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archived news / December 2012

BMX Racing news - happy new year's edition - December 29-31, 2012

BOX and Promax Step Up Big Time as Rider and Team Sponsor

ANAHEIM, CA—Just one year after opening its doors, Cycle Group, Inc., the parent company of BOX Components and Promax USA, has stepped into the sponsorship ring big time. As of January 1, the company will sponsor nearly a dozen amateur and pro factory teams and about the same number of current and future Elite and Olympic-level racers.  

Among the teams CGI will sponsor with BOX and/or Promax components are the USA BMX National Number 1 Factory Team, Haro/Promax; DK Bicycles; the Dutch National BMX Team; the USA BMX National Number 1 Shop Team, J&R Bicycles; Team Stay Strong, SE Racing; Factory Staats; Factory Profile; Factory GHP/Quick Signs; ONE Bicycles and, of course, the BOX Factory Team.  

Elite and future Elite riders who will likely be seen winning on BOX and Promax components in 2013 include Marc Willers; Barry Nobles; Tommy Zula; Dylan Cooley; USA BMX National Number 1 Amateur, Rusty Nesvig; Olympic Bronze Medalist, Laura Smulders; Jelle van Gorkom; Raymon van der Biezen; Twan van Gent; Merle van Benthem; Ryan Pettigrew; Cory Reid; Kurt Pickard, Darryn Goodwin, Alfredo Campo and Damien Godet. 

“We believe strongly in giving back to the sport and supporting those who make BMX what it is. Even though we’ve only just started selling BOX and Promax parts and, frankly have nothing to show for more than a year of heavy investment in R&D and production, we think it’s necessary to also invest heavily in race sponsorship as a way to build the sport as well as the BOX and Promax brands,” said Toby Henderson, CGI’s founder.  

“We’ve been fortunate that so many of the world’s fastest racers have come to us, asking to use our products. After following our progress on FaceBook, many of them saw the BOX and Promax lines for the first time at Interbike in September. More than a few told us how impressed they were with the quality and the designs. They recognize that we are serious about developing the best components in the world and they want to be part of that,” Henderson added. 

Next season, Willers and the BOX Factory Team, DK Bicycles and the Dutch National Team will race with a full compliment of BOX Components, including BOX carbon fiber X-Series forks, Delta stems, Maximus bars, Vector cranks and Hollow hubs. The Vector cranks and 20-Mil Hollow hubs require special frames, which will be custom built and supplied by DK for Willers and the DK Crew and Meybo for the Dutch riders. J&R Bicycles will race with most BOX Components, but will use Promax HF-2 hollow-forged cranks to fit the stock Speedco frames they will ride.  

Haro/Promax will ride with a full compliment of Promax components with various BOX parts, such as Focus rims and Triple Taper handlebars, where none are available from Promax. The remainder of the teams predominantly will use Promax parts, such as P-1 brakes and Click levers, HF-2 cranks and Impact and Banger stems.

About Cycle Group, Inc.: CGI designs, manufactures and distributes BMX, mountain bike, road and other bicycle components under the BOX Components and Promax brand names. It’s founder, Toby Henderson, is a BMX racing pioneer, member of the BMX Hall of Fame, U.S. Bicycle Hall of Fame, X-Games medalist, founder of T.H.E. Industries, co-founder of VSI Products and creator of other brands such as Sinz, Speed Bicycles, ITS, EYE BMX and Ave.  

Team/CGI Sponsorship 

• BOX Factory Team/Full BOX with Promax headsets and stem locks

• DK Bicycles/ Full BOX with Promax headsets and stem locks

• Dutch National BMX Team/ Full BOX with Promax headsets and stem locks

• Haro/Promax/Full Promax with some BOX

• J&R Bicycles/BOX with some Promax

• Stay Strong/BOX Vector Cranks, BOX Genius brake levers, Promax P-1 brakes, BOX X-Ray brake shoes, BOX Concentric cables, BOX Phase 1 number plates

• Staats/Promax cranks, BBs, brakes, BOX number plates

• Factory GHP/Quick Signs/Promax P-1 brakes

• SE Racing/Promax P-1 brakes

• Factory Profile/Promax P-1 brakes and Click brake levers or BOX Eclipse brakes and Genius brake levers

• ONE Bicycles/Promax P-1 brakes and Click brake levers and BOX Phase 1 number plates

• Kurt Pickard/ Full BOX with Promax headsets and stem locks

• Damien Godet/BOX Carbon X-Series forks, Promax HF-2 cranks, BOX Hollow hubs

Black Crown Adds Little Kings To Factory team royalty!

To help promote that our "Throne" race frames and light weight American made parts are not just for the older guys BlackCrown BMX has added 3 young dudes to our 2013 team roster.

9 Expert Charlie Biggs from Huntersville NC has been racing for 3 years and has been consistently working his way to the front of the pack. Charlie finished last season with several wins and numerous podium finishes on both bikes. Charlie ended the season NAG 10 in his 9 Cruiser class.

11 Expert Dylan Dellinger joins the BlackCrown crew after a solid season of podium finishes on both bikes as well. Dylan is from Statesville NC and enters his 6th season of racing. He has had several District, State, and Redline Cup titles over the past few years and we look forward to watching Dylan reach the NAG top 10 in 2013.

You may have noticed 13 Expert Dylan Moriera flying the Black/Red colors at the last few nationals of the 2012 season. Dylan is an Orlando local and comes from a BMX family. Dylan's father Vinny was world champion in the 31+ class in 2009. Dylan also knows his way to the top step of the podium as he finished 2012 with a 5th place finish in Tulsa while earning NAG 5.

These 3 new shredders join existing BlackCrown riders 10 Expert Preston Evans and 12 Expert Kyle Kruysman as a solid group of up and coming riders that will have their "Throne" race frames up front in 2013!




BMX Racing news - Weekend update - December 21-23, 2012

BMX Kids Project in Germany!

Welcome to our video! By the desire to convey to children safety on the bike and more safety on the road, in 2007, originated the idea to erect a BMX course for the children of the kindergarten in Birkenstein, Germany.

With the help of kindergarten teams, the parents of our children, our many volunteers, sponsors and the community Hoppegarten we managed this project that is unique in Germany. The project has been great and to date is judged to be quite a success.

The implementation of the project has made us many opportunities to promote children's and sports. Our motto, "He who controls his bike in the area, also dominates in the street" has persisted to this day.

Enjoy our video!  Frohe Weihnachten ..... Merry Christmas



BMX Racing news - Wednesday - December 19, 2012

Team HRVfitness Score Big At Victorian State Titles!




BMX Racing news - Tuesday - December 18, 2012

Factory Ssquared adds Elite Woman, Lauren Reynolds to Team

Ssquared Bicycles is pleased to announce the signing of 2012 Australian Olympian Elite Woman Lauren Reynolds to their Factory Team effective January 1, 2013.

Ssquared Bicycles owner John Sawyer stated, “I’m thrilled to have Lauren on our team for 2013. I think she’ll be a great asset to our program not only because she’s an Olympic level rider but also because her personality and experience make her a great role model and representative for our brand and the sport of BMX. She’ll help us gain more global notoriety as we continue to grow the brand in new markets around the world.”

Lauren’s first race in the USA for the Ssquared Factory Team will be the 2013 USA BMX Pro Series season opener in Phoenix AZ on March 1, 2013. She plans to race the USA BMX Pro series all season and chase a USA title, and also continue to compete in the UCI Supercross Series and UCI BMX World Championships as well.

Lauren’s ultimate goal is to get back to the Olympics and to win a gold medal in 2016 in Rio. Lauren commented, “I’m excited to be part of the Ssquared and Answer BMX family. I’m very picky about my equipment and I know that the Ssquared frame built up with all Answer BMX products will give me the best advantage I need to attain my goals. I can’t wait to get the season started in Phoenix as a member of this very supportive team.”

The Ssquared Bicycles Factory Team is proudly sponsored by Answer BMX, Rennen Design, Tioga, Troy Lee Designs, and MJT Media. For more information on Ssquared Bicycles and Answer BMX Products visit and

JOHNSON PLATES Future Pro Challenge At Steel Wheels BMX!

1st Samantha Brown ... 2nd Heather Collman ... 3rd Nicole Mirowski ... 4th Allaina Dellert ... 5th Kim Parkinson ... 6th Shelby Goodwin ... 7th Damaris Thomason ... 8th Noelle Vidak 1st Tyler Whitfield ... 2nd Brandon Ceslok ... 3rd Justin Richmond ... 4th Stefan Fahy ... 5th Tony Claar ... 6th Brandon McDowell ... 7th Joseph Bracero ... 8th Larry Dobson

After days of downing NyQuil to get rid of the Grands flu I starting having some odd dreams. What if I had a dream that the Olympics were held at a small but fast indoor track in Hobart Indiana, all of the riders had number plates that looked a little like the ones that were in London and the Dutch team in their bright orange uniforms took the entire podium? In the dream the rider that took 2nd looked a little like the Netherlands huge powerhouse Robert DeWilde with his blond hair and scruffy beard but the announcer kept saying that he was from Janesville Wisconsin.

I woke up and had to get to Steelwheels early to set up for the real race that was taking place there, the 9th annual JOHNSONPLATES Future Pro Challenge presented by FLY / MADERA / RACEDAYDESIGNS / DRAGON WHEELS and B2XTREME.

In 2008 I had a lot of fun writing a story for BMXMANIA comparing how many strange things that happened at that year’s race mirrored Beijing’s . But in 2012 the only similarity to the Olympics is that we had 32 riders for the men’s half of the show. Having 4 gates of riders is why I developed the Hybrid Scramble system for this race a few years ago as it keeps the gates full and every moto has the feel of a semi.

The first round was uneventful as Brandon Ceslok, Tyler Whitfield, Stefan Fahy and One Shot S Squared’s Tony Claar all took wins and collected 4 valuable points each. Action really started in the 2nd round as Faces of Cancer racer Corey Ross crashed out of the lead in the 3rd turn and was run over knocking him out of this year’s competition.

The last gate of round 2 saw Orlando Florida’s Joseph Bracero getting hit in the 2nd turn and his back tire exploded sending a boom through the entire building. Even though there was no way he could finish 4th to score a point, he still picked up his bike and ran around the track as the crowd cheered.

Going into round 3 Whitfield and Claar were the only 2 riders with a perfect score of 8 and to the delight of the head scorekeeper (me) they were both in the same moto guaranteeing that there wouldn’t be a tie in the points like last year. Whitfield won, securing his spot in lane one of the 2nd semi as the rules dictate.

The semis weren’t the usual crash bang affair that a race like this sometimes produces. The first one sent Richmond, Fahy, Claar and surprise of the day 35 year old Larry Dobson racing for One Shot/Ssquared to the main. Semi two had Whitfield winning with Ceslok, Racedaydesigns’ Brandon McDowell and recovering from his flat tire Joseph Bracero getting through.

The main event saw orange, orange, orange blasting out to the front of the pack as the Answer S Squared TLD squad took the top 3 places with Whitfield leading, Ceslok in 2nd and the fastest 14 year old on the planet Richmond in 3rd. Former winner of this race Fahy took 4th and Claar got 5th as a first turn crash took out the rest of the field.

Drama took place in the girls division before the first gate even dropped. I didn’t have a formula in the rules for one rack of riders as only 8 girls were in attendance. I had each one of them vote to choose either three rounds of qualifying or one round to determine lanes for the main. Of course with my luck the vote was a tie and the ladies said I could roll a die to make the decision. The chance cube came up on 2 and that meant one lap from computer picked gates to find out how they would line up for the main event.

Samantha Brown from lane 4 won as Star Products’ Heather Collman and Faces of Cancer Shelby Goodwin finished 2nd and 3rd from lanes 6 and 8. Joining them for the main were Badd & Company’s Nicole Mirowski, BMX Guru’s Noelle Vidak, Faces of Cancer’s Allaina Dellert, Damaris Thomason and Nitro Fusion’s Kim Parkinson.

Vidak got the snap in the main but couldn’t get over from lane 5 and ended up getting bumped by Goodwin in the first turn and they both went down. Brown took the win as Collman and Mirowski got 2nd and 3rd. It won’t be long until some big factory team picks up Sam Wow. I just hope she goes with the right one.

I’d like to thank JOHNSON PLATES, FLY, MADERA, RACEDAYDESIGNS, DRAGON WHEELS and B2XTREME for all of the money and prizes that were handed out to the winners, the entire staff of Steelwheelsbmx, Kim Parkinson and her crew for the Youtube video that will soon be up and a special thank you to Kenny Swart for filling in at the last minute as my assistant and finish line cameraman.

JOHNSON PLATES Future Pro Challenge Photos From


Tulsa, Oklahoma - The ABA Grand Nationals over Thanksgiving Weekend marked a strong finish to 2012 for riders behind head-badges under the VSI umbrella.

Intense BMX - When the dust settled in the Tulsa Expo Square, the Intense BMX factory team led by Donovan Long emerged as the Number 1 Factory Team in the nation. Among its riders, Rusty Nesvig was crowned Number 1 Amateur. “What else can I say; when you use the best frame and parts it gives you an edge on winning,” Nesvig says in his Intense BMX bio.

In Men’s Elite, Intense BMX rider Brian Kirkham made the pro main on both Friday and Saturday, finishing consistently for a combined 7th place finish. The weekend also marked the track debut of the Intense BMX Phenom, a new frame that is the first in BMX racing to feature a tapered headtube. “It was my first race on the Intense Phenom and new Sinz tapered carbon fork,” says Kirkham. “The frame and fork felt great—super stiff and light, plus it looks awesome!”

Lauren Reynolds also made the main on Saturday, but did not get on a box.

Speedco Bicycles - Australian lady pro rider Caroline Buchanan fought to win the National Pro Women’s title aboard her custom Speedco M-Series. Caroline came into Grands hot on an impressive five-win streak with a 30-point lead over her closest competitor, Dominique Daniels.

Heading into the last main, Buchanan was tied with Daniels, but the title slipped through her fingers in the last corner. “It definitely hit home as I crossed the line. I was in tears, exhausted physically mentally emotionally,” says Buchanan. “2012 has been the biggest year of my life: exceeded many of my expectations, many lessons learnt, many successes, the most amount of pressure I have ever experienced in my career, but overall amazing. I walk away from 2012 with my head held high and more than ever ready for a break.”

Speedco pro Kory Cook also made the big show on Friday, but got squeezed from the outside and finished with a solid 7th. Danny Caluag made it to the semis on Friday, but narrowly missed making the main by one position. "Another Grands in the books,” recaps Caluag. “It was a great season overall.”

The J&R Bicycles/Speedco team finished out the year as the Number 1 bike shop team under the direction of Scott Angus.

VSI Products, Inc. designs, develops and markets a portfolio of BMX and mountain-bike brands that includes Intense BMX, t.h.e. Industries, Sinz Elite, Speedco, EYE, AVE, Vigor and ITS.

Since 1993, VSI Products, Inc. has earned the trust and loyalty of riders and racers, from the backyards and backwoods to racetracks and ramps the world over.

USA Cycling announces jamie staff To mentor Team USA Elite BMXers!

Colorado Springs, Colo. (December 12, 2012) — USA Cycling on Wednesday announced that Jamie Staff a former UCI BMX Challenge World Champion and U.S. National BMX Pro Champion, has been promoted to the high performance director of sprint programs for USA Cycling.

According to USA Cycling President and CEO Steve Johnson. "We’re...also excited by the opportunity to expand Jamie’s role to include oversight of our BMX programs. Jamie’s past successes as both a BMX and track rider make the consolidation of these two programs a natural fit." 

In his new role as the high performance director of sprint programs, Staff will not only oversee the track program, but he will also work with the elite level BMX athletes and contribute to training programs. Staff, a British Olympic gold medalist born and raised in Ashford, England, joined USA Cycling in 2010. He was a member of the gold-medal winning team sprint squad in Beijing and also earned a keirin world title (2004) and team sprint world titles ('02 and '05).

Attracted to the track late in his career, the 39-year-old got his cycling start in BMX, winning a world title in that discipline in 1996...a U.S. National BMX Pro Title in 2001..and earned world number one status in 2000 and 2001. Under Staff’s tutelage, Team USA's, Jimmy Watkins, a full-time firefighter in Kern County, Calif., finished sixth in the men’s sprint at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Staff is stoked to get more fully involved with Team USA's Elite riders.....“I’m very excited to go back to my roots and hopefully have a huge impact on a lot of the elite athletes becoming more professional,” Staff said. “I hope I can give them some of the tools necessary to compete at the highest level competitions around the world. I’m extremely excited to be working with such talented athletes. I hope to have them performing highly on the world stage.”





BMX Racing news - Tuesday - December 10, 2012

Corinne Walder's Gate 8 DVD Ready For Christmas!

If you're a fan of BMX Racing Videos, you know the name, Corinne Walder. If you don't know Corinne's work, you need to, she's the best! Corinne's released a year end compilation video and you'll want to make sure to add this one to your collection.

Get your copy of GATE 8 DVD (£10.99) for Christmas. Produced by Corinne Walder

check it out at







check out the GATE 8 DVD at





BMX Racing news - Monday - December 9, 2012

Alfredo Campo World Champion Video!
2011 UCI Junior Men's World Champion, Alfredo Campo has made this video that's all about his approach to Championship, the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that brought him to the heights of international BMX competition. The audio track is in his native language but he's had it sub-titled so even us 'non bi-linguals' can understand. It's a great piece of work, check it out!







BMX Racing news - weekend update - December 8-9, 2012

just in time for Christmas gift giving! Alienation BMX Seat Sale
The BMX Dudes over at Alienation BMX have offered an awesome 'Seat Sale" on some of their sweet in stock seats. Hit em up for Super Savings and a stylish place to rest on after you cross the finish line!




BMX Racing news - Thursday - December 6, 2012

Yess BMX Factory Team Wins Titles At USABMX Grands!

Well the dust has settled on another great season of BMX racing. It has been a huge year for the Yess BMX Factory team, from winning the BMX Canada factory team title, to winning over 8 CNAG #1 titles and 2 USA BMX NAG #1 titles.

Recently at the USABMX Grand Nationals, the QT arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma was abuzz with title hopes and aspirations on the line. There was only a small contingent from the YESS Factory Team in attendance, but the results were anything but small. Trevor Brown wins the 41-45 cruiser Title, Alex Tougas wins the 14x title and Drew Mechielsen took home two third place titles. James Palmer, Jared Oberndorf and "Wild Bill" Will Jones were also in Tulsa, doing well in their respective classes.

It has been a huge team effort this year, and we are looking forward to an even bigger year in 2013. With the addition of the Yess Bikeshop team for 2013 we are hoping to see even more Yess frames on the podium.

On behalf of the team consisting of Jim Brown, William Jones, Trevor Brown, Laurie Harding, Taylor Brown, Alex Tougas, Ryan Tougas, James Palmer, Drew Mechielsen, Amelia Walsh, Justin Hailey, Jared Oberndorf, Ryan Murphy, Santiago Young and Georges Kreuzkamp we would like to thank all of our sponsors. - They are.....Crit Number Plates ..... Fly Racing ..... LDC ..... Tioga ..... Lizard Skins ..... Hawk Racing ..... Blackspire ..... Ogio ..... Leatt Brace ..... Time ..... Blotout Graphics ..... Custom Racing








BMX Racing news - Wednesday - December 5, 2012

just in time for Christmas gift giving! FLY “THREE.4” HELMETS

 Merry Christmas!  Hey, it's that greatest of all family holidays........Christmas 2012! Why not make it a BMX Christmas with some GREAT Christmas BMX Gift Giving. Up today from Fly Racing, it's the awesome, new, Fly “THREE.4” Helmet.

We are happy to introduce the new FLY Three.4 helmets. These are a DOT/Snell Approved Helmet so you know your head is going to be well protected.

With many features like a Quick Snap washable/removable liner, Multiport Air Induction Cooling System, Flow Through EPS and Comfort Liner Air System along with Alloy and Stainless Steel Hardware this helmet is a pro caliber lid.

When showing these helmets in Tulsa at the USA BMX Grands Nationals many people commented on how nice the helmet looked, how well this helmet fit and how comfortable it was.

The Three.4 offers top shelf quality, comfort, and performance at an MSRP of $159.99. Adult Sizes XS – XXL and 7 color options available now.







BMX Racing news - Monday/Tuesday - December 3 & 4, 2012

Answer/Rennen Picks Up Two Hot Am Warriors For USABMX Team Battles

Answer/Rennen is pleased to announce the signing of two expert powerhouses to the squad for 2013

8X Brandon Crain (Victorville, Ca) is fresh of the 2012 USABMX Grands as the NAG 1 rider in this class and NAG 2 in Cruiser . Brandon caught our eye after seeing him dominate the age group down in Orlando Florida during the Disney Cup. We feel that Brandon is the perfect addition for the team. A goal we have for 2013 was to field more high caliber riders spread out throughout the country. Answer/Rennen plans on attending more races than we did in 2012 and the addition of Brandon and his family will help make that happen.

17-18X Derik Bergh (Fergus falls, MN) is no stranger to factory teams having ridden for the very successful IPOT squad, Factory Speed and most recently Factory Tangent. In searching out a rider that can join Answer/Rennen on day one and make in impact in a much needed class we feel that Derik is the perfect fit. Derik is excited about this opportunity to open a new chapter in his race career and we are extremely pleased to have him.

Look for both riders to debut in Reno in just a few short weeks

Answer/Rennen is proudly sponsored by the following companies: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

BOX Named Co-Sponsor of J&R Bicycles Racing Team
The J&R Bike Shop Team celebrates their recent National #1 Bike Shop Team title at the USABMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are also celebrating a sweet new ride with BOX Components and will be flying the BOX flag in the 2013 BMX Racing Season, see below for more. PHOTO - Courtesy of USABMX / gOrk
ANAHEIM, CA—Cycle Group, Inc. (CGI) is pleased to announce that it signed a deal with the J&R Bicycles Racing Team to supply the team with BOX components throughout the 2013 race season. J&R is the first national team to ride BOX components.

“We’re really excited that J&R will be riding with BOX parts. It’s a great fit for BOX. The team has been the best Shop Team for several years and BOX is at the forefront of BMX technology. The team’s range of riders will provide us with valuable feedback as we develop new parts,” said Toby Henderson, founder and executive director of CGI, BOX’s parent company.

CGI will supply the team with a range of BOX components such as handlebars and stems, brake sets, rims, number plates, one-piece saddles/seatposts, bottom brackets and seat clamps, as well as a variety of Promax components, including cranks, stems, headsets and seatposts.

“I am very excited to have BOX components and Promax support the team for 2013. After attending Interbike, I was very impressed with their new line of innovative BMX products,” said Scott Angus the manager of the J&R team.

For the 2013 season, returning members will include Leinani Peralta, Kamren Larsen, Levi Pope, Lauren Whisler, Ryan Pettigrew, Zachary Van Kammen, Geoffrey Banser, Michael Weatherford, and Kevin Shankel. New team members include Stella Sunseri from San Jose, California, Jack Bakken from Lone Tree, Colorado, and Shayne Lewis from Chula Vista, California.

The J&R Team is based in Florida where J&R Bicycles’ headquarters is located, while Angus lives in Southern California. Team members also live all over the country, giving the team a presence at all the biggest USA BMX races.



BMX Racing news - weekend update - December 1 & 2, 2012

Amanda Carr to join Thailand BMX National Team

Press Release November 30, 2012

Amanda Carr announced today that effective January 1, 2013 she will become a member of Thai Cycling Association and the Thailand BMX National Team. Amanda holds dual USA and Thai citizenship because her mother, Lamoon Carr (Phuengpho) is a native Thai. Amanda has lived in their family's home in Nong Mek Thailand every year during extended visits since childhood and travel throughout Thailand. Amanda, now 22, speaks Issan (a Thai dialect) enjoys the Thai culture, customs and food.

Lieutenant General Decha Hemkasri, Secretary General of the Thai Cycling Association, extended an invitation for Amanda and her parents to travel to Thailand as guests of Thai Cycling Association and Amanda to compete in the UCI BMX Thailand Open on November 24, 2012 in Phra Phutthabet, Saraburi, Thailand.

While in Thailand, Amanda met with the entire Thai Cycling Association Executive Committee at the Thailand Olympic Committee headquarters in Bangkok Thailand. Air Marshall Chanin Chandrubeksa, President of Thai Cycling Association, and the entire Executive Committee of Thai Cycling Association committed to fully fund and support Amanda's BMX world wide participation through the 2016 Olympics.

On January 1, 2013, Amanda Carr will receive membership in the Thai Cycling Association. Amanda stated "I am grateful and honored that Thai Cycling Association will permit me to participate in this unique BMX opportunity." Carr has committed to Thai Cycling Association to apply for a nationality designation change with the Union of Cyclist International (UCI) the international cycling governing body. Thai Cycling Association officials stated "We could not be more pleased and proud that this outstanding young lady and world caliber female BMX athlete will join the Thai Cycling BMX national team."

Amanda is currently anticipated to participate in the 2013 Asian BMX Championships ( Singapore), 2013 South East Asia Games (Naypyidaw, Myanmar ), 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series, and 2014 Asian Games ( Inchon, Korea), Amanda stated "Through the gracious and generous support of Thai Cycling Association I will have the incredible opportunity to represent Thailand at BMX race events around the world while pursuing Women Elite BMX qualification position for Thailand in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brazil".

Over the next four years, Amanda Carr will compete around the world in all UCI BMX World Cup Supercross races, BMX World Championships and other UCI sanctioned events to earn nation ranking qualification points for Thailand 2016 Olympics Elite women.

Thai Cycling Association has committed to the development of a comprehensive BMX national program. Thai Cycling Association has retained Herve Krebs, an internationally renowned BMX coach, to develop a Thai BMX national team for international competition. The Thai Sport Authority and HE Banhan Silapa-archa, the 21st Prime Minister of Thailand, committed to build a BMX Supercross Track at the state of the art Thai Olympic Training facility in Mauk Lek, Thailand. Amanda will be part of the Supercross track design /build and live and train at the facility.

The UCI international competition rules are structured to promote the development of UCI sanctioned cycling events, athletes and national federations throughout the world. Amanda added " I am inspired and excited at the global opportunity and to participate in the development of BMX in Thailand and throughout Asia." Amanda will continue her pursuit of a 2016 Olympic berth with Corsa Racewear and Supercross BMX.

More information may be found at ... ...

Follow Amanda on and

Prophecy BMX Welcomes Shanaze Reade!

Prophecy BMX is very proud to announce that Shanaze Reade has selected our frame to achieve her new goals for the 2013 BMX season…

Prophecy BMX = Some words, Shanaze, about this new partnership?

Shanaze = I would firstly like to say a huge thank you to GT/StayStrong for an amazing year and the great support they offered me in 2012. I have big goals and challenges for 2013 and I am extremely excited to be apart of the Prophecy family. I can not wait to ride all major competitions on my pro XL Scud carbon frame. My first race on board the “fast machine” will be the international indoor of St. Etienne, France on the 8th/9th of December.

Prophecy BMX = How does your riding 'feel' when you're on the Prophecy Scud carbon frame?

Shanaze = I first rode the bike on the Supercross track! This has to be the best product I have used!!! More testing must be done but so far it's very good!! And even if I am in a heavy training phase, I did some 60 meter sprints that are timed. I have just set my fastest ever time on the Scud carbon frame!! My coach and I were very impressed…

Prophecy BMX = “For us it is a great honor and chance to have such a famous rider as Shanaze Reade joining our Prophecy BMX family…Personally I remember Shanaze when I was riding in the UK, she was a kid and now the kid became not only a beautiful lady but as well a BMX Star…I am definitely one of her first international fans! Welcome Shanaze and so happy to have you on board!” - Denis Labigang, President of Prophecy BMX

Order on line:  or Cycle Evasion

Haro and Promax Team Up to Sponsor Donavon Long’s Phantom Team

ANAHEIM, CA—Haro Bikes and Cycle Group, Inc. (CGI) are pleased to announce that they will take over the sponsorship of Donavon Long’s legendary Phantom/OnTrac Team in 2013. The team will be known as Haro/Promax. Bell Sports also comes in as a major sponsor and the helmet supplier.  

“I have been considering starting an amateur team for a while now, but it would have been no more than three to five riders. I asked Nic [Long] who would be good for the team, and the next thing you know, his dad was beating on our door,” said Derek Betcher, Haro Bikes’ BMX Team Manager.   “Donavan has been running one of the most competitive amateur programs in the sport for about 100 years now, so it was a no-brainer to want to get his crew on Haro bikes. Fast forward a few weeks and we’ve wrapped a deal alongside Promax and Bell Helmets to form what will be the Number-One Factory Team in USA BMX for 2013. We are hyped,” Betcher added.  

Toby Henderson, founder and executive director of CGI, Promax’s parent company, worked with Donavon for many years when he owned VSI and Intense BMX, the team’s sponsor for the last seven years.   “We’re really looking forward to working with Donavon and the team again. He has put together an amazing program. Our relationship will benefit Promax as we develop and introduce new products. It also will help the riders win since many of our products have been proven to provide measurable advantages in races,” Henderson said.  

The team has won multiple National Number One Titles and is stacked with NAG riders. Just this past weekend, they won the National Number One Title year’s USA BMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa.   “I’m very excited to be working with Haro and Promax to help continue the legacy of the Phantom Team. Haro and Promax will bring a whole new level to the Factory Title hunt for 2013. We put together some of the fastest riders in the world and they will all be ready to help take Haro, Promax and BMX to the next level,” Long said.  

The Haro/Promax Team will ride Haro frames with a range of Promax components such as cranks, stems, brake sets, headsets, seatclamps, bottom brackets and seatposts, as well as BOX components like rims, number plates, one-piece saddles/seatposts and bottom brackets. Some riders will use Cliq chromoly forks.  

Among the riders on the team are Rusty Nesvig. New members of the team include, Walker Finch, Hunter Pelham and Andrew Townsand.   Other team sponsors include Bell Sports, Fly Racing, BOX Components, Stealth and ODI Grips.  

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