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archived news / April 2012


BMX Racing news - Monday - APRIL 30, 2012

Chase BMX/Tioga support USA Cycling BMX Junior Development Camps

Recently, USA Cycling BMX held the most recent edition of the Junior Development Camp Series. Tioga BMX and Chase BMX had joined on earlier this season to support the efforts of both USAC and the next breed of BMX'ers in America. J & R Bicycles also came aboard with supporting the top USA BMX series riders with a scholarship for the camp fee's.

13 riders in total made the trip out for the Camp and it was evident to all in attendance that the progression of future of BMX in America is very bright. Throughout the week, the riders have all been taught many different aspects of BMX racing and training, including Nutrition, Weights, Recovery, Dynamic Warm Ups, timed sprints, and more. The camp is overseen by Coaches Brian Fell and Jerry Bradford. The riders were also enlightened by Dr. Jason Richardson, who presented the riders with a seminar on mental preparedness and developing the brain for success in life and sports. Tyler Brown was on hand to give the riders tips each day as they rode on the Chula Vista Supercross track, as well as having help from resident BMX pros Connor Fields, Nic Long, & Mike Day.

The riders had 4 days with 8 sessions of practice to hone their skills on the SX track. On Friday morning, they took to the time trial format to get timed results of the hard work put in at the camp on the SX track. Sean Gaian had the fastest time for the Men, and Shaelen Reno was the quickest of the Women.

In just a short time period, the USAC Junior Development Camp series has had a huge impact on the improvement for the future of BMXers in the United States and the series looks to continue to push the riders to the best of their abilities for a long time to come.

The Riders at the camp in Jr Men: Sean Gain, Colin Hudson, Gavin Nelson, Walker Finch, Hunter Pelham, Taylor Stevens, Zac Jolicoeur, Caleb Minthorn, Josh Banuelos, Luke Roarty, and Kavin Bradner. Jr Women: Shalen Reno & Kendal Perez

Prizes were donated from Tioga, Chase BMX teams sponsors Kicker, ODI, Insight, Elevn, Excess, and Oakley.








BMX Racing news - weekend update - APRIL 28-29, 2012

BMX Mania Media Show / UCI BMX Supercross Norway!

Yeah, it's not a video. It's not a photo. It's a BMX Mania Media Show.

No words, just some music and lots of Kool Kidz on FAST BIKES.......In Norway!



To enter, click on the J&R ad above!

Troy Lee Designs/J&R Bicycles Custom D3 Carbon Helmet.








BMX Racing news - Thursday/Friday - APRIL 26-27, 2012

five minutes with marc willers!
BMX World Championship Contender: Marc Willers

A Corinne Walder vid from the 2012 UCI BMX World Championships in Birmingham, England!

Corinne Walder interviews New Zealand's, Marc Willers as he's healing up from a pretty violent meeting with the paving bricks in the first turn at UCI SX Norway. The guy's not only tough, but he's in the zone. Don't talk to Marc when you're at the big races, he blocks it all out and let's training take over.

He also has his sites set on a World Championship in Birmingham next month.








BMX Racing news - Tuesday - APRIL 22, 2012

Nine named to USA Cycling funded team for BMX SX World Cup #3

Colorado Springs, Colo. (April 16, 2012) -- USA Cycling is pleased to announce the roster of nine athletes it will send to round three of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Papendal, Netherlands, May 11-12. The Papendal World Cup will be held on the Dutch replica of the London Olympic BMX track.

The event will count toward the 2011-2012 UCI BMX Nations rankings; which as of May 28, 2012 will determine each nation’s number of start spots for the 2012 Olympic Games set for August 9-10 in London. The United States currently sits in second place in the men’s overall nations rankings and in second in the ladies,’ putting them in current position to send a full contingent of BMX athletes to the Games with three men and two women.

Five riders will make up the USA Cycling men’s funded team with the top three Americans in the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup rankings receiving automatic nominations. After winning the last three consecutive world cup events Connor Fields (Henderson, N.V./Chase BMX) will headline the team in Papendal. One of the U.S.’s most consistent riders David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Free Agent-Rockstar) will join 2008 Olympic silver medalist Mike Day (San Diego, Calif./GT Bicycles) on the squad as an automatic nominee. After earning the bronze at last summer’s BMX Olympic Test Event and World Cup #3 Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes) will join the funded team as a discretionary nominee, along with Barry Nobles (Menifee, Calif./DK Bicycles) who is coming off a strong performance at the Chula Vista World Cup.

Four talented ladies will make up the women’s funded team with the top two in the UCI Supercross BMX World Cup rankings earning automatic nominations. Currently ranked fourth and fifth respectively, USA Cycling BMX National Champion Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn./Redline) and 2011 Chula Vista World Cup winner Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX) will fill the automatic spots. Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Haro Bikes) and Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla./MCS Bicycles) will join the squad as discretionary nominees.

Bios for all of these Olympic hopeful athletes can be found online at

The Papendal Supercross BMX World Cup is open to all elite and junior-level championship class riders, born before 1995, that hold a USA Cycling BMX international license. Eligible riders can register for the Papendal event by logging on to their My USA Cycling account. Registration will close on April 30.

Find out more information on the UCI BMX Supercross World Cups via USA Cycling’s 2012 BMX Supercross World Cups webpage or the UCI’s BMX Supercross World Cups website.

2012 UCI BMX Supercross World Cups #3
Papendal, Netherlands – May 11-12

USA Cycling Funded Team:


  1. Connor Fields (Henderson, N.V./Chase BMX)*
  2. David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Free Agent-Rockstar)*
  3. Mike Day (San Diego, Calif./GT Bicycles)*
  4. Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes)
  5. Barry Nobles (Menifee, Calif./DK Bicycles)


  1. Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn./Redline)*
  2. Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX)*
  3. Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Haro Bikes)
  4. Amanda Geving (Largo, Fla./MCS Bicycles)

*automatic nominees





BMX Racing news - Monday - APRIL 21, 2012


What a fantastic weekend of racing, the HRVfitness riders were out in force at this year's BMX Australian Titles.

The newest edition to the team Tom Siinmaa was looking strong Thursday night in the final round of the National Chambikx series. But in the final Tom got tangled up in the first straight crashing and hurting his knee, putting him out for the rest of the weekend.

Jaden Rice was out to prove a point after a dominating 2010 and then losing both his World and Australian number 1 titles in 2011. Jaden has been working exceptionally hard this year to claim his title as the fastest 12 year old on the planet. When the gate dropped in the final Jaden was away and didn't look back, the big fella smashed the competition and came away with his second Australian title in 3 years.

With a nick name like "The Freak"¯ you better have some mad skills! That's exactly what you get when you are talking about Brandon "The Freak"¯ Te Hiko. Brandon was in fantastic form all day and when the gate hit the floor in the main Brandon turned on the power. The Freako was unstoppable and took out his third Australian number ONE in three years.

Well done to all the HRVfitness crew and the rest of the Victorian state team. A big congratulations goes out to Peter Rice, after a terrible string of bad luck Peter managed to with in both the 50 and over 20 inch and cruiser class. Well done.

Team HRVfitness: Tom Siinmaa, Brandon Te Hiko, Jaden Rice
Sponsors: HRVfitness, Speedco, Altegra, BMXpress, Max's, Sinz, THE

E.J. Dorrian BMX Clinics

E.J. Dorrian has been doing clinics at Pearland BMX in Houston, Texas and all around the state for five years. E.J.'s psyched to be able to help new and even more experienced riders thru his clinics and is also psyched about his new videos that he's making, check it all out here, explore his Facebook page, hit up a clinic and see what the fuss is about.

Alienation BMX, the best BMX rim manufacturer in the world of BMX Racing plans to blaze a new trail in BMX sponsorship with a Junior Elite contingency sponsorship program aimed at USABMX Pro Series races for 2012.

The Junior Elite Contingency Program was selected because the staff at Alienation BMX want to invest in the future of BMX and reward deserving BMX racers who are making a commitment to achieving at a level that will prepare them for a great future in BMX racing.

The program will take place at thirteen USABMX Pro Series/UCI points races across the United States from January to November.

Prize money will be allocated as follows, per event. Junior Men = 1st/$50 – 2nd/$40 – 3rd/$30 and Junior Women = 1st/$30 – 2nd/$20 – 3rd/$10.

To be eligible, riders must do the following.

1 - Each qualifying rider must be using Alienation BMX rims (Front & Back) on their bike.

2 – Send Alienation BMX a photo by email or Facebook of their bike and/or themselves at the race in question, preferably a podium shot. The photo should have the track, podium or a track sign with USABMX signage visible in the photo, confirming that the photo was taken during the national in question.

3 - They also should have an Alienation sticker on their bike in the following order of preference. (1/Number Plate … 2/On helmet or prominently displayed on their bike frame.)

4 – Your contingency payment will be verified by way of the official USABMX race results and  payments will be made quarterly by company check drawn on U.S. funds.

Here is the list of qualifying races for the Alienation BMX Junior Elite Contingency Program.

Alienation BMX Junior Elite

Contingency Program

Feb 10-12, 2012

USABMX Gator Nationals – Pro UCI Series

Oldsmar, FL

Mar 16-18, 2012

USABMX Super Nationals – Pro UCI Series

Desoto, TX

Mar 30-01, 2012

USABMX SoCal Nationals – Pro UCI Series

Chula Vista, CA

Mar 31-31, 2012

USA Cycling National Championship

Chula Vista, CA

Apr 20-22, 2012

USABMX Winter Nationals - Pro UCI Series

Phoenix, AZ

Jun 01-03, 2012

USABMX Music City Nationals - Pro UCI Series

Nashville, TN

Jun 29-01, 2012

USABMX Great Salt Lake Nationals - Pro UCI Series

South Jordan, Utah

Jul 06-08, 2012

USABMX Stars N Stripes Nationals - Pro UCI Series

Pittsburgh, PA

Jul 20-22, 2012

USABMX Midwest Nationals - Pro UCI Series

Rockford, IL

Aug 31-02, 2012

USABMX Bluegrass Nationals - Pro UCI Series

Louisville, KY

Oct 26-28, 2012

USABMX Disney Cup Fall Nationals - Pro UCI Series

Orlando, FL

Nov 22-25, 2012

USABMX Presidents Cup Race of Champions - Pro UCI Series

Tulsa, OK

Nov 22-25, 2012

USABMX USA BMX Grand National - Pro Series Final

Tulsa, OK

For stickers, email Jerry Landrum/Alienation BMX …




BMX Racing news - Friday - APRIL 20, 2012


New Frames, new attractive prices and new payment method!

Our Prophecy BMX website ( has just been updated with our new Prophecy BMX carbon frame in white color and 3K carbon finish, available in Pro XL, Pro, Expert XL and Junior sizes.

Many riders were looking forward this moment to be able to pass finally their order online….and we apologies for the delay.

So you should start to order right now if you want to be sure to get one because of limited quantities! The availability of this new frame will be the 24th of April from our USA stock (but already available from our European stock).

At the same time to celebrate our new color option frame, we have done a new price list in which you could find new attractive prices on all ours frames!!!!


Only 599.95USD for Scud carbon frame Junior and Expert XL sizes black edition (Pro size is at 649.95USD).

Only 699.95USD for the new Scud carbon frame Junior and Expert XL sizes white color edition for the (Pro and ProXL sizes are at 799.95USD). Impossible to find better on the market!

And compare to last year, we have improved and developed our payment method. We propose you a new option for your payment in additional to Paypal with now the possibilities to pay by Credit card safely with security and confidentiality of all your information (Payment solution Mer@net from BNP Paribas: A customer advantage!)

So if you want to be like Joey Bradford or Moana Moo-Caille riding an exclusive high-technology carbon frame, go online to book it right now!

Order online directly on:

Vincent Pelluard BMX Light Session Video

Need a reason to just go ride your bike? After you watch this awesome video from French BMX Pro, Vincent Pelluard, that's exactly what you'll want to do! One of the best BMX Race videos EVER!!!!!



BMX Racing news - Wednesday - APRIL 18, 2012

Bubba Harris To Look For New Sponsor!

From, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, himself.....Bad Bubba! Check it out sports fans!

I just wanted to let the BMX community know that Supercross BMX and I have decided to part ways.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Supercross Team and family for giving me a great home for the past few years.

Supercross BMX has some of the best and most technologically advanced products out there and being able to race and ride them has been amazing.

I have no plans as of yet and have no idea where the future will take me. I do know that I feel better on my bike than I have in years and plan on adding to my list of accomplishments.

Again, I would like to thank Bill Ryan and my former teammates for all the support they have shown me.

My career is not even close to being finished and I look forward to my next race. See you in Phoenix. - Bubba Harris








BMX Racing news - Tuesday - APRIL 17, 2012


Hey, Sorry to anyone who showed up here at and actually thought that they'd see some BMX Racing News, since Sunday morning! Seems that poor 'ol Jerry Mania had to stay up all night Saturday after the SX race in Randaberg, Norway, then start getting ready at 0300, get all packed to fly, drive the rental car to the airport, leave it in it's little return place, go check in with Delta Airlines, fly to Amsterdam at 0600, fly to Detroit at 1000AM, layover in DTW until 330PM and then fly in to good old home place at 5PM.

Can you say.......Jet Lag?????? Well, we can here in Maniaville! Mania hit the sack, EARLY Sunday evening and got up LATE Monday morning, speaking in languages that have no meaning and feeling like Maris Strongbad manualled across my head on his way to pick up his morning Starbucks! So, we're kinda light on the news Monday, but don't worry, we'll be back at it this week in full force! In the meantime, check out this slick little video piece below from Sarah Walker96, with some great GoPro video of the UCI Norway track. Good job, Sarah, you rockn' BMX video chick, you!

Sarah Walker GoPro Video From UCI SX Norway!
Slap a GoPro video camera on Sarah Walker, ace BMX pilot from New Zealand, and this is what you get. Five minutes of cool video! BMX Mania Approved!








BMX Racing news - weekend update - APRIL 13-15, 2012

Connor Fields & Caroline Buchanan Double On The Weekend!
It was a WILD day at the UCI SX in Norway. Check out the action on the BMX Mania Race Report Page!

The Elite Men's final at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Norway was SOOOOOO close, it took a photo finish from TS Timing to make the call. Team USA's, Connor Fields (Left) had a solid lead after powering in to turn one ahead of the pack despite a strong first straight challenge by Australia's, Sam Willoughby (Right). Sam poured on the power over the next three straightaway's to shock the packed house as he caught Connor RIGHT AT THE FINISH LINE!

Originally, as the racers rolled to a stop, everyone glanced up at the TS Timing stats on the jumbo-tron and the word on the screen was "Willoughby in 1st" resulting in hugs all around for Sam, his girlfriend, Alise Post and other well wishers. After further review of the PhotoFinish official computer timing photo, it was announced that upon further review the finish line shot identified Fields as the winner by a very small margin! Connor exploded with joy as he notched another big win that began three weeks ago with his Superfinal Time Trial win and hasn't been broken since......Four For Four!

In the Elite Women's Final, Caroline Buchanan (AUS) brought down the house with a very similar race that saw her WAY behind in the first turn only to power to a HUGE 'come from behind' win over a very speedy Magalie Pottier (FRA).

For more from the SX mayhem, check out the BMX Mania UCI BMX SX Norway Race Report Page.......Click on the photo above to be transported magically to the BMX craziness!

Fields & Buchanan Win Time Trials Superfinal In Norway!
Congratulations, Connor Fields & Caroline Buchanan!
read more on the bmx mania race report page.....Click on the podium to go there!

Chase BMX Elite Rider Connor Fields takes another win at the UCI BMX Supercross - Round #2 Super Final Time Trail

Randaberg, Norway: Friday the 13th is always one of the days people with superstitions are cautious of, but one person who threw caution to the wind was Connor Fields.

Having just come off the biggest race weekend of his life on March 31- April 1st, there was no fooling around who was the best rider in BMX in Chula Vista.

Connor won the Time Trail, Super Final, Elite Men's title, and then went on to win the USA Cycling Elite Mens National Championship.

Coming into Round #2 of the UCI BMX Supercross series, it seems Connor is still the rider that everyone is talking about and on Friday the 13th, he sure did give them plenty to talk about.

Once again, Connor was the fastest rider in the Time Trials and then went on to once again win the Super Final!

With the Chula Vista and the Randaberg tracks being completely opposite in the style of riding needed to be the top rider on each, it shows the huge range of skills that the young rider for Las Vegas holds.

Connor looks to keep the momentum rolling as he enters tonights head to head racing in Randaberg, Norway. You can watch all the racing action live at and see how Connor finished up the weekends event.

Chase BMX is proud to sponsor Connor Fields and would like to thank all of the team sponsors: Elevn Racing, Tioga, Excess, Shimano, Insight, Fly Racing, Thomson, Kingstar, Kicker, Oakley, and ODI.

Chase BMX is proud to support USA Cycling and the Junior Development Racing Program and Camp series.






BMX Racing news - Wednesday/Thursday - APRIL 11-12, 2012

Supper is over here in Norway and BMX Mania is all snuggled in with a warm drink and an even warmer computer, ready to get some UCI BMX SX Norway photos posted from the Men's and Women's practice sessions at the UCI SX race here in Randaberg. So check it out, it may take a few minutes for us to get them all online, but if you check back, you can view shot after shot of red hot race action. Click above, you won't be sorry you did!

Shanaze Reade Pre-Worlds video Profile

More BMX Racing Videos on MPORA.

Track Photos From Wednesday are being posted to the bmx mania, uci SX norway race report page!

BMX Excitement At The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Randaberg, Norway

Track Photos From Wednesday are now being posted on the BMX Mania, UCI SX Norway Race Report Page! click on the photo above to head on over!

Joris Daudet, GT Factory Team Profile
French BMX Pro, Joris Daudet, had a great year in 2011. He got picked up by GT BMX and he won a Metric Ton of BMX races and titles. Check out his GT PROfile, here on BMX Mania.



BMX Racing news - Tuesday - APRIL 11, 2012


Hey! Lookout, Norway, Jerry Mania's On The Road! Yeppers....It's UCI Supercross BMX World Cup Time in Norway and BMX Mania is on the plane headin' that way.

Keep it here over the next couple of days and in to this weekend for some photos, some words and some Red Hot BMX Race Action from the UCI SX Races! See you there!!!!! - Jmania

Chase BMX's, Connor Fields Turns In HUGE Weekend In Chula Vista!

Connor Fields had the weekend dreams are made of in Chula Vista for Round #1 of the UCI BMX Supercross series, where he won everything there was to win.

uci sx Time Trial.....As Connor is currently ranked #1 in the World, he would be the last rider to go off in the Time Trial. He started off by winning the time trial event with over 150 riders going for the top 64 to qualify for the race and the SuperFinal. Not only did Connor take the top spot in the Time Trials, but he set a new track record for the Chula Course when he crossed the line. The SuperFinal is the top 16 riders of the days time trail. Connor once again was the last one to go and the result was the same, as he was the fastest rider on course and took the win!

UCI SX Race Day.....On Saturday, race day, Connor would go on to win just about every lap on his way to the final, and would meet up with the 7 fastest riders in the World when it came time for the gate to drop, Marris Strombergs (latvia – Free Agent/RockStar) would grab the early lead going into the first turn, but Connor dove under him in the turn coming out with the lead and didn’t look back for the rest of the lap. This marks Connors 2nd win the on the UCI SX circuit, a feat accomplished by only a few riders on this world tour.

USA Cycling National Championships.....On Sunday, it was time for the best of the USA Elite riders to go head to head for the USA Cycling National Championships. Once again, Connor was the stand out of the day, winning every lap on the track but one on the way to the final. As the final racked up in the gate, Connor was looking to take this lap from start to finish, and he did just that when the Pro Gate dropped. Connor took the win, with Nic Long (Haro/TLD) and David Herman (Free Agent/Rock Star) finishing 3rd. This was Connors first attempt at the Elite National Championship.

Connor will now get ready for Round #2 of the UCI SX Series that kicks off on April 13th in Norway.

Thanks to all the people who support Connor and the Chase BMX team including Fly Racing, Shimano, Tioga, Elevn Racing, Excess Wheels, ODI, Thomson, Kicker, USA Cycling, Mike King, & Sean Dwight.

Photos by Craig “Stikman” Glaspell




BMX Racing news - Monday - APRIL 9, 2012

Help Arielle Martin-Verhaaren Battle Breast Cancer!

BMX Superwoman, Arielle Martin-Verhaaren of Team USA BMX fame has donated some Nike Dri Fit sports bras to auction off to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

All proceeds will be going to a breast cancer foundation which supports research and promotes awareness of breast cancer.

According to Arielle, "Lots of my fellow U.S. Olympic Training Center athletes are participating. You can bid until Apr 14. Would be cool to get BMX to the top of the list!"

To get your bid in, CLICK HERE to get in on the action and support Arielle's efforts to support breast cancer awareness and research.

J&R Specials This Week For BMX Maniacs!
Get ready for BMX Gold at J&R!

The BMX Crazies over at J&R have some hot specials goin' on this week for ya. The Olympics are right around the corner, make sure you and your bike are ready for the celebration!




BMX Racing news - weekend update - APRIL 6-8, 2012

Get Well Wishes From The Redline Family To Jelle Van Gorkom

Jelle Van Gorkom, #37, crashed hard at the recent Supercross race in Chula Vista, suffering a concussion, broken ribs and bruised lungs.

He was air lifted from the track and has been recovering in the hospital in San Diego this week.

Jelle is an important member of the Redline family and employees from the company put together and signed this jumbo ‘Get Well Soon’ card for him to show how much we appreciate his hard work and dedication.

We hope Jelle will be back on the track soon.

Redline ‘Girl Power’ leads the way in Chula Vista

Well, the guys did pretty well also. But it was Magalie Pottier of France and Alise Post of the US who stood atop the winner’s podium for Redline and their respective countries following Saturday and Sunday’s main events. Saturday's Supercross event saw nearly 50 of the top women riders from around the world line up for the season opener. Magalie won all of her opening rounds and Alise led most of her early heats as well. But in the final, it was Magalie who fought off multiple charges from the competition to win her first World Cup victory. Alise finished fourth in the final as the second highest placed US rider. 

Sunday’s racing stayed on the big track for the USA Cycling National Championships. Featuring only the best US riders, it was each Olympic Team prospect’s chance to show their stuff in true head to head competition. Like Saturday, reigning 2011 National Champion Alise Post was dominant in the early rounds, but at the end of the day she rode away from the field to win the final in a commanding fashion.  

In Friday’s time trial event, both girls rode well but just missed the podium. Magalie Pottier missed third place by 4/100th  of a second and after qualifying in second, Alise Post finished in 6th place approximately 8/10th  of a second off of winner Caroline Buchanan’s time.

 In the men’s time trial it was Canada’s Tory Nyhaug who led the charge for Redline finishing in fourth place just missing the podium by just over 1/10th of a second. Australian Sam Willoughby finished a strong sixth place just 4/100th of a second behind Tory.  

As with the women, Saturday was the main event for the approximately 150 riders who travelled from around the globe to earn World Cup points and spots on their respective Olympic teams. There were no easy groupings or motos all day long. Each heat was raced all the way to the finish line with multiple photo finishes throughout the day. The level of competition is simply through the roof. Despite the fact that Redline stars like Denzel Stein and Ramon Van der Beizen were eliminated in the semi’s, Redline had three of its riders in the final including Sam Willoughby, Tory Nyhaug and Hollands Twan Van Gent. The final was a great race with race fans both holding their breath as well as cheering at the top of their lungs. In the end our man Sam took a close 2nd  place, Tory Nyhaug took 5th and Twan Van Gent took 6th . A super-fantastic start to a most important Supercross season for our Redline riders.

To round out the weekend, Denzel Stein turned in a rock solid performance in the USA Cycling Championships. Denzel consistently finished in 2nd and 3rd place in the opening rounds and at the end of the day took a well deserved 6th place in the final.

To wrap up the Elite riders, a special shout-out goes out to Redline Rider Jelle Van Gorkam of Holland who went down hard in the Semi’s and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Jelle suffered a punctured lung as well as some other internal injuries. All of his Redline family wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the track soon.

One hundred yards away from the Supercross track, the BMX world was busy and at work with the So Cal Nationals and USA Cycling Collegiate Nationals. As usual, Redline had a strong contingent of riders competing including AM#1 Josh Klatman, A-Pro Elliot McGrath as well as Redline Regional Development Team riders from Florida based Redline/M1, Texas based ORP, and California based Redline/Bike Alley and Redline/Challenge.

Friday’s racing got off to a great start with AM#1 Josh Klatman winning the Mens 19-27 Expert race and Stile Industries/Redline rider Elliott McGrath winning the A-Pro race. Zaithyel Soakandar of Redline/M1 also started the weekend off right with a 2nd in class and a 1st in Open in the 14 expert class.

Saturday was USA Cycling BMX Championships where Redline/Bike Alley rider Jordan Nopens took a silver medal in 15 girls while Redline Challenge rider Dahvin Childs took a bronze medal in 11 Expert class.

Sunday was the final day of the So Cal National and saw Zaithyel Soakandar of Redline/M1 win both the class and open events in 14 Expert as well as AJ Saldivar of Redline Challenge winning the 10 Expert class.

And no Redline race report would be complete without at least one paragraph about the ‘tip of the Redline spear’ Jason Carnes. As always the Redline compound was stocked with food and drinks for the riders, trainers for their warm-ups and all the gear our riders could ever require. Race fans had the chance to see all of the latest Redline race bikes on display and ask questions and get autographs. And in-between Jason keeping all that going, he was out doing us proud on the race track winning yet another USA Cycling National Champions jersey.

Redline riders are now off to their next events – Jason Carnes is in full Redline Flight School mode doing a number of clinics in California and the Western US, our Elite riders are off to Randaberg, Norway, for the next UCI Supercross, and we hope to see many of you at Redmond, Oregon, or Phoenix, Arizona later this month.

Text – Redline

Photos – Gork, Jerry Landrum





BMX Racing news - Thursday - APRIL 5, 2012

Domingos Lammoglia Completes Brazil Race Tour!




BMX Racing news - Wednesday - APRIL 4, 2012

Face Time With Chase BMX's Connor Fields

ESPN Action Sport's, Pat Nugent hustled up a nice little video interview with the winner of last weekend's UCI BMX SX race, Connor Fields.

Connor chats up his injury last season, how he almost quit BMX this past year and what he figures is going to be his future......maybe a little trip to London in August? We'll see, but he's lookin' good with his BIG win in Chula Vista.

Connor's on the gas, check it out, you want to know.

Check out this link (CLINK HERE) for more from Fast Pat on ESPN Action Sports.

Tangent Factory Team Video

Riders included in the video were Riley Stair - Elite Men, Josh Oie - Elite Men, Kevin Shankel - A Pro, Jacob Abbe - 15X, Peyton Allen - 11X and the Video Guy doin' all of this brilliance is Jake Crumley.



BMX Racing news - Tuesday - APRIL 3, 2012


This weekend sees the clocks go forward in the UK and the start of BST. BST? British Summer Time? No - Bicycle Shredding Time!! The official start to the BMX season comes when light nights begin and what better time to get your BMX engine revving than issue 7 of 2024 BMX magazine.

Cook up some frites with mayonnaise, grab a mug of beer and crank up the DJ Otzi as we get up close and personal with Roger Rinderknecht and Jelle Van Gorkom, two stalwarts of the Euro BMX scene as they give us the low down on injuries, long bikes and the run up to London 2012. John Sawyer gives us a Stateside view on BMX in the sunshine state and Ssquared Bikes.

Most of the race action is from the long winter with history being made with the first indoor Supercross races in the UK from Manchester plus the first two rounds of the UK national series. We ventured further afield too with trips to Caen in France and Kortrijk in Belgium for those popular Euro indoor races (and a chocolate crepe or three!) whilst over in Florida our US men in the field Jerry Landrum and Carl Lein enjoyed a hot dog or four at the ABA Gator Nationals in Oldsmar.

And if that's not enough, we have our usual array of news, reviews, trackside gossip and rider columns. Our cup runneth over

Issue 7 2024 Bicycle Motocross Magazine on sale now!

Available direct from 2024. Order yours through Paypal by sending your payment to:

Issue 7 posted within the UK - £6.00

Issue 7 posted to Europe - £8.00

Issue 7 posted to USA & ROW - £10.00

Issue 7 will be on sale at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester this weekend, Round 3 of the British BMX Series