / Stay Strong Clinic at Freedom Park BMX in Camarillo, CA. The full team was in full force—Cristian Becerine, Anthony Dean, Bryce Betts, and Dale Holmes.

Freedom Park is almost a two hour drive for current back-to-back Vet Pro #1, Cristian Becerine, and about a four hour drive for Team Manager, Dale Holmes. Despite the longer drive, Dale beat Big C. to the track by at least 15 minutes. When Dale called to ask how close Big C. was to arriving, Big C. joked that Dale likes to get everywhere early and probably opened up the track himself. When Big C. rolled into the parking lot, Dale already had the team pop-up tents ready, and DHR’s youngest rider and 19-27 Expert, Bryce Betts, was unloading his Chase bike. Elite rider, Australian 2013 Series Champion, and Aussie-turned-So-Cal resident, Anthony Dean, arrived just a few minutes after the scheduled arrival time.

Mrs. Big C. was on hand to help with the signups, and she volunteered to get some food for the guys, as the clinic sign-up time ran through their scheduled meal times. A well-fueled athlete is a good athlete. Nor Cal native, Bryce, asked for a particular salad because “That’s what Donny eats.” After their meals, the guys were eager to gear up and ride a bit. The guys managed to shoot a couple of team shots before the end of signups and the start of the clinic. Big C. even had a few good bike stories that busted up Bryce.

The clinic started with a call to the start hill. Dale introduced the team and listed their many accomplishments. Then the clinic participants were asked to drop their bikes and head to the first straight for some of the best advice to prolong a BMX career—it was time to stretch and warm-up. After everyone was warmed up, the young riders were divided into two groups, 10 and over and nine and under.
The two groups of riders both rode so well that if not for their size it would have been difficult to differentiate one group from the other. While Cristian and Anthony worked with one group on gates, Dale and Bryce worked with the other on the rhythm section and turns.

Cristian demonstrated how to stand at the ready, waiting for the familiar lights and sounds of the gate start. Then when the riders lined up at the gate, Cristian and Anthony went lane by lane and gave advice to each rider. Even small adjustments in pedal position or posture were not overlooked. Cristian gave one golden nugget of advice. He said that the first pedal out of the gate is important but that the second pedal was even more important. One young rider took this to heart and was so quick out of the gate that he was an entire wheel-length ahead of the two riders beside him, hard on his second pedal by the time the gate hit the ground.

Along with the rhythm section, Dale and Bryce covered the importance of maintaining speed through and out of the turns. After a couple of demonstrations, Dale and Bryce had the young riders ride the turns high. One young rider carried more speed coming out of the turn than they were used to that they wobbled a bit on the first just coming out of the turn. These young riders were quick to learn and quick to apply.
Before switching groups, the team called a water break. A few young riders were pumped and eager to keep riding. And then some more advice from the team—hydrate and rest up.

After the break, the groups switched. Then it was on to high-low passing. Despite a few demonstrations by Cristian and Bryce, some of the younger riders did not quite get the speed concept down. That is when Dale made a TM call—have the little riders literally run the drill on foot. One young rider ran down the backside of right before the turn followed closely by another runner. At about the apex of the turn the runner in the back swooped down from high to low for the pass. They took turns running the drill in pairs. Some little runners grinned and chuckled the whole way. A few pairs even went and stayed high-high in order to give Dale a high-five. Now that they had the feel of the high-low pass, the young riders successfully ran the drill on their bikes.

The young riders were pumped to be coached by the DHR Chase / Stay Strong Team. To wind down the clinic, some riders took to taking some jumps alongside Bryce while others wound down with a few full laps.

After the clinic, the team and the young riders got together for pictures, autographs, and goodie bags with sponsor giveaways. Then Dale asked all the young riders a few extra trivia questions. Those that paid attention to the team introduction and answered correctly walked away with extra prizes. It was indeed a great start to the Chase / Stay Srong Clinic Tour.

Cristian, Anthony, Bryce, and Dale were great with the kids, and all the young riders had a great time. Check out for the latest team news including clinics and personalized coaching.

Next Clinic Santa Maria, CA Saturday 15th Feb 1-3. Keep up with the teams latest by following DHR on the latest social media: Facebook Dale Holmes Racing, Instagram DaleHolmesRacing, and Twitter @DHolmesRacing.

And remember, StayStrong!






BMX Racing News - Monday/Tuesday - February 10-11, 2014

FBN Plastics/C-YAA Picks Up Cole Tesar!

Bizzarro BMX Inc, in conjunction with FBN Plastics and C-YAA frames, is proud to announce the addition of Cole Tesar (17-18x)!

Cole is a multi-time UCI World Champion; his resume includes multiple NAG, ROC, USA Cycling and Gold Cup titles! He took possession of his C-Yaa Pro XXL Gen2 frame last week and had the following to say, “The bike is dialed! Love it! “It’s 1000 times stiffer than my last bike and it rides awesome!”

Look for Rock-n-Roll Cole out front this weekend in Louisville outfitted in Fly Racing attire and using Joey Bradford model handle bars, Alienation hoops, Aztec pads & cables, KMC chains, ODI grips and Thomson seat posts. In addition, he’ll be sporting a Riderz Ready team jersey and custom number plate face designed by Blot Out Graphics…and keeping his C-Yaa clean and rolling smooth thanks to Finishline lubricants.

For team pictures, news, and just plain funny stuff check out our Facebook page at "C-YAA BMX Frames" and "like" us.

FBN Plastics ( custom plastic fabricators. C-YAA makers of the ultimate aluminum Bicycle Motocross racing frames.

Co-Sponsors: Alienation (, Aztec (, Blot Out Graphics (, Finish Line (, FLY Racing (, KMC (, ODI (, PowerBar (, Riderz Ready (, and Thomson (

FBN/C-YAA is a division of Bizzarro BMX, Inc





BMX Racing News - weekend update - February 8-9, 2014

2 Time BMX Gold Medalist Maris Strombergs Signs Long Term Deal with Speedline Parts

Speedline Parts– Apple Valley, CA

That is right, you read it correctly, the 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist for BMX, Maris Strombergs has approached Speedline Parts for a long term agreement to run Speedline Components on his Free Agent BMX bike from now to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and beyond.

When we first got the call from Maris about wanting to run our Forks and parts we were flattered. The 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, wanted to run our parts!

We have always tried to build the best parts in BMX and that Maris wanted to run them vindicated that for us.

Maris had this to say about Speedline Parts - " I chose Speedline parts because I have always liked their stuff. Its quality, light and looks great. I'm excited and looking forward being a part of making the Speedline brand bigger and better."

Speedline will not only be outfitting Maris with our current line of BMX components, but will be working with Maris to develop some special Speedline / Strombergs gold medal edition products.

Bill Ryan from Speedline said "We are honored to have such a great person and rider as Maris joining us in the Speedline Family. Maris brings with him a talent and experience that is unique to him and will only help our company grow with our goals to continue to build the best in BMX."

Keep your eyes peeled on the website and our facebook for updates and look for "The Machine" to be on his Speedline Equipped Free Agent ride starting at Oldsmar as he goes for the USA BMX Title in 2014 on his way to Rio in 2016.

Maris is sponsored by – Free Agent Bikes, Rockstar Energy Drinks and Speedline Components -

Speedline Parts proudly supports – Maris Strombergs – 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, The Supercross BMX Factory Team including 3x ABA #1 Pro Bubba Harris, Elite Woman Dani George, Elite Men Jeremy Rommel and Elite Men Jared Garcia, Powers Bike Shop, and RRC/Supercross.

For more information please visit or our Facebook at






BMX Racing News - Tuesday/Wednesday - February 4-5, 2014

'Redefining Winning' from Donny Robinson: Heart Of A Champion, passion Of A Pro!
Editor's Note: Donny Robinson.....A great pro over the years. A passionate Competitor.

When dR first joined the pro ranks in BMX, he was coming off an amateur career that many times, consisted of his competitors wondering who got second when Donny showed up at a race, cuz, dR was gonna take the win.

Expectations going in to his pro career for Donny were high! However, the pro life for a BMXer can be a rough place to be. Everybody's a little bit faster, a little more experienced than the guys you used to dominate.....the day to day racing is much more difficult.....NOBODY wins all the time, nobody just rides at the top forever, it's a long tough haul.

As a BMX Pro, dR has experienced the best of time the worst of times. Olympic Podium? Yep. World Elite Title? Yep. Been there done that. Scary "knockin' on death's door" injuries? Yep! More than once????? YES! dR's been THRU the pro BMX experience. Some of the highest moments in the sport, some of the lowest.

Here are some thoughts and perspectives from dR that maybe aren't what a rider would expect, but challenging and fulfilling at the same time.

Words from a Champion and a Pro who loves his job.......Donny 'dR' Robinson, a true professional. - Jerry Landrum/

By Donny Robinson, Pro BMXer ..... Redefining Winning.

The last race I won was the 2009 World Championships. I'm not saying the last few seasons have been terrible - just not what I have grown to expect, given my string of unfortunate injuries. Yet, I am very blessed to still be making many mains, traveling, meeting new friends, all while having the support of my loyal sponsors.

Well, I guess until the end of last year, that is...

After my concussion in late August of last year, I decided to take the remainder of the year off from racing. Not because I didn't feel good, or couldn't compete; but, because I didn't have anything to prove by taking extra risk in the same year. During my hiatus from racing, I taught a California-wide BMX Racing Clinic Tour and continued to remain physically fit for my possible return to competition in 2014. Unfortunately - and after a great run - most of my long-time sponsors let it be known that they would not be continuing on with me.

Feeling healthy and willing, I made the choice to return in 2014 at the season opener in Reno, NV just a few weeks ago. Reno has always been good to me- it was my first BMX national ever (1989); my first pro race (2002) and also my first pro win (2003) - so I thought no better place to return, than in Reno. I was so extremely nervous, though. Could I even be competitive anymore? Would the crowd even acknowledge me? With all that I have accomplished, these questions may seem silly, but I was truly terrified. There were many more questions... but basically - my confidence was shaky, at best.

You had to be there to understand. And (I think) you would have to be me to even comprehend and appreciate the magnitude of what happened in Reno.

I got 2nd place!

That's not the awesome part, though (even if it was very welcomed).

You see, for the longest time, I've had it in my head that I had to win (1st place) on the track to be worth anything. And it stood to reason because most of my sponsors were not around like they once were. But I was wrong - And it took the fans in Reno to show me this. There will always be somebody better, somebody younger, somebody more skilled. The riders that are on-top, aren't there forever and even though I fight, for myself, to be on top of the podium- there is more value and meaning to this BMX thing.

I first saw it during a routine qualifying moto on day #1 and it caught me completely off guard. From gate 8, I was able to holeshot and win the race, but what was amazing to me, was the reception the crowd gave me when I came out of the first turn in the lead! I could have pulled off the track right then. It meant so much to me to hear the crowd cheering and rooting for me.

Then, during the pro announcement for Saturday's main event - it really hit home. When I rolled out of the gate for my introduction, it was as if every single person in that arena was yelling at the top of their lungs - I simply could not believe what I was hearing and feeling! I can't quantify it... I can't describe it... but at that moment, what I was hearing, completely washed away every single doubt, fear, injury and trial that I've faced in the last 4 years. It was the most meaningful thing that has happened to me in a long time.

It wasn't my past results that warranted what the crowd gave to me that day, but a combination of all I try to do and represent. And just when I thought that everything was coming to an end, I realized that I can celebrate my new beginnings. Not to be too dramatic or emotional, but I'm so thankful that I was able to experience such an amazing weekend and, as our season continues next month in Florida, I just look forward to embracing the opportunity to do what I love, for the people I love. - Donny Robinson, Pro BMXer








BMX Racing News - weekend update - Jan. 31 - feb. 2, 2014

GHP BMX support program Lookin' For You!

GHP BMX has been around for a long while now and would like to say a big thank you to all our teams out there doing a great job, we wish you all the best in 2014 and will be here to help any way we can.

If you're missing one key component to your team, being connected with the company you are sponsored by..Please consider joining the GHP family.

We care about our teams and riders and pride ourselves in what we're doing here. I have my name on the product, it has to be right or this cannot happen!

I also take great pride in knowing that when my phone rings I am there to connect with anyone of our team managers if they need help.

If you are looking for a close relationship with your frame sponsor and just have not found that relationship, please consider contacting me, or 818-359-3932 and we can talk about getting you in the GHP Family! - Greg Hill/GHP BMX

2013 SOB* List Results
*Stinky Old BMXers
It's the 2013 Stinky Old BMXers List from! Check it out sports fans! The Top 12 Old Guy BMXers in the opinion of the BMX Geniuses at 30PLUSBMX.COM. Pretty fast bunch of old dudes, check it out!
1 - Shawn Diprete ..... Shawn Diprete is the only 3 time winner of the SOB list. This year he added another NAG 1 title and a cruiser title to his long list of BMX accomplishments. In 2014 Shawn jumps factory's and will be riding for Black Crown.
2 - Raul Gomez ..... Raul Gomez sits in second this year although he is the current NAG #1 in his 'Lucky 13' year! Raul is a champion on and off the BMX track, where his biggest wins have been!
3 - Eric Rupe ..... Like a great watch, Eric Rupe is timeless. He proudly sits in the third spot looking to jump up a couple next year.
4 - Luke Segal ..... Although Luke didn't finish the year off the way he wanted, his peers saw the raw determination from this military hero and acknowledge his place among our list.
5 - Shan Hatfield ..... Shan the Man might have ended his season early with a crash at the world championships but no one trains harder and expects more from himself.
6 - Todd Parry ..... Todd Parry had a lot of change the past couple years but nothing changes about his winning ways!
7 - David Archibald ..... Although Archi only races one bike, he is dominant and determined! Everyone knows this privateers place among the best of the best.
8 - Dale Holmes ..... Dale Holmes has done it all in BMX and he continues to grow on and off the track! This year Dale will be racing and heading up a new exciting Stay Strong team.
9 - Ben Hershkowitz ..... Hersh- what more can be said about a skinny kid from Arizona.... He's fast and squarely at #9!
10 - Jeremy Thompson ..... JT is known in certain circles as the mayor. A two sided crap talking coin who brings it on race day. Jeremy joins Shawn on the new Black Crown team.
11 - Brian Simmons ..... Paranormal activity hasn't slowed down this western champion. Brian Simmons squeaks in at number 11 for the Bay Area 510 crew.
12 - George Goodall ..... Another ageless wonder, George Goodall makes his debut in the list and we believe he'll be moving up shortly.

For more on the 2013 SOB List, check em out at .....

Chase / Stay Strong BMX Clinic Tour At freedom park / Camarillo, CA Saturday!
What an opportunity to get some of the best BMX instruction around!

Hit up Freedom Park in Camarillo, California this weekend to learn what you need to make things happen for you on the won't be disappointed, these guys are the best!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 1st from 1-3p.m., it's the first stop on the "Chase / Stay Strong" Clinic Tour - full team line-up will be present at Freedom Park BMX in Camarillo, CA.

There will be lots of giveaways and a fun afternoon planned. Hope to see you there. Keep your eyes on our social media pages for more updates on up-and-coming clinics and other programs being offered: ..... Face Book Dale Holmes Racing ..... Twitter @DHolmesRacing ..... Instagram @daleholmesracing

This event is BMX Mania Approved!