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December 2009

today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday, December 31, 2009



Incentives given to tracks and members to help grow ridership 

HILLIARD, OH (Dec.31, 2009) — Following the stated goals of the strategic plan to grow local membership, the NBL is launching two programs aimed at giving all member tracks better tools for track promotions and increasing membership. 

Effective January 1st, the NBL is introducing its Track Cash Back program which will last throughout 2010. The program will match a track’s promotional expenditures by paying $25 back for every full new member they sign up as the result of a promotional campaign. Each track must show that the funds were spent on marketing or promotions in order to receive the matching funds. Any form of marketing or promotions will be recognized as eligible for the matching funds, including flyers, school programs, advertisements, events, etc. 

The second program is a new version of the NBL’s popular Bring A Buddy program. Starting February 1st and continuing throughout 2010, any current member who recruits a full new member will receive $25 off their renewed membership at any point during 2010. 

The Bring A Buddy program will also feature a grand prize for the rider who recruits the most full new members over the course of 2010. A first prize will be awarded to any member who recruits ten or more new full members, a second place prize for seven to nine new members, and a third place prize for three to six new members. Prizing details will be released prior to the program’s start date on February 1st. Please be aware that new full members recruited through the Bring A Buddy program will not count towards the Track Cash Back program. 

NBL CEO, Gary Aragon states, “We truly are committed to the local programs, and this is one of the ways we intend to show our support. I look forward to working with tracks to develop further ways to assist them.”














today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday, December 30, 2009



The NBL Christmas Classic & President’s Cup rocked Broadbent Arena

HILLIARD, OH. (Dec.30, 2009) The NBL Christmas Classic & President’s Cup, held at Broadbent Arena inside the Kentucky Exposition Center, brought over 1000 BMX racers to Louisville to take part in action-packed National racing. The race was the season opener for the NBL Elite Series which brought fast Pros and top amateur riders from across the country to race on the tight and fast indoor track. 

With visions of sugar plums still dancing in their heads, the fastest amateurs from each state unveiled their custom jerseys during the President’s Cup parade lap on December 27th. The NBL paid its respects to Kyle Weisenberger — the NBL rider and Derby City BMX local who passed away over Thanksgiving weekend — with a parade lap featuring his former Battle BMX Racing teammates and a heartfelt song sang by his sister, Karla. His family was also presented with a check for $1185 collected from NBL members to get the Kyle Weisenberger Memorial Fund started. After the moving tribute, the annual State versus State competition got underway. Riders from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and several Kentucky locals all put up a good fight, but the perennial champs from Florida used their 150-strong rider turnout to take home their second consecutive title. Every rider who made their main event was presented with a special silver cup trophy from TB Trophies & Awards. 

The Christmas Classic got underway on Monday morning as riders and teams debuted their new sponsors for the unofficial start to the 2010 National racing season. Inside the warm confines of Broadbent Arena, fans were treated to over 200 motos of bar-banging action. SE’s Javier Colombo, 2006 UCI World Champion, proved he has been training hard by taking the first win of the season and following that up with a strong second on Tuesday behind the winning ride of Clayborn’s Barry Nobles. Rookie Elite Pro and reigning Super-Ex title holder, TLD’s Josh Meyers showed consistence in his first NBL Elite race with two third place finishes. Jamie Lilly took two Elite Women wins back to California after starting her “comeback tour” off right. In Super-Ex action, Madera’s Tyler Faoro slid ahead of CJ McGuire on day one, while the two Florida hot shots swapped places on day two. GT’s Joey Albright won the first day in the Masters class and Redline’s Jason Carnes took the day two win, his first in two years. Two of the five 2009 Derby Princesses, Sarah Schneider and Meghan Lampe, were on hand sporting their shiny tiaras to present big checks to the Pro winners and hand out trophies to amateur main-makers. From the looks on the little guys’ faces, the Princesses made their days. 

Local Masters rider, Tommy Board, made an appearance on the local ABC affiliate, WHAS 11 News, on Sunday to help explain the sport and hype the event. On Tuesday, Fox affiliate, FOX 41 News, covered the race with a videographer who put together a great video which captured the essence of the event. The video can be viewed here

The 2010 NBL National Series heads to Lexington, Virginia for the Blue Ridge Nationals, January 8-10. 

To find out more information, visit the NBL website at  

The NBL Christmas Classic and President’s Cup were proudly sponsored by Kenda Tires (, Intense BMX (, Camp Woodward (, Sinz Racing (, and THE Products ( 

About the National Bicycle League

The National Bicycle League (NBL) sanctions exciting local, state, and national levels of BMX (Bicycle Motocross) racing across the country and in Puerto Rico. With more than 30,000 members and more than 150 BMX race tracks, the NBL is the largest not-for-profit BMX racing association in America. NBL sanctions racing in a growing number of states, offering programs for all levels and ages of riders, both male and female. The NBL National Series is the premier National BMX series in America and comes to a thrilling end on Labor Day weekend of each year with the legendary NBL Grand National.

The Madera BMX Team
comes up big in Louisville KY.
Congratulations to Tyler Faoro and Nick Lacus for winning the the 2009 NBL President's Cup!







today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NBL Christmas Classic - Day 2 Pro Winners!

Nobles - Lilly - Carnes - McGuire

Take Day Two Victories in Louisville!


Click On Barry's Pic To Check Out The

BMX Mania Race Report Page!














today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday, December 28, 2009

NBL Christmas Classic Day One Pro Winners!

Elite Men/Javier Colombo ..... Elite Women/Jamie Lilly ..... Elite Masters/Joey Albright ..... Super Ex/Tyler Faoro

Complete Results On the BMX Mania Christmas Classic Race Report Page!




The NBL awarded the 'State vs State' President's Cup awards, Monday on the first day of the Christmas Classic National. Florida once again took the Big Win, taking home the $3000 top prize for their achievement.

Check out the BMX Mania Christmas Classic/President's Cup Race Report Page for top five states and tons of President's Cup photos.









today's BMX Racing News ..... Sunday, December 27, 2009


NBL Christmas Classic Is Underway!

The NBL launched it's annual Christmas Classic/President's Cup race in Louisville, Kentucky, Saturday with a full day of practice for BMXers from all over the country. Our man, Chase Campbell was in the house and picked up some chat with a couple of the top competitors, Logan Collins and Allie Dragoo.

We also had BMX Mania contributor, Jerrod "JrodsPhotoShop.Com" Huffman with his award winning camera to capture some of the action, so motor on over to the BMX Mania NBL Christmas Race Report Page and check out Jrods Happy Snaps.

Racing action began, early Sunday morning with the launching of the 2009 NBL President's Cup, where States battle States for NBL Prez Cup Supremacy, and individual riders vie for the coveted President's Cups!

BMX Mania's got ours, (Actually, two of em!) do you have yours?

So, Sunday, it's the President's Cup, so check in Sunday night and Monday morning for race action photos from Jrod and to find out which state wins the coveted President's Cup, State vs. State contest! Will it be the perennial powerhouse, Florida? Michigan? Ohio?

Tune in here for more!

Click HERE for the BMX Mania President's Cup/Christmas Classic Race Report Page!!!!!

Logan Collins, Super Ex/Elite Men

Logan, I hope you had a awesome Christmas, Thanks again for taking time to this interview for You are flying here at the Christmas Classic, What do you like about the track?

Logan - The track is pretty decent, i like any kind of track with pro sets on it.

At the Disney race, you were sporting new colors, tell us a little about you 2010 sponsors?

Logan - Supercross/No Fear, I'm really looking forward to sporting their stuff in 2010 season and many seasons to come.

You finished 3rd in Super ex this past year, thats two years in a row as a top 3 pro! Anyone you want to thank?

Logan - First off I want to thank God for the ability and passion to race and ride bicycles. I would also like to thank all my sponsors, anyone who supported me the past few years, and most of all my parents for all their support.

What are you goals for 2010? What will you focus more on? NBL,ABA,UCI

Logan - Get as fast as i possibly can, and be competitive in the Elite Men class and hopefully make the transition to race Elite men full time next year. I want to hit all of the Elite UCI races as well the NBL Elite series races.

Super ex has a lot of fast guys, who is your main competetion?

Logan - The seven other racers on the gate as well as myself.

Whats the difference between racing super ex, then racing Elite Men at UCI events?

Logan - I would say the main difference is the consistency of riders. The skill level of riding in the Elite Men class is higher than the Super-Ex class, which makes Elite Men a lot more difficult. A strict training lifestyle is a must to be a strong competitor in the Elite class.

If you could change one thing about this Christmas track, what would it be?

Logan - The only thing I see wrong with the track are the second and third turns. The turns are so sharp and seem to have the wrong angle which makes it almost impossible to keep the speed that riders create down the straightaways. With more wide-open turns, the track could be much faster and more fun.

A lot of people see you race a bicycle, what other riding do you like to do?

Logan - There is a lot more to BMX than just racing. And there is a lot more to bicycles than just BMX. I race and train a lot, but the same amount of my time is spent on my park/trail bike. I love riding my bike more than I do racing it. And I love racing, so that is a lot. Haha. Also, I enjoy riding my slalom/4x bike whenever I get the chance.

Logan, Thanks again for the interview is there anyone you would like to thank?

Logan - First and foremost, I want to thank my parents (Shannon and Robert), my sister (Alix) and my bros bros (Chase) for their support over the last 15 years. I also want to thank my current and previous sponsors for all of the product and financial support over the years.....Supercross, No Fear, Alienation, Sinz, THE, Intense, Profile, Outback, Clayborn, and Haro.

Any advice for kids just starting out this 2010 season?

Logan - Having fun is the most important aspect of racing BMX. Keep it fun and competitive, but more fun than competitive.


Allie Dragoo-Elite Woman

Allie, first off I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and thanks for taking time to do this interview. Who are your sponsors? Any new sponsors for 2010?

Allie - My sponsors are Standard Byke Co. FLY racing,, Answer, and Alienation.

How do you like the Christmas Classic track?

Allie - The Christmas Classic track is pretty nice. I rode it when there was open practice when it was just built, it was a little damp but the track was nice. It should be good for all levels of racing and should be ready and smooth for the days of racing.

You had a successful year this past year, name your accomplishments as it was your FIRST year as Pro?

Allie - Being my first year Pro I had one national win but the biggest accomplishment was making the NBL Grands main event.

What are some of your goals for 2010? What is your focus on?ABA,NBL,UCI?

Allie - My goals are to just keep getting better, train harder, and have better finishes. I plan on doing a lot of the races for NBL and ABA/UCI.

If you could change one thing about the Christmas Classic what would you do?

Allie - I don't think I'd change anything, the track is the same for everyone. Watch the turns during the race, it will be good.

Seems like you have a long winter up there in Michigan? What are some of the things you do in the cold for training?

Allie - I hate Michigan in the Winter time because of the snow... I think I could stay at Lindsey Wilson College in KY during the winter time so I don't have to deal with the snow! I go to the gym pretty much everyday, umm its hard to do sprints so I try to find a dry parking garage or any dry parking lot and bundle up. I go to Steel Wheels indoor track for practice when I can.

Any advice for the kids in BMX or just starting in 2010?

Allie - My best advice is to not get down on yourself, have some fun, and if you have one of those parents who yell ballistically at you ask them if they'd like to try!

Who would you like to thank?

Allie - My momma Rick and Jess at Standard Ryan at Answer Zack and Jerry at Alienation Fly Rich at my team, anyone who supports me and watches me race, ALL my friends (at the track/home/and school), and my family for supporting me throughout the years and espcially while I'm gone during the Holidays. and Chase for the interview!

Answer comparison

Christmas Classic- Sweet

Music- Lady GaGa

Shoes- Vans, Nikes, UGGS!

Training- "Big guns tight buns" Doug Fresh

Fave track- Fresno

Standard Byke Company- AAGGRROO

Allie, Thank You for letting me do this interview, I wish you luck here at the Christmas Classic and for the 2010 season.













today's BMX Racing News ..... Christmas eve, December 24, 2009


A BMX racing Christmas present for YOU!



This weekend from Louisville, Kentucky the NBL will be running their annual President's Cup & Christmas Classic National. Since the 80's, NBL BMXers from all over the country have made their way to the two races, and this year, they are set to battle it out for State-Against-State Supremacy and for important national points at the first Elite Series race of the 09-10 season.

It's a new location at the Broadbent Arena for the NBL and those that have been to the new track for pre-race practice say that the track is a good one that will make for fun racing and exciting thrills and spills.

Make sure to check in with BMX Mania for HOT SHOTS from Practice Day the evening of the 26th, then check out the battle for the coveted President's Cups and Inter State Comp after the race on Sunday night, the 27th. AND, on Monday and Tuesday we'll have after racing photos and results from the first NBL Elite Series race of the season! How's that for a VERY Merry Christmas?

All for YOU from BMX Mania Dot Com! ..... Merry Christmas!



A new RFID timing system will be tested during practice at the Christmas Classic.

HILLIARD, OH (Dec.23, 2009) — The National Bicycle League and Columbus-based TenSpeeds Production, Inc. announced today that they have executed a Letter of Intent to develop an automated registration and timing system for future NBL National and Regional events. The RFID timing system will be tested during practice for the President’s Cup and Christmas Classic on December 26th.

TenSpeeds’ 3S1 BMX Management system is a completely integrated race management system, combining registration, race management, photo finish, and results into one package.

The 3S1 BMX Management System is the first and only system to use both RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and video to automatically track each racer and instantly give complete and accurate results.

To find out more information about the Christmas Classic, including schedules and times, visit the NBL website at

The NBL Christmas Classic is proudly sponsored by Kenda Tires (, Intense BMX (, Camp Woodward (, Sinz Racing (, and THE Products (

About TenSpeeds Production, Inc. - TenSpeeds Production, headquartered in Hilliard, Ohio, is the nation’s premier event services company, supplying stages, sound systems, crowd control fence and finish line equipment to events around the country. More information on TenSpeeds Production can be found at To contact TenSpeeds Production, please email J. Baumeister at: .

THE - Release images of the new carbon STAY STRONG collaboration helmet!

THE have teamed up to support Stephen Murray with this collaboration STAY STRONG carbon helmet available worldwide early 2010 through regular THE stockists and distributors and also through .

A royalty from every unit sold will go to Stay Strong to help Stephen on his road to recovery. The blue band through the centre represents the charity bracelet worn by riders and fans across the globe and has a subtle repeat print of STAY STRONG STEPHEN MURRAY throughout the band.

Crisp, sharp lined panels, with bold logo fonts over a carbon base make this classy looking helmet easy to run with the flashiest of 2010 race kits.

More accurate info on delivery dates will be available early January but expected to land with your favourite THE stockist towards the end of February. So if you can hold off that long you can support Stay Strong and Stephen everytime you hit the track with this awesome new helmet.

STAY STRONG would like to thank Pete Dylewski and Toby Henderson at VSI for making this project possible. You can also subscribe to the blog on for the latest updates on Stephen Murray and Stay Strong.

Merry Christmas from Stay Strong HQ.


CARRERA NEEFS a member of the Off-Road BMX Club 2000 in Dessel, Belgium has made up an awesome Christmas card with some BMX Santa's.


The card is also a little preview for the first INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS CUP RACE next year October 2 at the JOEL SMETS BMX CIRCUIT Dessel Belgium with 6000 € prize money for junior and elite riders in a combined class, same for the women!


The race is a week before the UCI Supercross weekend at Frejus, France, so all the overseas riders can come to Europe a few days earlier and compete in this race and make some extra money.


The race will be held in the evening and during daytime there is going to be a European Old School BMX Championship.

For more info, please contact, Frank Smets, President / Off-Road Club BMX 2000 DESSEL, or visit the web site at


Previously announced 2010 fee increases rescinded. 

HILLIARD, OH (Dec.23, 2009) — CEO, Gary Aragon announced today that the NBL will reduce the previously announced increase on insurance fees for the 2010 season. The NBL recently renegotiated the terms of its insurance coverage and is passing along the savings to its member tracks. The insurance fee increases previously set to take effect on January 1, 2010 have been revoked so tracks can continue operating under current guidelines. 

After completing the negotiations, NBL CEO Gary Aragon said, “The Board of Directors has tasked me with addressing issues of concern to our membership and track operators, and without question, this has been a top priority issue. I am very pleased that we can make this announcement at this time.” 

NBL Treasurer, Jerry Patterson added, “It has been a long and very difficult process in getting to the bottom of the insurance rates and fees this past year. Since bringing in a new CEO to review all the expenses it has been a breath of fresh air to have someone that understands the need for review and negotiations. It is with great pleasure and in conjunction with Gary that a decision has been made to revert back to the previous rates to which all tracks have been accustomed. The finance committee never lost its commitment to deliver what was best for the riders, tracks, and the sport.” 

The fee structure for 2010 will be as follows:

-Insurance Fees – Practice: $1 per rider up to $20, Local Races: $1 per rider ($20 min, $75 max), State Qualifiers: $1 per rider ($20 min, $150 max), State Championships: $150

Ramiro Marino Nominated For Argentina's 2009 Golden Olimpia Award

Free Agent BMX World Team Member, Ramiro Marino, from Argentina, won a country wide nomination for the prestigious 2009 Golden Olimpia Award.

The award which is Argentina's Athlete Of The Year competition, was won by World #5 Pro Tennis Player, Martin del Potro.

In the Cycling Category the nominees included, Ramiro Marino, Walter Perez and Catriel Soto Auer.

Argentina Bicicross Federation representetives attending the Golden Olimpia Awards with Ramiro included FAB National Coach, Flavio Vaccarezza and Federation Board Member, Julio Marino.












today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Be sure to catch all the ABA Grands action on VERSUS-TONIGHT- December 22nd, 2009 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 pm EST.

Feel all the drama of the ABA BMX National #1 Titles chases and the pressure that comes with it!

This hour long show will show the ABA Overall National #1 Title chases and the riders that were involved with the quest for "THE CUP".

See Randy Stumpfhauser battle Kyle Bennett and Olympic Gold Medalist, Maris Strombergs to win his first ever ABA #1 PRO tile, and on the same note become the oldest AA PRO to ever do so.

Watch Dominique Daniels battle Alise "The Beast" Post to win Back-to-Back Woman PRO titles.

Plus see all the heated Amateur race action in the amateur boys and girls title chases and see how they came out on top!

This will be an exciting show for sure!!! One you don't want to miss!!!

The ABA Grands show will also re-air on February 3rd, 2010 from 5:30 to 6:30 EST so if you missed the first airing, or forgot to set your DVR there's still a chance to catch all the action packed footage.

ABA BMX will begin filming all the exciting 2010 race series action at the Silver Dollar Nationals starting January of 2010 in Reno, NV.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and ears open for the 2010 air dates on VERSUS real soon!

GO211's Production Team assisted in creating the ABA Grands Recap Show.

Besides watching the the recap on Versus tonight, fans can watch free On-Demand highlights anytime from the ABA Grands on GO211.COM

New Rhythm BOB Bottom Brackets


Arcadia, CA.............. just released; new anodized color bottom brackets from Rhythm.



Rhythm "Big Outboard Bearing" bottom brackets are external mount integrated bottom brackets where the bearings mount outside the bottom bracket shell keeping the cartridge bearings bigger which allow them to spin better.  Designed to work with all Rhythm cranks as well as any external bearing type crank set including DXR!  Available with standard cartridge sealed bearings and our new Tiramic bearings!

  • CNC Durable Forged Aluminum Cups
  • Shimano Compatible
  • BSA1.37"x24T for MTB, FR, DH to fit 68/73mm Shell
  • Available colors: Polish, Black, Red, Gold, Blue, white & Green
  • Weight: just 95g (same for either model)



Available now at and soon at better BMX shops.  Sold separately or as an upgrade to the Rhythm crank sets.














today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday, December 21, 2009


Results from 14th International

Indoor Saint Etienne

14 years in the making and it shows: No need to be an official Euro Champ round to bring some serious races to this now classic of December in Saint Etienne, France!

In the Elite men, on saturday, PELLUARD, HAMON and MOO CAILLE wanted to show that they like their new bikes; on Sunday, "Olympic" KARTFJORD and "Helvetic" LAPRAZ wanted to show that they know about indoor too... Very reassuring for Yvan after the impressive crash he suffered a couple weeks ago in Geneva... Great weekend also for FANTONI and ANDRE that may bring some animation in the 2010 Euro Championship.

In the Elite Women, LE CORGUILLE and AILLOUD skipped the race, so Manon VALENTINO, on her own turf, and Amélie DESPEAUX took care show both days with the help of Vilma RIMSAITE and Enora LEROUX.


1. Vincent PELLUARD (FRA), 2. Thomas HAMON (FRA) , 3. Moana MOO CAILLE (FRA), 4. Giacomo FANTONI (ITA) 5. Renaud BLANC (CH) , 6.Sylvain ANDRE (FRA) , 7. Mathieu DESPEAUX (FRA), 8. Sebastian KARTFJORD (NOR)

1. Manon VALENTINO (FRA), 2. Amélie DESPEAUX (FRA), 3. Camille MEYRAN (FRA), 4. Anne ROUGIE (FRA), 5.  Enora LEROUX (FRA), 6. Vilma RIMSAITE (LIT),7. Blandine COTTEREAU (FRA),   8. Armonie SAILLY (FRA)

Supercross Men (16 and Under): 1. Enzo SCHILLING , 2.Maël  LEVAY, 3. William  SOENEN

Supercross Girls (16 and Under): 1. Camille MAIRE  , 2. Mélanie GRÜN , 3. Anaïs THOMAS



1. Sebastian KARTFJORD (NOR), 2. Yvan LAPRAZ (CH), 3. Sylvain ANDRE (FRA), 4. Simon DUCHENE (FRA), 5. Giacomo FANTONI (ITA), 6. Vincent PELLUARD (FRA), 7. Benoit LEROY (FRA), 8. Joris DAUDET (FRA)

1. Manon VALENTINO (FRA), 2. Amélie DESPEAUX (FRA), 3. Enora LEROUX (FRA), 4. Camille MEYRAN (FRA), 5. Vilma RIMSAITE (LIT), 6. Armonie SAILLY (FRA) 7. Karine CHANTELOT (FRA), 8. Faustine COMBEROURE (FRA)






today's BMX Racing News ..... saturday, December 19, 2009


"The Jackal"! John Purse, ALL intensity at the 2009 ABA Grands.



Dale Holmes Among 50 Named in British Cycling's Hall of Fame

British Cycling has revealed the names of 50 cycling heroes who have been selected for induction into its new Hall of Fame as part of the organization's 50th anniversary celebrations.

British Cycling received over 300 nominations for the Hall of Fame, ranging from riders, coaches, team managers, sport administrators and volunteers through to public figures instrumental in progressing the sport.

A Hall of Fame selection panel, consisting of cycling journalists and British Cycling representatives, met in late November. They began by deciding unanimously to focus on past cycling achievements rather than contemporary cycling successes and to make the first Hall of Fame a tribute to the past five decades.

Victoria Pendleton MBE, panel member, explained: "We made a conscious decision not to select elite riders who are still competing at an international level or coaches and managers at the top of their game. We also agreed we should recognise administrators and volunteers who have been active in the sport over many years and have made a significant contribution to it during that time. There have also been several posthumous awards."

British Cycling's President, Brian Cookson OBE, who chaired the panel, said: "The response we've had from the public to the Hall of Fame has been phenomenal and choosing just 50 individuals out of over a hundred nominees proved very challenging. With such a fantastic number of nominations this year we have decided to make the Hall of Fame an annual event to enable us to recognise more recent and current cycling successes."

The 50 cycling heroes will be officially inducted into the British Cycling Hall of Fame when the organization concludes its 50th year anniversary celebrations with its Gala Dinner, which will be held at Manchester Central on 20 February 2010.













today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday, December 18, 2009




Just in time for holiday shopping, GO211 is giving BMX fans a great chance to relive their favorite races over and over again with exclusive Event DVD's. These DVD's make a perfect gift for any BMX racer, family member, or fan. DVD's range from $10 to $20 and include action from these great 2009 races: ABA Disney Cup - ABA Golden State Nationals - ABA US Open Nationals

Plus you can purchase DVD's from the ABA Grands including GO211's Pro Package DVD which features every Pro Moto, Quarter, Semi, and Main races all for just $20.00. Amateur Motos, Quarters, Semis, and Mains are also for sale.

Visit the ABA BMX Store to check out more great deals on Event DVD's.

BMX World Cup winner test rides Australia’s first international track

 Photo - Greater Shepparton CCWorld Cup Supercross winner, Sam Willoughby from South Australia, christened Australia’s biggest BMX track yesterday in Shepparton, central Victoria. The 18 year old rode on the country’s first international track built by the Olympic track builder, Tom Ritzenthaler from the USA. Willoughby was impressed to see the transformations done with a massive 12,000 cubic metres of dirt changed into a 375 metre track which includes two technical pro straights for the elite. 

“I liked the long first straight and the start hill reminded me a lot of China (World Championships 2008),” said Willoughby. “I like the long first straight  that you can peddle over. Really like the look of the third straight, there wasn’t a rolling option. Tom’s  done a great elite rhythm section. It’s like taking the dirt jumping aspect. It won’t be the fastest that will win on that one.” 

Ritzenthaler and crew built the Shepparton track in just ten day and he agrees that Australia is ready for this standard of track. 

“Australia has some top BMX riders like Sam and this track will lift the  standard,” he said. “It will benefit the area. I think it will be  a great location for teams to practice on,” said Ritzenthaler.We used a bit of China’s worlds and a bit of Adelaide’s worlds. The turns are the same as I had in Beijing. It’s got little bits of everything. I never build the same track twice.” 

A keen group of Shepparton’s BMX riders turned up for the first try out. For local rider, 18 year old Shaun Cuthbert, it was a dramatic change.

“We have never experienced jumps like this,” he said. “We will be able to get to World Championships and know we can jump it. This is awesome to get someone like Sam over to check it out. Hopefully he’ll come back to race on it.” 

Ritzenthaler praised the local track crew and was also impressed by a bit of help and from Australia’s track builder, Jeff Cartwright. “He’s great. We got to trade some secrets that was fun,” said Ritzenthaler. 

The track will host the 2010 National BMX Championships in early May.

For a sneak peek at the new National Championship track in Shepparton – look at the news video on the Herald Sun link below. 

Wanna be a BMX star? - 

Thanks must go to Greater Shepparton City Council including Mark Francis, Tom Ritzenthaler and the local track crew. Big thanks to Chase Collins and all the local riders who made this possible.

Photo - Greater Shepparton CC














today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday, December 17, 2009


John Purse leaves GHP and

is looking for a sponsor for 2010…


One of the greatest BMXers of all time is lookin' to keep the fire alive and get to the races.


'The Jackal' is a winner and is ALWAYS battlin' for the title....AA, Vet, whatever the race, John's on the track, ridin' hard, lovin' his BMX!


John Purse would like to thank GHP, Greg Hill and all the team for their support for the 2008 & 2009 seasons.


3x National Champion 3x World Champion Reigning 2009 USAC Masters National Champion 2009 National # 2 ABA Vet Pro 2009 NBL Grand National Champion Union Cycliste Internationale- Masters Elite Men American Bicycle Association- Vet Pro National Bicycle League- Masters Elite Men USA Cycling Level 3 Cycling Coach- Certified #183018, USA Cycling- Colorado Springs, CO











today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Felicia Stancil & Olijuwon Davis Win

Johnson BMX Future Pro Challenge

At Steel Wheels BMX

Girls Future Pro Challenge Presented by Fly, is a Total success!

Steelwheels BMX in Hobart Indiana was the site of the 6th annual JOHNSON BMX Future Pro Challenge presented by FLY. Most of the top 14 and over amateurs from around the Midwest were in attendance to go after a huge payday and to get some big prizes from JOHNSONBMX, FLY, PROFILE, MADERA, DRAGON WHEELS and Samuraiprojectclothing.

This was THE biggest turnout in FPC history as 36 riders for the men's class and 14 riders for the ladies class signed up to do battle. Intense/Phantom/Ontrac's Felicia Stancil started out by winning all 3 of her qualifying motos. Things weren't so good for last year's winner Addison's Savannah Lahr as she crashed in her first moto right in the same spot (turn 3) that she took advantage of a tangle between Crystal Kalogris and Shelby Goodwin last year to get the 08 win.(I guess having your picture on all of the number plates in the building is bad luck).

And speaking of Bobs bike shop's Shelby Goodwin. She was also having trouble in her first two motos with only 4th place finishes. She would have to crank up the heat if she wanted to make the main this year. Factory Syndicate's Erin "too sweet" Moore having traveled with her mom and friends John and Jon Rapp ran into trouble on the drive from southern Illinois. A flat tire left them on the side of the road and they made it to the track JUST in time for the race. This must have affected her because after the first two rounds she was on the outside looking in and faced not making the main for the first time at this event.

Riders that were looking good however were Mudslingers Kaylin Sansone who won her second moto and moved into second on the score chart right behind Felicia and Doyle Bros racing's Heather Bruchman who was strong all day and was seeded 3rd for the main. Moore, Goodwin and Lahr all had a good 3rd round and made it in too, but local favorite Samantha Brown crashed in the last moto and JUST made the cut. (I guess having a full color picture in the local sports page a day before a race is bad luck too).

Rounding out the field for the ladies main event was Mudslingers Samantha Brungart who races at Steelwheels weekend and week out even though she lives almost 3 hours away. At the drop of the gate it was Felicia from lane 1 and Savannah from lane 7 snapping out first but "too sweet" from 4 was able to get under Savannah in the first turn. Bruchman from 3 got a bad gate and crashed down the first straight in traffic. Moore tried to catch Stancil but had to settle for 2nd place for the third time at the FPC. Behind those two were Lahr, Sansone, Brungart, Brown and Goodwin.

On the guys side of the action the 3rd round of qualifying saw some of the heavy hitters rise to the top of the standings. DK's Tommy Zula and Morphine Industries/Haro's Olijuwon Davis both had a perfect score having never faced each other in the motos and both won their semis unlike last year when disaster struck for O D when he came unclipped in the gate. Mudslingers Stefan Fahy and local powerhouse Tony Call for Dance Factory took seconds in their semis after both had strong showings in the motos. Hurricane BMX's Jon Rapp and Bobs Bikes' Demetrius Reynolds took 3rd's and Green bay Wisconsin's Kommanche Jordan got 4th. Zim's Tony Claar beat Samuraiprojectclothing's Alex Burton at the line for 4th in one of the most exciting semis of the year.

The main was now set as 8 of the fastest am's in the Midwest were ready to be unleashed. At the pop it was Zula with the holeshot and it looked like the FPC would finally get a repeat winner and the Ohio stranglehold would still be in effect, but half way through the 3rd turn disaster happened for Tommy. His wheels washed out and he crashed right in front of the entire pack. Everyone got around and O D took the win for Illinois. Fahy made a move on Call for 3rd in the last turn but couldn't pull if off. Reynolds, Call, Fahy, Claar, Jordan and Rapp finished behind Davis in that order.

Fly'n Felicia got 134 ABA saver stamps and a set of PROFILE cranks for her win, Olijuwon Davis took $100 and a set of MADERA cranks and both riders received $200 coupons from FLY, custom number plates from JOHNSONBMX, wheel sets from Dexter at DRAGON WHEELS with help from Supercross and Answer and some hot looking shirts from

All of the other riders that were in the mains got cash awards (stamps for Brown) and lots of other goodies from PROFILE, MADERA and Samuraiproject.

After winning World Championships in Holland, France and most other parts of the world, the 2016 Olympic hopeful Felicia Stancil now has "Queen of the Midwest" to add to her list of growing titles.




today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tim Strange, The Winner Of The


Tim Strange, Strange Motion team owner and "rocket like" BMX Racer Extraordinaire, of Cambridge, Illinois has won the ProGate/ABA Grands raffle!

Tim won a FANTASTIC single rider UCI ProGate with controls, a retail value of $2717.00 USD! Check out the hot setup that Tim won! Congrats to Tim, who now has no excuse not to be snappin' EVERYONE out of the gate at the races!


Amateur Opens offered for $15

 HILLIARD, OH. (Dec. 15, 2009) — The NBL will be offering a discounted Open Series at the Christmas Classic to all amateur riders. For $15, riders can enter the 7 & Under, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, and 14-15 Amateur Open classes. The winner of each class will receive a $5 coupon redeemable for a discount on future Open class entry fees. Please register for these Open classes at the race. 

Check out all of the high-flying BMX Racing action at Broadbent Arena located five miles south of downtown Louisville at 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY 40209. To find out more information about the event including schedules and times, visit the NBL website at  

The NBL Christmas Classic is proudly sponsored by Kenda Tires (, Intense BMX (, Camp Woodward (, Sinz Racing (, and THE Products (


The first phase of the NBL’s new strategic plan puts the emphasis back on local track programs and support.

HILLIARD, OH. (Dec. 14, 2009) — The NBL is unveiling the first phase of the new strategic plan. This preliminary phase is aimed at local tracks, and provides for a change of its tax exemption to a 501(c)(3) Group Exemption.

With the goal of better utilizing the benefits of non-profit status, the NBL will be offering 501(c)(3) status via charters to any NBL track interested. NBL CEO Gary Aragon explains, “Chartered groups would not have any additional dues owed to the NBL under the Group Exemption. Instead they would receive access to funds we intend to raise to build the local programs. Additionally, if a group wanted to conduct their own fundraising under this umbrella, they’d be free to do so.”

Groups can participate whether they already have an exemption or not. By chartering a track, the NBL would take on the responsibility of the tax exempt reporting and filing requirements, and tracks could utilize the NBL’s umbrella exemption to benefit their program.

The second part of the plan focuses on raising funds for the NBL. As a non-profit, the NBL is eligible for many government programs and corporate funds which have been previously untapped. These funds will be used to strengthen local programs and revamp NBL services and track support. Adds Mr. Aragon, “The stated goal of the NBL is to grow the sport of BMX racing and that starts with our local tracks. NBL-chartered tracks will receive increased financial and programmatic support from the NBL office.”

NBL Senior Field Director, Donna Smith commented, “I am so excited about the direction the NBL is moving in to help promote and grow the local programs, and provide a means for tracks to update, improve and promote. Track officials have been asking for more support and help in promoting the track along with local programming and through this plan and vision they will get what they need.”





today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday, December 14, 2009







BMX MANIA WEEKEND UPDATE! ..... saturday/Sunday, December 12/13, 2009

2010 Risen BMX Factory Team

Greg Hill has been very busy this year running GHP and helping Stumpy win the 2009 ABA National 1 AA pro title, but not to busy to create a new fork company.  This product has been stored upstairs for awhile and he has been waiting for the right time to release it. Greg brought the forks to the Grands and had Ted Brown test them on both his 20" and Cruiser.  Testing went well and the product will be ready in the next couple of weeks.

On the racing side we have put together a racing team to promote the product.  Late last week RISEN BMX signed amateur sensation Kyle Stan.  For those of you not familiar with Kyle, he won nag #1 on both class and cruiser while in the running for national amateur and cruiser titles.  It came down to rider count and Kyle barely missed them. Look out for this kid he is amazing to watch.

Also 2009 GHP factory riders Ted Brown, Noah Barrette, Dakota Baca, and Zach Zito have joined the team.  Doug King who has been a GHP support rider will be joining us as well.  Doug won several cruiser races in the 17-20 class and also mixed it up in the 17-18x class as well.

Look for us at the nationals and at  

Risen will be wearing gear from Troy Lee Designs and will be sponsored by Vitamin Water, Riderz Ready, and Atomlab.

ODI Releases Stay Strong Limited Edition Lock-On Grips


Riverside, CA - More than a decade ago, the premium British import was a rising BMX rider named Stephen Murray.  The Lionhearted racer had already earned six UK National Championships by age 16.  In the states, he took to Dirt Jumping and Freestyle becoming a three-time back to back X-Games and Gravity Games Gold Medalist. 
Then, in June of 2007, a double back flip ended with a crushed and shattered vertebrae, Stephen was paralyzed from the shoulders down.
ODI is now honoring Stephen with a Special Edition of the Ruffian Lock-On BMX grip.  Subtle etched logo’s brand the yellow and black collars.  A “Stay Strong” sticker is included to help rep the cause on your bike or helmet.
By purchasing this product you are helping to support Stephen and his family on their road to recovery and you are showing love to a fallen soldier and BMX brother.  Available at finer dealers everywhere.


Tangent Products is proud to announce the launch of our all new website Developed by the fine folks at iHook Creative, the new site gives a more in depth look at everything Tangent.
The site is the new home for BMX online. With all new product updates and descriptions, rider profiles of some of the baddest rippers on this planet, frequent news and race reports... It’s the place to be before, during, and after the races.
Heading to the race and want to know if you should bring your goggles?  Check out our sites for up to date weather and riding conditions at the races we attend. We are working on getting all of our flow riders featured on our site and plan to keep everything fresh by providing frequent updates.
Check it out @ … lots more to come!

VOTE FOR MARIS STROMBERGS FOR Latvian Sports Personality of the Year!


Vote for Maris Strombergs  for Latvian Sports Personality of the Year....2000 Votes  will get  him in the last  3 to be decided on Latvian National TV  at the  Awards  Show!  To vote for Maris, hit the link below, click next  to his  name at the end of the list, type in the 4 digit security code and hit the little button that says, "Balsot"......its  quick an simple! Vote more than once, let's help Maris Win!

Note: You can vote every 24 hours and the contest goes on for another 2 weeks, til the 21st.









today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday, December 11, 2009

2010 yakuza frame : the ultimate Chromoly racing machine!


From France, after 16 months of intensive testing on both tracks and trails we are very happy to introduce  the final version of the Vendetta Racing frame, the 2010 Yakuza.

This frame has been designed with the ultimate racing performance in mind. The finest and latest Chromoly top technology has been used to make a frame as stiff and as light as an aluminum frame but  offering the Chromoly unique feeling and reliability.   

- 100% Japanese 4130 multi butted Chromoly

- 100% heat treated before and after welding

- CNC machined head tube, bb box and drop-outs

- ovalized down tube at bb box junction to increase stiffness  

- integrated headset

- Euro bottom bracket

- tapered chain stays to increase stiffness and reduce weight

- unique 3D seat stay bridge

- chain stay length : 14.50" ( Pro & Pro xl) 14.75'' (Pro xxl)

- BB height : 11.50"

- sizes: Pro (20.75'') Pro xl (21.25'') and Pro XXL (21.75")

- colors : ice white / gloss black

Latest NEWS! - French rider Moana Moo Caille (former junior World champion) will ride the Yakuza frame for 20210. More infos and pics to come on and , stay tuned !

French Distributor: Frenchys distribution.




today's BMX Racing News ..... thursday, December 10, 2009


Official National Bicycle League News Release

The NBL’s longtime monthly print magazine will be available in online format within the new NBL website.

HILLIARD, OH. (Dec. 9, 2009) — In an effort to keep up with the publication trends, the NBL will discontinue publishing the monthly issued print version of BMX Today Magazine. The decision will include the December 2009 issue.

The NBL recognizes that track directors use the print version as a powerful recruiting tool, and while the online version will still be useful in this manner, plans are in place to provide tracks with supporting materials to replace the magazine. In addition to an online version of the magazine, the NBL will also be working more closely with local newspapers and industry publications to highlight National and Regional events as well as the standout riders at those events.

BMX Today Editor & Art Director Jess Moore said: “I am excited about the possibilities of our new online version of BMX Today. It will still feature complete coverage of all our National and Regional events, and all your favorite columns, including Head of the Class, Tomorrow’s Stars, Champions Corner, Pit Pass, Flashback, and All in the Family. There is also the added bonus of video content, color photos and additional columns which will enhance the reader’s experience and put more information at our membership’s fingertips.”

New NBL CEO, Gary Aragon, added: “ In this day and age, the internet has dominated the publication world and is truly the place people turn for their information. The new NBL website is in the last phase of production and will launch in early 2010 with many exciting features that surpass what the print version could offer. I am certain that our members will experience a greater value with this decision.”

The first issue of BMX Today Magazine was published in August 1977 and the publication has been delivered monthly to NBL members ever since.






RED-fullprint shirt

Macneil T-Shirt Script Green
Regularly: $24.99
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Macneil T-Shirt Script Grey
Regularly: $24.99
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Macneil Zip
Hoody Repeat
color: Tan

Regularly: $59.99
ON SALE: $24.88

Macneil Zip
w/ Logo
color: Sky Blue

Regularly: $59.99
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RL outline tees

**XXL in BLACK only.

NOW ONLY $13.99


XLC Cycling Glasses
 BUY NOW: $21.99
3 lenses: clear, amber and smoke.
Includes bag and strap.

Color: Black/Silver
RL track jacket
Warm up, warm down, or just hang out and look good in this 100% poly jacket. Full-zip front with two zippered pockets. 
Regularly: $29.88
ON SALE: $24.88
Hoody RL-Olde-Sweatshirt
ON SALE: $19.88



Pryme Cold Bones Insulated Gloves
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Pryme ColdBones
Silicone-printed Amara palm is grippy and moisture resistant. Porelle waterproof / breathable liner and a small amount of insulation makes this a great glove for spring skiing, snow boarding, or cold weather cycling. Neoprene knuckles provide a very comfortable fit with maximum flexibility.  * ADULT SMALL ONLY


The Ultimate $4 - $13 Gift

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Star-patch Beanie
100% acrylic knit beanie with custom Redline patch. One size fits most.
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WAS $5.99 - NOW ONLY $3.88
6 panel structured, stretch-to-fit hat with pre-curved bill. Embossed skull on bill, "PRYME" embroidered on front.
Size:  SM/MD or LG/XL 


RLshirtsT-Shirt Argyle Crew Chocolate Tan
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T-Shirt Tonal Stripe Black
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CMYK v-neck

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Genuine American Apparel V-neck t-shirt.
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Sizes Medium, Large, X-Large

featuring bike brands such as  * REDLINE * MACNEAL * TORKER * PRYME * BASIL * XLC * LIZARDSKINS *







today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A Facebook Fan Page has been established on the 1st Anniversary of the passing of a woman who has touched so many lives in the sport of BMX.

Whether you raced in the 80's, 90's or this decade, legendary BMX announcer, Linda Dorsey was a part of your life on the national BMX circuit.

Linda who was from California came to BMX early, through her son Brian's racing. One of the most distinctive voices in U.S. BMX racing, Linda was heard at races for decades and was loved by racers and organizers across the world.

As many people have said, "It's just not the same without her behind the mike!"

Check out the Facebook page and support Linda Dorsey for BMX Hall Of Fame!

News from ONE and the ONE/Kenda BMX team


ONE KENDA press release


The new ONE frames have arrived and are available.

Soon you will see the ONE/Kenda team on the track with these incredible new racing bikes.



Not only the frames have changed, but also the ONE/Kenda team.

The additions to the team are Dutch Champion Rowdy van Harsel, European Champion Chris Christensen and his sister Simone Christensen.


In Elite men, Dutch rider, Jordy van der Heyden joined ONE again after being on ONE in the Extreme Team, quit a few years ago.

The latest addition to the team is Dutchman, Roy van den Berg.



The former Dutch Champion in Elite men was on the ONE World team before, a few years ago.


Photo: Roy van de Berg (


ONE KENDA is sponsored by: 




The whole weekend is a great big BMX fest.... with Friday night practice from 6-10pm;

Saturday's ANSWER Young Guns Midwest Shootout; registration from 11-1 and Sundays Double Points Future Pro Challenge registration from 11-1.

The Young Guns Race is sponsored by Answer & Supercamp with both Ryan Birk and Burlin Harris coming in for the race, as well as FLY Racng, SAB Designs, Meccon Industries; UnReel Productions; Supercross; RiderzReady; BMXNow;  Steinbeck Extreme Photos; The HILL Bmx, Dragon Wheels Custom Wheels.

We've got some great prizes for the kids to include passes to Elite Super Camp and Ohio Dream, Answer forks, custom wheel sets; custom jerseys, number plates, etc.

Add all that to the prizes given at FPC....well...there's alot!

Here are the info links for both the Young Guns race and Steel Wheels Indoor BMX .....  -

Sunday December 13th Steel Wheels Indoor BMX in Hobart Indiana will be hosting the 6th annual JOHNSON BMX FUTURE PRO CHALLENGE presented by FLY.

Think of it as the NAG 5 Challenge of the Midwest with tons of prizes from JOHNSONBMX, FLY, PROFILE, MADERA, Dragon Wheels, Samurai Project clothing and J&M Signs going out to the top riders.

All ABA AMATEURS that will be 14 or older before January 2010 are invited. And as always the girls class will have an equal payout no matter what the rider count is.

A unique "pro type" scoring system used only at this event will be in affect once again so bring a 20 inch bike, be signed up for the ABA double pointer that day and have an extra $8 to take part in one of the most exciting events that the amateur class has to offer.

For more race info check out or reach the race director by phone at (219)765-1473 or by email at


Our new frame that we have tested for 2 years is now available in 5 colors, Red, Yellow, Blue White and Black.


The new Evolution Bike Company frames come in two models with or without adjustable brake mounts that are patent pending.


Our frame specs are as follows:


B/B HEIGHT 11.50" IN.
TOP TUBE  PRO-XL  21.50" IN.
TOP TUBE  PRO-+ 20.75" IN.

Evolution Bike Co. offers a full line of BMX, FREERIDING, DOWNHILL, SINGLE SPEED, parts, apparel, and accessories to choose from. Some of these products are, Intense BIKES, SE BIKES, AZONIC, GSR BIKES, Sinz, White Ind., D/T Swiss, FMF, Fly, Profile racing, MRP, Dangerboy TSG, White Brothers, SiXSIXONE Protection.

To order E-MAIL us @ and/or call us @ (770) 926-7377, and ask for Shane Jackson.

Evolution Bike Company - 1508 Dupree Road - Woodstock Georgia, 30189 -

Schanewolf BMX Team's Morristown Race Report

The Thanksgiving Morristown race is always one of the teams favorites as it marks the beginning of a new season for the team.  This year didn’t disappoint.  The team showed up with many of the new shredders and many of the seasoned vets who’ve been getting it done for the yellow & black for many seasons past.    The team turned in a 3rd place team sheet on Saturday with great rides put in by:

Elite Lady, Jessica Cartwright – Jesse was look’n great in the mottos on her brand new Candy Apple Hyper Frame. She was a threat every motto taken 3, 2nd’s behind eventual main winner Madison Pitts, but had a tough start and took a 3rd in the main behind Pitts & Donna Snow.  Jessica would take a rough fall on Sunday in mottos leading to a potential broken wrist, but was a trooper and rolled the gate to collect the points for her & the team.  Look for Jessica to be healed up and ready to get it on in Louisville, KY for the X-Mas Classic.

Kit Bjerk- 11 Nov, 1st place  - Kit had a Semi’s in a loaded field, but brought the gold home in a stacked main event.

Bryce Easer – 8 Nov, 2nd Place – Only his 2nd NBL national and the kid was rock’n all weekend.  Bryce brought home a 1st Sunday after a tough battle in a deep 8 Nov field.

Mikey Hewitt – 10 Nov, 2nd Place on Sat & a 1st on Sunday rounded out a great weekend for this newcomer to the wolfs crew.

Scott Walker – 26-34 Nov, Had a perfect weekend taking down wins on both days.  Scott is also a new rider to the team and we’re looking for more great things from Scott as the year goes on.


Other riders racking podium finishes on the weekend were Jake Pischke, Jacob Oliver, Chris Pease, Christopher McHenry, Jamie McHenry, Ethan Burns, Wyatt Parker, William Parker & Cody Corbelli.

The wolfs crew will be in the house during the Christmas classic with a small team carryinghe flag.  Look for us in force at the Blue Ridge Nationals to have almost the entire team in the house, gunning for spots on podiums across all the racing! 

We would like to extend a huge thanks to this year’s team sponsors:  Hyper Bicycles, Fly Racing & Profile.  Please visit their web sites & support the companies who support BMX!

Shawn Pischke - Schanewolf BMX Team Manager







today's BMX Racing News ..... Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Formula Europe's Steven Wong takes 2010 Formula Frame To Gold!

Formula Europe's Steven Wong took BMX Gold in the 2009 East Asian Games on Dec 5.

Steven was riding the new 2010 Formula frame.

Check out the frame specs on the Formula Website.

Steven is supported by Formula Europe (Formula Bicycle Company, Shimano, Ufoplast, Formco, EuroBMX, Swatch, SixSixOne, Alienation BMX,, HKSI, Oakley, Nike and Champ System.

TNT Bicycles Returns With a Bang!

Legendary BMX manufacturer and Factory Team Owner, Mark Zalewski sent us some spy photos of the TNT Derringer & TNT Revolver sealed hubsets, as well as their hot NEW LOGO. With the success that TNT has had in the past with their full line of products (Hubs, Stems, Handlebars, Seat Clamps, & Framesets), Mark who still loves BMX has had the desire to begin manufacturing TNT products again, and he's come up with some winners. "Back In The Day", TNT's line of products was some of the highest quality parts on the track in the 80's to 90's time period in BMX and Mark sponsored some great riders (The Foster Brothers among many, many others.) and his team was a fixture at East Coast races in the U.S. with a high profile and always making an impact on the track.

According to Mark, "I really wanted to bring back the hubsets initially because they were such a staple in the sport of BMX. These hubs have won so many races, and I'm proud to reintroduce them." The new hubs are sweet looking, and we know that they'll perform like no other with Mark behind the development. Mark is an Old/Mid School BMXer who believes in the grassroots of BMX, and is a guy who 'knows his BMX', so you'll be able to expect high quality and high performance from these storied hubs.

TNT has a new website currently in the works, but the hubs are already available through quality dealers such as Dans Competition, Kovachi Wheels, & Chip N' Dale Bike Shop. Any dealers who are interested in carrying the products or if anybody has any questions they can reach Mark at

The Derringer Hubs (silver or black) are available in 28 or 36 hole configurations with a retail price of $99.95 and the Revolver Hubs (silver or black) come in 36H only and price out at $129.95.

GHP hits the ABA Grand Nationals

Stumpy Signs for 2010......Read the story of the CLOSEST ABA AA Title Battle, EVER! 

At the end of 2008, GHP was looking for a AA pro. Being the small company they are, GHP wanted a rider who can represent and show what the company is about. Also at the end of 2008 GT decided to part ways with newly crowned 2008 NBL Elite Champion Randy Stumpfhauser.  This made for a perfect match. Not only was Randy available, but Randy’s good friend, Greg Hill knew what he was capably of. The offer was laid down and Randy signed with GHP for 2009. 

At the beginning of the ABA 2009 Pro series Randy looked as fast as he was the previous year but was struggling to qualify out of the semi rounds. By the time the first two races had gone by, Greg had already spotted Randy’s weak points and knew what had to be done. At this point Greg and Randy had “The Meeting”. Located somewhere in the foothills of California, Greg sat down with Randy. They went over Randy’s training schedule and decided it was time for something new. It was time for Randy to start his push for the ABA AA Pro title; there were just two stipulations in which Randy had to agree too. The two things Greg always asks of anyone who he trains, gives advice to and/or sponsors. One is to do what ever training Greg tells him to do. The second stipulation was to believe. Randy had to believe in himself as a rider, and believe in the training. Randy would give monthly feedback to Greg and Greg, in turn, would adjust the program as needed. 

Within the next couple races Randy’s training could be seen on the track. His first straights had improved dramatically and throughout the rest of the season Randy kept improving with every race. Making the main in just about every race he entered. Going into the Golden State Nationals in Lancaster Ca., Randy was hitting his training peak. Saturday the Pros decided on a one lap main. Randy led from start to finish beating the two top contenders, Maris Strombergs and Kyle Bennett. At the end d the day Greg looked at Randy and told him "you know this means nothing unless you back this up tomorrow". Sunday morning came and back it up he did, winning Sunday and bringing him within six points of Maris and the ABA Title. Randy could almost feel the title in his hands. Then next race was the ABA Disney cup. Two more chances for points before the Thanksgiving weekend, but Disney did not go as planned. Randy sat out the mains both days; also sitting in the stands was Maris Strombergs. Both top contenders watching the title chase become a three way battle as Kyle Bennett added two wins to his 2009 resume. 

All this lead to Thanksgiving weekend and the greatest race on earth, the ABA Grand Nationals. Friday Pro spectacular was the last chance to grab any points or to block any one from gaining ground. Semis came and went  and at the end Randy found himself outside the top four qualifiers with both Maris and Kyle in the main. Thinking he was going to end this day empty handed Randy got a surprise he was not expecting. Twelve years ago Randy received the Golden Crank Award for Rookie pro, little did he know that he would receive another Golden Crank Award. On this night it was for Pro of the year.  

Saturday and Sundays qualifying rounds went well for Randy, putting him in the main. With Kyle Bennett winning Friday nights Pro Spectacular he drew even closer to Randy. Three more laps and the season would be over, the champion would be crowned. Randy found himself on the gate between Maris and Kyle. There was no advantage; no rider in gate eight and another in gate one. They were stacked rite next to each other, with five other riders all capable of winning. When it came down to the third race Randy had to beat Maris but could not lose to Kyle by more than one spot. The gate dropped and the first straight played into Kyle's hands. Entering the first turn Kyle was in the lead with Maris in second, but Randy had something to say about that. Half way through the turn randy made his move and went past Maris into second place, taking the spot and the line. Randy knew he was in the rite spot but knew Maris would not give up. Down the last straight Maris charged hard but like many time this year Randy was too far ahead. In one of the closest contested ABA Pro titles in history the thirty two year old beat out the twenty two year old Olympic champion. Randy had set his goals, did exactly what Greg had told him to do and believed. The results, a title Randy has wanted for 12 years. The ABA National number one Pro.  

With rumors flying about weather or not Randy would return to defend his title, and who it might be with, Randy signed with the guy who helped him get to the top. Randy and Greg will be leading Factory GHP Racing for 2010. 




Tulsa, Oklahoma (November 27-29) was the site for the ABA Season ending National series and all the overall National Champions would be crowned.  Going into this race Dominique “3D” Daniels was the current point’s leader and defending 2008 National #1 Girls Pro. On Friday the ABA held there Race of Champions event. 

This race could be summed up as a tune up for the weekend. Riders could get a feel for the track; work out any nervousness, but more importantly feeling out the competition. In 2008 Shanaze Reade won the ROC and 3D came in 2nd. Jump to 2009 and coming off huge wins at the Disney Cup race Dominique was peaking and well prepared. Come race time she dominated the motos and went wire to wire in the main adding another win to her belt as the 2009 ROC Champion.

Going into the next 2 days she would be thoroughly tested on retaining her 2008 National Girls Pro Title, plus the target on her back was huge! 3D looked smooth and flawless in her motos and made it into the big show but her main rivals, Redline great Alise Post and Mountain Bike Super Star Caroline Buchanan also rolled up on the gate to give her a run for her money. 3D needed to finish ahead of Alise to retain her title and after all the dust had settled and the points were tabulated 3D was again the overall National Champion, finishing 2nd behind Buchanan but more importantly ahead of Post.  



Friday ROC  ABA Grand Results
1) D. Daniels 1) C. Buchanan
2) C. Buchanan 2) D. Daniels
3) B. Crain 3) A. Post
4) A. Post 4) B. Crain
5) A. Henderson 5) S. Barragan
6) S. Barrragan 6) A. Verhagen
7) A. Verhagen 7) A. Henderson
  8) C. Tomei













today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday, December 7, 2009

My name is Nick Ziegler and I am working with Rick Moliterno at Standard Byke Company on a BMX program for children. We are refurbishing old bikes, and sending out a lot of new bikes. Since we are sending them very nice stuff, I'd like them to feel like a pro with a bunch of soft goods to send with them. Most will be youths from 6-16 yrs old. It is for a great cause and trying to get them all done before Christmas to send them out.

I'm sending out my last email for the year of 2009. I will continue my program thru 2010 (Spring-Christmas), so if you can help in 2010 please save my info, that would be GREAT! I will have frames to build up also and am looking for more frames and products, but I am trying to make my first year BIG and have a bigger goal next year.

Also still looking for soft goods so when parents come pick up bikes, I have more goodies to send them home with. You should see the looks on these people's faces, the children and parents are SO happy. I am waiting on some pix around Christmas, lots of surprises.

I plan on making 2010 even bigger, better and hopefully more products and great bikes with even more help and support the first 2009 run.

If I start early this this could end up HUGE next year. My goal was 5-6 bikes for 2009 but with your help this year, we made 24+ and I still have bikes waiting for parts!!!!!

Without the BMX Giving Public, this could never have happened.



PRACTICE 6:00pm 

RACE 8:00 pm 



ENTRY FEE: $10.00 





Morphine Industries Rocks It At The ABA Grands!

You just know it's going to be one of those road trips when Tim Dinger arrives in Atlanta with a mustache looking like a lost cast member of "My Name is Earl".   During our 13 hour trek to Tulsa, Dinger woke up once to get some food, only to get shanked at the counter. Everyone got a real laugh....especially the girls working the counter. I don't remember it being cold in there but according to Dinger's "thermometer", it was freezing!  haha! 




Once we arrived in Tulsa, it was all business as the ABA Grands was our debut with HARO and the new HARO Race LT Frame.  The new whips did their job on Friday at the Race of Champions starting with Damien Chrepko in Jr. Devo. He pulled a solid 2nd place finish, then headed to the Friday night Pro Spectacular to join the sidehack race with Blake Sawyer. -Not sure how they placed but he looked as stylish as anyone can while riding shotgun in a sidehack!  On Sunday, Damien took 7th in a super stacked main in 15x. Not bad out of 48 riders!


 Olijuwon Davis surprised us all by deciding to race after breaking his wrist at Disney and having surgery on it just 3 weeks before Grands.  In true Morphine style, he went against doctors orders and took 2nd in 17& over open and 19-27X at the R.O.C.. Unfortunately, a little pain set in and hindered the rest of the weekend but he'll be back in no time. "OD" finished the year with a NAG 7 overall.


Doran Bradshaw rode hard in 31-35 cruiser battling guys like Zach Roebuck, GHP's Pedro Brown and FLY's Ray Hudson.  "DB100" took 3rd at the ROC and 4th in the main at Grands and left with a NAG 3 for the year. Lookout 36-40....your class is getting a new rider in January.


A Pro, Jason LaRev laid it all on the line against 58 other pros, making it to semis at the biggest race of the year and finishing in the top 10 overall.


Hey, JRev....remove the gas hose before you drive away from the pump next time!  I can’t protect you every time with potato chips.


 Tim Dinger looked good all weekend....throwing x-ups for the ladies and rocking the new "Morphine Pink" Rennen gear. Things didn't go according to plans but he is a man on a mission and he won't be denied. Be sure to check out for views from Dingers helmet cam and some road trip shenanigans.


While we were at Grands, the Air Dog, Richie Dey was rippin' it up in Morristown in 10x and 10 cruiser pulling two wins and two second place finishes. Way to represent!


All said and done, it was a good weekend on an awesome track surrounded with great friends. That's what its all about. 


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (,  Alienation (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Tioga (, Black Crown (


Morphine Industries’ Air Dog goes Solo at NBL Thanksgiving Classic


Morphine Industries’ air extraordinaire Richie Dey made the solo trek to Morristown from south Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday to represent the Pink, Black and White.  Being jam-packed in an Expedition with bikes mounted everywhere did seem to phase him when it was time to hit the track on Friday. 


10X / 9-10 Cr – Richie Dey started the weekend off with a clean sweep of the US Open on Friday night, taking the top spot in the main on both bikes.  


Putting the cruiser aside, Richie concentrated on the 10X class.  Battling for the top spot again, he came up a spot short after some banging on the track settling for a deuce in the main   


Sunday brought a new day and a different result.  In a hard fighting 10X class, Richie once again claimed the top spot to end the weekend.


It looks like next stop for the Morphine Circus will be the President’s Cup in Louisville.  Stay tuned to see if it is the unveiling of the new team threads.  We won’t disappoint.


Morphine Industries would like to thank its Factory Team Sponsors; HARO BIKES (, Fly Racing (,  Alienation (, Sinz Racing (, Rennen (, Tioga (, Black Crown (












Weekend Update ..... saturday/Sunday, December 5/6, 2009

Well the 2009 race season is in the books and it was an AWESOME year for Fly Racing equipped riders!. What a great season that ended with the one of the closest AA Pro title finishes that I can remember. Congrats go out to Kyle, Maris, and Stumpy on a fantastic season!

Kyle Bennett, after getting hurt early in the season, made one heck of a year end push winning 4 of the last 5 races and came oh so close to a ABA Pro Title. With many titles already to his name Kyle proved that he is still one of the fastest racers in the world.

Donny Robinson had a great year as well taking home the Elite Men's World Title. DR is the only racer in history to win both Junior Men's and Elite Men's World Titles on both 20" and 24" bikes. GT's Mike Day came in for a strong second to DR. Both of these guys look good enough to make their bid to become two time Olympians.

Danny Caluag put another pro cruiser title cup on his mantle making it three in a row! He and Tyler Brown had a great Grands, both making their 20" and 24" mains, but in the end Danny held on to win the title......Congrats Easy Money!

Nic Long had a great rookie Pro season and was awarded the ABA Pro Rookie of the Year title in Tulsa. Congrats Nic!

Dominique Daniels also had a good Grands weekend taking home her second ABA Pro Women's Title. Earlier in the season she also earned the NBL Elite Women's Title and made the mains at the World Championships.

Dom is still very young and looks to continue to Dominate the girls pro class's.

Phantom Ontrac continued their winning ways in Tulsa taking home their 4th Factory title and their third in row. Congrats to Donovan, Chuck, and all the Phantom team riders on a fantastic season.

Thanks for a great season to all FLY Racing riders, teams, and bike shops out there. We appreciate you all and look forward to 2010! Happy Holidays.


Formula just returned from the 2009 ABA Grands in Tulsa, OK. where we introduced our new jerseys for the 2010 race year, and our new team uniform which included the Fly Kinetic red racewear pants, gloves and helmet. We brought our new trailer, which we just got a week prior to the race, and Wednesday we set up preparing for a long race weekend. Time was running short for us to get to the Grands with everything we needed but with the help from a number of people we were able to get some of our new 2010 frames shipped to the hotel so we could use them for the display, we had our new jerseys arrive at the hotel on Friday so our team was ready for the ROC, Pro Spectacular and the Grands, and we were able to get pictures of the jerseys and frames to produce catalogs Friday to hand out. It doesn't change from year to year or from company to company, there is always something last minute. 


Upon arrival at the Grands we were notified by the ABA that we had been selected, by the vote of the BMX community, to be in the top five for bike of the year for the Golden Crank awards. Although we did not receive the honor this year we appreciate, and thank, all those who voted for us, and we thank the riders that represented Formula this year and brought more focus to our frame's popularity.

Well, our report starts with a team update. The team posted points only good enough for a 6th place at the Grands but moved the team up from 12th to 9th overall for the year, with only 9 races posted.

It was great to welcome back Deak Brown returning after battling injuries this past year. We had many of our team members at the Grands, and we added a few new riders to end the year and start the 2010 season. Formula would like to welcome Cody Tippitt - 6X, and Emily Harris - 9 Girls. Our race report - Starting with our youngest riders:

Two NAG 1s, two NAG 2s, two NAG 3s, two NAG 5s


Trey Maeker (8X) took a 4th. Trey ended up Nag 3 on the year.


Cody Tippitt (6X) took a second and ended up Nag 1 for the year



Emily Harris (9) made it to the main and brought home a 2nd. Emily will end up Nag 3 on the year.

Lexa Jones (11) had her shoulder and ribs knocked out of alignment the week before the Grands, had them realigned on Tuesday, left for the Grands on Wednesday, still raced the Grands and managed to pull off Nag 2 for the year.

Tyler Ayon (12 Novice) backed up his 2nd in 11 Novice from the 2008 Grands with a 1st this year.

Shelby Stacy (15) made the Nag 5 challenge for the first time this year and raced the ROC. Shelby scored a 3rd in 15 Girls. In the Grands Shelby got a 2nd in 15 Girls ending up Nag 2 for the year and a 6th in 15-16 Girls Cruiser ending up Nag 5 for the year.



Kristin Hokit (17) raced the Nag 5 Challenge. In the Grands Kristin didn't lose a lap all weekend, until the last one which was very close. She ended up with a 2nd for the Grands and Nag 1 on the year.



Lee Lewis (19-27X) came to the Grands with his efforts focused on the Nag 5 Challenge and the Grands 19-27X title. In the Grands Lee was running fast all weekend and hardly lost a lap but at the end of the day in the main, he drew lane 8, went into the first turn behind Tommy Vallejo and Joshua Study and pretty much stayed there. The 3 riders checked out from the rest, were running fast and no-one made a mistake and they finished exactly the way they left the first turn. Lee was happy with his race, no regrets and ended up Nag 3 for the year but Lee is turning A-Pro for 2010 and will make his A-Pro debut at the Reno race in January.



Travis Postany - A Pro, although he didn't have the best weekend in A-Pro, he did, however, land his back flip in the Pro section of the track, on a pit bike, during the Pro Spectacular on Friday night.


East Asian Games

Elite Results

BMX Mania Factory Team Make's the trip to the

NBL Thanksgiving National In Morristown, Tennessee

The BMX Mania Factory Team rolled in to Morristown, Tennessee for the NBL Thanksgiving National and had a great time racing hard and havin' fun, and even brought home some pretty good results.

Erika Takamasa was on fire all weekend, the closest race she had was the main where she still beat the second place girl by 3 bike lengths. Score a perfect weekend for Erika.

Koh Takamasa took a hard digger in one of his 9X motos on Saturday but bounced back to take a 3rd in the main event. I'm sure he was pretty sore Sunday and only mustered a 5th.

Our 13X, Naoki Takamasa looked really fast all weekend, placing 8th on Saturday but came back strong and took a hard fought 3rd on Sunday.

Lexx Henderson fought thru some ruff competition on Saturday placing 5th. Not bad for just moving up into the super tough 15X class. The comp got tougher for Lexx, as he didn't make his main Sunday.

Ricky Henderson took 2nds in his motos on Saturday and placed 5th in the main. You have GOT to know that the 40-44 Cruiser is one tuff class. On Sunday though he rode very well placing 1st in his motos then fighting from gate 8 took home a second behind Rob MacAllister. Rick was really impressive with his speed and bike handling skills.

Jeff Hampton had a really good weekend with the exception for breaking my frame on Friday during practice. Saturday, Jeff rode very well placing 1st in his motos and winning the main in 45-49 Cruiser. Sunday, Jeff's perfect streak was broken as he lost the second round but bounced back to take the win in the main. Jeff was kind of surprised riding on a total different frame and taking those wins.

BMX Mania's Super X rider, Chase Campbell was in the house, back in the saddle after some time off and had a good weekend in Elite Open against some TOUGH comp. Chase brought home a 6th on Saturday, highlighted by a great move in the 3rd round, where he came from 4th to second in first turn to transfer. You gotta be psyched about a move like that!  Although he rode hard on Sunday, a main event appearance was not in the cards for our Nashville rider. Chase will be having surgery December 8 on his foot to take out some screws from a previous injury, don't count him out though cuz he'll be back stronger than ever.

Pro Class Race Results for the Thanksgiving Classic

Saturday - Day One

Elite Open - 1.Matt Kelty-Kovachi Wheels 2.Matt Beatty 3.Tyler Faoro-Madera Factory Team 4.Ronald Vega-CycleCraft

5.Steven Weimer 6.Chase 7.Will Greathhouse-GCP 8-Jason Sherrill-HBR

Elite Woman-1.Madison 2.Donna Snow 3. Jessica Cartwright-ShaneWolf

Sunday - Day Two

Elite Open - 1.Tyler Faoro-Madera Factory Team 2.Matt Kelty-Kovachi 3.Ronald Vega-CycleCraft 4.Jason Sherrill-HBR

5.Will Greathouse-GCP 6.Christopher Murphy-HBR 7.Steven Weimer 8-Matt Beatty

Elite Woman-1.Madison 2.Donna Snow 3.Jessica Cartwright-Shanewolf


Coral Springs, Florida
December 3, 2009

We are extremely excited to announce that Amanda Geving is back on the MCS Bicycles Factory Team! “Amanda was on our program for many years. When you thought of Amanda, you thought MCS Bicycles. “ stated Brian Fell MCS TM/Marketing Director. “Amanda is very well known and liked not just nationally, but internationally. I am super pumped to have her back on board with us!”

“I am so excited to be back on MCS again!  I love riding for Brian and Jeff, and I have always been so comfortable on the MCS frame.  The MCS team has always been like family to me, and it is good to be home.” said Amanda when asked about the switch back. “ I want to give a HUGE thanks to Todd Lackey with Intense Dyna-Pep, and Mike Redman with Redman bikes.  They were both awesome people to ride for, and they gave me so much support.  Both Todd and Mike became great friends to me.  It was such a great experience, and i am so glad that they gave me an opportunity to ride for them.” she added.

2010 is going to be a break out year for MCS Bicycles. With new model complete bikes, handlebars and a new after-market frame line in the works. Combine that with the other parts that we make and you have a race proven collection of products.

We would also like to give thanks to our sponsors for the 2010 season... Profile Racing (, Odyssey BMX (, DNA Energy Drink (, Answer Racing (, VANS Shoes (, Powerbar (, UGP (, Intense Tires (, THE Helmets (, Sun Rims (, ODI Grips ( and Hot Shoppe (


Accel Racing/Powers Bike Shop was in the house

for the NBL Thanksgiving Nat'l in Morristown

All photos by Jerrod Huffman/

The team looked really good with a overall finish of 1st on Saturday with Andrew Townsend, Art Luck and Kady Brink winning their mains. Andrew and Kady had perfects all day and Art was going for his perfect when Mr. Dean McCall snatched one of the moto wins. Art pulled it back in during the mains though and gave us the edge to move into first.

Newcomer Enzo Perez was on fire perfecting all his motos but got squeezed in the main and ended with a respectful 4th. Doug Widdows was hard to catch after perfecting his motos, battled hard all day in one of the toughest classes and pulled in a 3rd for the team.

Kris Creech was game on in motos, firsts across the board pulling a 2nd finish in his main. Sunday arrived and it was time to duplicate the day prior to, unfortunately after the impressive day Accel had Saturday it obviously gave much thought to the other competitors to go back to their hotels and dial some things in. They did just that.......not a win on paper for the team but a win for effort.

Alex Seidnitzer made his first main as a 10 x very impressive first moto, out of the gate like a rocket. Congrats Alex you are on your way. Zach Gownley was looking a lot stronger on Sunday and had a pretty nasty crash but within seconds this little one was up and rollin' again. Not to forget J-Dub Ketron who rocked two bikes all weekend and did us proud and made the main in 7 novice and cruiser class.

Andrew Townsend pulled in another much needed perfect along with Art Luck. We missed Dan Birmingham on Sunday as he and dad headed home Saturday after a nasty crash in the first straight that left him with a broken collarbone.....speedy recovery Dan. We need ya in Ky. 

Last I saw we ended up somewhere between 6th or 8th (some ties going on) on Sun. It was a great weekend overall a lot of Standard bikes rolling with the ACCEL/Powers team with many more to come. Thanks Rick!

I would also like to thank Gus at Profile for hooking up the team we look forward to a great year with you. Last but definately not least Chad, for always looking out for our family of riders. You are such a huge asset to this team, I am certain I could not do this without you. Here's to many more years ahead of us and thank you for allowing me to continue my husbands dream. I am very proud of every rider who attended, progress is clear and determination is key. Out of the 20 riders who were there more than half made main. Looking forward to good times for 2010 now do work!

We all would love to thank Fly Racing, Profile Racing, Alienation BMX, JW BMX,  Standard bikes and Powers Bike Shop for all our support!














today's BMX Racing News ..... Friday, December 4, 2009

ABA Grands DVDs On Sale Now From Go211.COM!!!!!

Bored? Inside, laying on the couch and NOT riding cuz it's cold? Or maybe you just LOVE BMX racing at it's HIGHEST level!?

Well, here ya go, sports fans! has done all the hard stuff for you, editing and cataloging all of the race action over the weekend, and you can pick out your favorite racing moments on these AWESOME DVDs from the ABA Grands.

Relive the Friday Race Of Champions, the ABA Pro Spectacular on Friday night and the passion and glory of two spellbinding days of ABA Grands racing!

The race for the National #1 titles, the THREE WAY AA Pro title finish or even your Intermediate motos and main event! It's all there minute by minute and lap after lap for you to check out in the comfort of your own home.

HECK! Invite your friends over, pop some popcorn, break out the ice cold energy drink, you all will be up all night reliving the memories! Just click on the graphic above to get yours NOW!!!!!

Thanksgiving Race Report From Rennen/Intense

Photos by, &

Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally one of the biggest weekends of BMX racing the entire calendar year. Having anointed ourselves "Team Champions of BMX in 2009", it only figures that we were major players in both the ABA and NBL's holiday weekend events.

Out in Tulsa, it was a huge weekend for Rennen/Intense, as we put 4 riders into the NAG 5 challenge race on Friday night. From there it got even better as the team ended up finishing 4th for the weekend in the Factory Team division with a score of 478; our riders won a total of four nag year end titles!

Our Vet Pro Will Murray was on fire at the 2009 ABA Grands, finishing on the Podium in 3rd place for the event. Shawn DiPrete dominated the elder 30-classes with two main event wins and two NAG titles in 36-40 cruiser and expert. Austin Loebe recovered from a near fall in turn one in the 16x main event, holding on for a strong third. Pat Parker "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" in 2009 took 2nd place in the 28-35 expert class main and NAG #2. Courtney Applewhite worked her way to the 17-27 year-old girls main event where she finished 6th.

Cam Moore and TJ Manischalci both made their way to the 11 expert main event and finished up third and fourth respectively. From there Cam went on to win the 11 cruiser main event and NAG title. Mike McGonigle (28-35x) broke his wrist in Thursday’s practice and one would have expected his weekend to be over. However, on Sunday morning he came out for the third round of motos with a wrist brace and transferred out. From there he took the holeshot in the main event and went on to the main event victory and NAG title. Max Egdorf saw his Grands weekend come to an abrupt end in the semi-finals of the 17-18 expert class with a fall in turn two. Allen Currier made the trip out to Tulsa and continued his post layoff work in the “A” pro class, turning in some quality track time but falling short of making the main event.

Meanwhile over in Morristown, TN Rennen/Intense handled the completion in the National Team division with wins both days. Day 1's score of 88 saw four of our five sheet riders take wins, while Sunday's 85 had two wins and two seconds. Justin Knapper worked his way through semi's each day to the 13 x main event. Even though he's the new kid on the block in the 13-14 cruiser class, he still pulled off the win on day 1. Chris Meaker is rounding back into form after two surgeries in 2009; he took the main win on day 1 in 35-40x. Melissa Woodruff cleaned house in the combined ladies cruiser class. Victor Behm scored a big win and perfect in the 15x class on day 1. Rob McAllister anchored the team sheet with two wins, working through semi mains in 40-44 cruiser. M.J. Peters continues to work hard and make mains, representing the Rennen and Intense brands proudly.

Next up for the team is a second trip to Louisville, KY this calendar year for the NBL's Christmas classic pro series event. We're looking forward to spending the holidays with our BMX family and friends. Here's to hoping this new location will be as good as years past.

Lastly we would like to welcome back Profile to our support list for the 2010 season. Also look one more major product sponsor to be added soon (hint, you may “Faint”).

Rennen Design Group ( makers of the finest gears, chain rings, cogs and the ultimate training tool “G-Cog”! Intense BMX ( makers of the ultimate racing frames and tires.

Co-sponsored by: Alienation (, Black Crown designs (, Finish Line (, FLY (, Johnson BMX Plates (, KMC (, Morphine Industries (, ODI (, PowerBar (, Profile (, SINZ(, THE(, and Thomson (

Rennen/Intense is a division of Bizzarro BMX, Inc.

The Reynolds Family Says THANKS!

Dylan Reynolds and Family of FACTORY  EVOLUTION  BIKE  Company would like to thank the Medical Staff and the Volunteers and any one else who helped out at the NBL Morristown National when Dylan was injured!

Dylan Suffered a Broken Left Hand and Broken Right Elbow  From a bad crash coming off the first jump into the first turn.

Dylan races 17-18x and 17-24 Cruiser and was having a great weekend till the crash.

He will be back into action 6 to 8 weeks.

Thanks again for all the support and Prayers! - The Reynolds Family











today's BMX Racing News ..... Thursday, December 3, 2009
Kyle Wiesenberger Memorial Fund Established

The NBL will be accepting donations to the Kyle Wiesenberger Memorial Fund at the NBL office.

Please make checks out to the “Kyle Wiesenberger Memorial Fund” and send checks to:

National Bicycle League

c/o Kyle Wiesenberger Memorial Fund

3958 Brown Park Drive, Suite D

Hilliard, OH 43026) 

Karl Wiesenberger (Kyle’s father) will also be setting up an account with his bank to accept donations to the fund.

More information will be available regarding that fund soon.

Use of the funds is still to be determined, but they will be used in some BMX-related way.

The disposition of the funds will be decided in the near future by his family.

The funds will be used for BMX racing in some way as an ongoing memorial to a GREAT racer, as that was Kyle’s true passion and love.

Haro Wraps Up Successful ABA Grands

Grands is a wrap. Khalen Young ended up 2nd from lane 8 at the Race of Champions on Friday night. Saturday was two rounds of qualifying for the big show on Sunday evening. Khalen seemed solid come main time but ended up 7th overall after some bumping in the corners. The number one pro title went to Randy Stumpfhauser, Khalen gave Randy his jersey and congratulated him on the podium which was cool.

Other highlights included Morphine Industries riders all showing up riding Haro Race LT frames, we are happy to have them on board. Greg Romero won Vet Pro on Friday night, Haro mounted.

Paul Wassenaar won the 16 expert main event and NAG 1 for the year on his Race LT. Paul's had quite a year, beginning with a UCI World Title in Adelaide, Australia and would like to thank Jeff Flinn at Bellflower Bicycles for all he does, Derek Betcher at Haro for the awesome frames (Nothing Better!) and Tammy Estep at the Bellflower BMX Track for always taking care of him.

Check out Haro's winning lineup of BMX racing product at










today's BMX Racing News ..... Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Caroline Buchanan, Cycling award winner tops the USA

BMX Australia News Release 

Canberra cyclist, Caroline Buchanan has had a stellar week after winning two Australian Cyclist of the Year awards last weekend followed by becoming one of four finalists in the Young Australian of the Year Awards she continued her successful run by winning the ABA Grand Nationals, Girl Pro BMX race Sunday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Buchanan’s win marks the first win by an Australian woman while countryman and UCI World Cup series winner, Sam Willoughby from Adelaide, placed fourth in the AA Pro class. Khalen Young originally from Perth placed seventh in the men’s AA Pro race.

The overall ABA series women’s winner was second placed American rider, Dominique Daniels After placing second to Daniels on Friday in the preliminary race, Buchanan went one better on Sunday to win one of the most prestigious races in the USA.

BMX LOSES Kyle Wiesenberger!

Midwest BMX Icon, Kyle Wiesenberger passed away, early Tuesday morning after a weekend long struggle to survive a car accident that he had been involved in, November 26th.

Kyle's services will be on Friday and Saturday.

He will be buried in his Battle Racing jersey and he wants all BMXers to wear theirs.

It's what he would want; he loved the sport more than anyone and gave it his all.

Friday evening funeral service will be held at Linnemann Funeral Home, 1940 Burlington Pike, Burlington, KY 41005.

The exact times have not been determined but it will be Friday evening.

All are welcome and please wear your jersey's especially Battle Racing members. It was a true family and it never would have been what it was with Kyle! Please limit the number of flowers if possible.

The Saturday morning church service will be held at St. Agnes Church, 1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, KY 41011 at approximately 10 am. All are welcome and please wear your BMX jersey as well. After the service there will be a gathering at the church to remember and celebrate the life of our great friend.

Kyle you will be forever missed! Please spread this message to anyone fortunate enough to know Kyle.

God Bless you Kyle, you have touched so many people and you will never be forgotten.








today's BMX Racing News ..... Monday/Tuesday, Nov. 30/Dec. 1, 2009

all ABA Grands photos are now posted

to the ABA GRANDS race report page!!!

Stumpy, Dominique, Fallen &

Caluag Win ABA Pro Titles!

See the BMX Mania ABA Grands

Race Report Page For

Complete Results!