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archived news / august 2013

BMX RACING NEWS - Friday - August 23, 2013

Chase BMX, Fields & Pelluard Dominate Red Bull R.Evolution In Berlin!

Connor Fields dominates the RedBull Revolution race event in Berlin, Germany, with Vincent Pelluard finishing up 3rd!

In front of a world wide audience and a sold out crowd, Connor Fields took the win at the biggest and baddest BMX race of all time, the 2013 Red Bull R.Evolution. 

The track itself was something the riders have never ridden before, but as true pro riders do, all of the riders at the event rose to a new level and gave the fans some great racing action!

Connor was looking strong all night, and seemed to have a knack for the technical course.

When it came time for the main event, his start was on point and he took the lead, never to relinquish it.

French National Champion and Chase BMX rider Vincent Pelluard finished on the podium as well, with a 3rd place, and Chase supported rider Carlos Ramirez placed 4th.

To watch a replay of the event, head over here.

Chase BMX is proudly sponsored by Shimano, FLY Racing, Tioga, Elevn Racing, ODI, Insight, Thomson, Excess, and KingStar.

Chase BMX is proudly supported by Tioga BMX, Shimano, Elevn, Kicker, Excess, Fly Racing, KingStar, ODI, Insight, and Thomson. Chase BMX is a division of the BMX Racing Group. For More info on any of the BRG Brands, please visit BMXRACINGGROUP.COM




BMX RACING NEWS - Tuesday/Wednesday - August 20-21, 2013

GT BMX Athletes Take On The Red Bull R.Evolution

August 17th 2013 - Red Bull R.Evolution - Berlin Germany 

Mellow Park in Berlin Germany played host to one of the most exciting events in BMX riding, the Red Bull R.Evolution. The event, in its second year, has become the showcase for combining speed and incredibly large jumps into a thrilling format with alternate track options. The race was packaged with entertaining intermission shows with break dancing, acrobatic BMX flatland riding and the unbelievable human beatbox.

The track proved to be a challenge for all with some unique features like the massive 25 foot tall step jump dubbed the “Berlin Wall”, a 50 foot long jump down the first straight and the GoPro booter double that catapulted racers nearly 20 into the air. GT BMX race athletes Mike Day (USA), Joris Daudet (FRA), Martijn Jaspers (NED), Quentin Caleyron (FRA) and Sean Gaian (USA) all had the honor to be invited to the specialty event and to go after the 10,000 Euro first place prize money.

As competition started the team quickly qualified out of the early rounds except for Mike Day who collided with another rider while making a pass through the hip jump section. Day suffered a hip injury that would hinder his riding so he took to the sidelines to cheer on his teammates.

Young-gun Sean Gaian was looking great and made it to the quarterfinal. Jaspers and Caleyron both made it to the semis but were stuck with outside gates. That left former World Champion Joris Daudet to carry the GT team flag into the finals. Joris was one of the favorites after winning all of his qualifying heats.

The fast Frenchman was looking to take his 2014 GT Speed Series Pro XXL to the top of the podium but he tangled handlebars coming into the first turn taking him out of the running. The positive was he that he did not get injured and soon had his ever-present smile back on his face.

A replay of the event can be seen via the Red Bull site, click here to check it out.

Next up on the schedule for the GT Factory Team is the UCI/USABMX national event on Louisville Kentucky August 30 – September 1st.

Stay connected to all things GT BMX through our Instagram and Twitter at – gtbmx_official

The 2013 GT Factory BMX Team is proud to be supported by these great sponsors:

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HRV / Ssquared Get Dialed In For Team HRV!
HRV, the big dog at HRV Fitness is psyched to link up with Ssquared for his blazin' dudes on Team HRV. Look out Australia, Team HRV, lightin' it UP down under!

Red Bull R.Evolution 2013: The
beginning of a new BMX Race era!
-Red Bull R.Evolution inspires BMX Race scene
-International athletes thrill a crowd of 5000 on site and thousands of fans following the event via live webcast
-Connor Fields (USA) wins most innovative BMX Race event of the year at Berlin’s Mellowpark
Results: 1 Connor Fields (USA) ... 2 Renato Rezende (BRA) ... 3 Vincent Pelluard (FRA)
4 Carlos Alberto Ramirez Yepez (COL) ... 5 Joris Daudet (FRA) ... 6 Twan van Gendt (NED)
And yet another step of BMX Race Evolution – The 2013 edition of Red Bull R.Evolution, the most innovative BMX Race event of the year, took centre stage at Mellowpark in Berlin today. In the hotly contested final it was Connor Fields (USA) who took top honours with Renato Rezende (BRA) und Vincent Pelluard (FRA) coming in second and third.

Desmond Tessemaker (NED) left the crowd deeply impressed with his spectacular tricks and was crowned 55DSL Rebel of the Day. The race track, which was packed with dramatic obstacles, had been specifically re-designed with this event in mind and will serve as a venue for one of next year’s official UCI Supercross World Cup races.

BERLIN (GERMANY) – The concept of Red Bull R.Evolution is unique – already last year the innovative event inspired the international BMX scene, and the 2013 edition presented itself as an even more refined version focusing more on Race in its original sense. Boasting the biggest BMX Race track jump of all times (16 metres), the fastest start ramp speed (70 kilometres per hour), the highest step up in BMX Supercross (9 metres), and various materials such as dirt, wood, metal and paving stones being used for the very first time - the Red Bull R.Evolution track was a unique record setting course. At a sold out venue, the 2013 edition wrote yet another chapter in BMX Race history.

The enthusiastic crowd at Mellowpark experienced it first-hand - (R)Evolution has not simply continued over the weekend, it is truly well under way! “This is fantastic, today’s race was just so much fun! It was an incredible event, absolutely amazing. The track and all the fans who came here were unique. Winning at an event like this is even greater,” said contest winner Connor Fields.

36 athletes from eleven different countries took part in the race. Among them - 30 of the UCI World Ranking’s best riders as well as several Olympic athletes. With leading stars such as last year’s winner Twan van Gendt (NED), Connor Fields (USA), currently third in the World Ranking, and World Championship bronze medal winner Luis Brethauer (GER), it was clearly the BMX elite who had descended upon the German capital for Red Bull R.Evolution.

Every single run was met by enthusiastic fan applause rewarding the riders who relentlessly pulled off tricks such as Backflips and 360s on the gigantic ramps. During the final, the atmosphere reached its climax when the six athletes who had made it to the last round let the breathtaking scene push them even further.

A crash early on involving Twan van Gendt (NED), Joris Daudet (FRA) and Carlos Alberto Ramirez Yepez (COL) set the course for Connor Fields (USA) who took the lead and crossed the finish line 0.633 seconds ahead of Renato Rezende (BRA) and Vincent Pelluard (FRA) who took second and third places respectively. “I am so happy. I really love this track with its huge jumps,” said the Brazilian.

Frenchman Pelluard was also extremely excited. “I was lucky that I wasn’t involved in the crash during the final. The atmosphere and the track here are amazing. I hope to come back to Mellowpark next year.”

This year’s edition also crowned a brand new king: For the 55DSL Rebel of the Day Award, the audience voted for the most rebellious rider of the event. 22-year-old Desmond Tessemaker convinced the crowd with his dramatic Backflip during the LCQ round, crowning himself official 55DSL Rebel of the Day. “It’s great to be today’s 55DSL Rebel of the Day,” said the Dutchman. “Today, I was really up to something and everything went well, the Backflip on the major kicker in particular.”

The track will remain in Berlin’s Mellowpark also after the event and serve as a venue for an official UCI Supercross World Cup race next year.

For further information visit

Photos - Red bull content pool ..... David Ulrich & Daniel Grund

Australia's BMXpress Mag Celebrates 14th year anniversary!

Better late then never, but BMXPress Magazine Australia/NZ turned 14 years old on 28 May, 2013. We started way back in 1999.

We are a rider run and owned magazine.

I still remember our debut at the Penrith Super Nats at the old Penrith Panthers Leagues Club location west of Sydney Australia..

I was supposed to have been racing that day, but things got so hectic with the mag that I didn't end up racing.

Our first issue cover has Luke Madill hitting the last turn leading the final of the elite men class at the Nationals which was held in West Australia.

This was Luke's first ever Nationals elite men race, and also his first title in the elite men class, and he won it first go.

So it was fitting that he scored our first ever cover…

A few years back I was told that issue #1 with Luke on the cover was going for $100.

Issue #62 will be on the stands in Australia/NZ a few weeks. Digital versions for Ipad etc can be found on line…

Thanks to all that have supported BMXPress for all these years.

Warwick Wheeler - BMXPress Magazine.






BMX RACING NEWS - TUESDAY/Wednesday - August 13-14, 2013

'The Brits' To Feature Hot CRIT Plates For All East Region Riders!
We had inadvertently said yesterday that EVERYONE who signs up for the British BMX Championships will receive one of the groovy Crit Plates pictured above, but WAIT!!!!! There was a mistake on our part!

WHAT? BMX Mania make a mistake? Well, yes, we did. Our long time "Partner In BMX Crime", Carl Lein, long time Media Man About BMX, Rad Racer and resident expert on things around British BMX gave us the word, for which we are most thankful, since we don't want to spread inaccuracies about the sport that we love!

Here tis the word from the man ..... "The plate shown is specifically for the East Region. Each region runs their own plate at the Brits (also differentiated by the number after the decimal place). Each region is designated by a number after the decimal; with the East Region being .3. That way they can figure out who is who when you have the number one rider from each region competing in the same heat (1.3, 1.4, 1.5, etc)."
Thanks, Carl, and Yippee Ki Yeah, and a big Wahoo, let's try this again......Everybody from the East Region who signs up for the British BMX Championships will be sportin' a sweet lookin' Crit Plate on their ride for the weekend like the one pictured above.

The event, hosted at the Birmingham BMX Club will take place  the 23rd,24th and 25th of August.

It ought to be a HOT weekend of BMX craziness in Manchester, GOOD LUCK to all and don't forget to pedal all the way to the finish line!

The British BMX Championships are coming to Birmingham BMX Club - 23rd, 24th, 25th August!




BMX RACING NEWS - Thursday/Friday - August 8/9, 2013

SE BMX's, Lukas Acuña Takes You On A Quick Tour Of Argentina Streets

Lukas Acuña on the Streets of Argentina from SE Bikes on Vimeo.





BMX RACING NEWS - Wednesday - August 7, 2013

McCollum Park Pro/Am Adds AWESOME Redline/Strider Deal!
The McCollum Park (Washington State) Pro/Am has picked up a cool add on for the State Championship Race fans who will be in attendance. All Strider Riders who sign up for the Strider Race of the day will be automatically entered in to a drawing for an awesome setup for graduating from their Strider to a nice Redline, bike, Pryme Helmet and RL uniform deal. PLUS, they'll get to see one of the BIGGEST Pro/Am races EVER with BIG BUCKS on the line

According to Race Organizer Extraordinaire, Here are a few of the riders that we have got confirmations on. Sam Willoughby, Connor Fields, Josh Oie, Nate Berkeimer, Riley Stair, Donny Robinson, Nick Koehler, Jordan Miranda, Tyler Brown, Jeff Upshaw, Austin Hiatt, Bryce Betts, LVO, Josh Klatman. Alise Post will be in attendance, cheering on Sam!

For more info, check out the Facebook Page!

Bike To School With J&R! gear calculator iPhone/Ipad app now available gear calculator iPhone/iPad app now available - by

Many years ago at we started to develop a gear chart and a gear calculator that could be used on the web, so no matter where you were, providing you had an internet connection and a browser, you could access them.

Of course they have changed somewhat, now the calculator produces an interactive gear chart, which sounds very complicated but couldn't be easier to use. Not only that though, the calculator can give you exact roll out for Tioga PowerBlock tires and many other popular tires. Since we use it a lot ourselves we are very proud of what we have been able to produce and how popular it is.

Every now and then, while at some tracks we found that internet connections on the phone were very slow making the gear calculator a little difficult to use. It's been a long time coming but you can finally have a copy of the gear calculator on your iPhone and/or iPad and not need an internet connection.

The app just went on sale at iTunes today and we already have great feedback. Check this out

"Just downloaded, the best $1.99 I have spent on BMX in years!! Many thanks!"

"Just got it easy to use well done"

"Great job on making this into an app."

Check it out:

If you haven't already seen the online version you can check it out here:




BMX RACING NEWS - Friday - August 2, 2013

2013 BMX World Champion - Auckland New Zealand
- Bronze Medalist "Time Trial" World Championships
- Gold Medalist "Racing" BMX World Championships