2008 ABA Super National

USAC BMX National Championship

March 28 - 30, 2008 ..... Desoto, Texas ..... METROPLEX BMX

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Redline Day 1 Race Report - Friday-Super Nationals Day 1 - SATURDAY-USAC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - Photo Gallery - Challenge Class Champions



Elite Men

Elite Women

Junior Men

Junior Women


1 Kyle Bennett 2 Danny Caluag

3 Donny Robinson 4 Jason Richardson

5 Joey Bradford 6 Jarrett Kolich

7 Alan Hudson 8 Barry Nobles


1 Jill Kintner 2 Arielle Martin

3 Stephanie Barragan 4 Amanda Geving

5 Kim Hayashi 6 Afton Schrimpf

7 Madison Pitts 8 Rachael Luna

1 Denzel Stein 2 Logan Collins

3 Jake Trevino 4 Trevor Morley

5 Riley Stair 6 Jake Peebles

7 Jacob Sharrah 8 Sean Lechner

1 Terra Nichols 2 Shelby Long

3 Alise Post 4 Samantha Bretheim

5 Courtney Applewhite 6 Brittany Bates

Photo Note - #1 & #2 didn't show up for the podium presentation, so Here's Alise! (How Cute!)

1 Kenth Fallen 2 John Purse

3 Tim Dinger 4 Mike Gul

5 Chris Ham 6 Justin Wheat

7 Chad Street 8 Paul Caldwell 

USAC National Championships Photo Gallery From BMX Mania Photog, Derek Novaes!


From left, it's Chief Engineer, Rich Montalvo, and right, Adam Gonzalez. Tim Dinger lookin' over his shoulder.
BMX Mania shootin' MJT shootin KB! When Kyle's out in front EVERY ONE gets a good shot! David Herman represented Intense/Bawls incredibly well today! However, during his semi he slid out in the last turn while in a transfer spot! Great riding David! Elite Women's Intensity! - With Arielle Martin showing a true presence all day on the track, Jill Kintner (Above) needed to pull a near perfect lap to pull off a win. She indeed pulled the perfect lap! Speaking of Arielle, here she is looking ready for a run for the 2008 Olympics, but in the meantime, she pushed Jill to the brink! NOTE: Promise is a promise Arielle! Bubba Harris continues his return with a very strong day in Desoto, just missed the Elite main, but was always in the hunt and riding hard! Joey Bradford not only races, but he also thinks outside the box by helping others with his fund! A true professional! And yes, he can also ride a GT bike pretty well too! Rachel Smith of BAWLS is always so willing to help your low energy issues! Just ask and you too can go hard like her, after you have a drink of course! If you happen to have caught the race action on GO211.com, this is the braintrust behind your viewing! This is some hard work, setting up and manning the cameras and tons of wires! These guys rock!
Eric Rupe showed at Desoto with his second prototype GT Carbon. Rupe also looked great after his crash in Reno. Plus, we found out that Eric has a strong interest in "pirates!" Learn something everyday! Liam Phillips of CRUPI coming all the way from England, gave local hero Denzel Stein a good run! In one of the most exciting moves all weekend, in the USAC Master Class main event, while coming out the second turn, Chad Street crashed and Tim Dinger, pulls a bunny hop right over Chad and pulls off a third place! You've got more skills than Napoleon Dynamite!


Boys 5&6: Reese Patterson (Fort Worth, Texas) Girls 7: Riley Elkin (Houston, Texas) Boys 12 & Under:Hunter Lelham (Woodlands, Texas) Girls 12 & Under: Amy McIntyre (San Antonio, Texas)
Boys 7: Trey Marker (Pearland, Texas) Girls 8: Anna Johnson (Garland, Texas) Boys 13 & 14: Nathan Padilla (Lakewood, Calif.) Girls 13 & 14: Carly Dyar (Gilbert, Ariz.)
Boys 8: Shayne Lewis (Chula Vista, Calif.) Girls 9: Jenee Madrid (Belen, N.M.) Boys 15 & 16: Connor Fields (Henderson, N.V.) Girls 15& 16: Doninique Daniels (Austin, Texas)
Boys 9: Vaughn Herrick (Conroe, Texas) Girls 10: Lexa Jones (Hayesville, Kan.) Men 17-24: Jamarcus White (Austin, Texas) Women 17-24: Bridget Walter (Topeka, Kan.)
Boys 10: Christopher Blevins (Durango, Colo.) Girls 11: Rachel Hopperdietzel (Rapid City, S.D.) Men 25-29: Chris Williams (San Antonio, Texas) Women 25-29: Jennifer Kasper (Albequerue, N.M.)
Boys 11: Brock Heffron (Gilbert, Ariz.) Girls 12: Kristen Long (Lakeside, Calif.) Men 30-34:Doug Crowell (Kyle, Texas) Women 30-34: Amy Hermann
Boys 12: Sean Gaian (Santee, Calif.) Girls 13: Shayona Glynn (Norco, Calif.) Men 35-39: Jim Wahl (Lincoln, Neb.) Women 35-39: Michelle Enriquez (Long Beach, Calif.)
Boys 13: Rickie Griffis (Orange, Calif.) Girls 14: Carly Dyar (Gilbert, Ariz.) Men 40-44: Cody Smart (Houston, Texas) Women 40-44: Susan Van Ness (North Glenn, Colo.)
Boys 14: Rusty Nesvig (San Diego, Calif.) Girls 15: Taylor Wolcott (Roseville, Calif.) Men 45+: Eric Rupe (Chatsworth, Calif.) Women 45+: Pamela Hassan (Pendleton, S.C.)
Boys 15: Billy Russell (Desoto, Texas) Girls 16:Lauren Padilla (Lakewood, Calif.)    
Boys 16: Connor Fields (Henderson, N.V.) Women 17+: Frances Garcia (Albuquerque, N.M.)    
Men 17-24: Jamarcus White (Austin, Texas) Men 25-29: Chris Williams (San Antonio, Texas)    
Men 30+: Doug Crowell (Kyle, Texas)      
Masters: Kenth Fallen (Albuquerque, N.M.)      

Team Redline Tears It UP At ABA Supernationals!

Photos by Derek Novaes/BMXmania.com

DeSoto, TX: For the first time in BMX history, the ABA (American Bicycle Association) is teaming up with USA Cycling - to hold this years' highly important USAC BMX National Championships (i.e. the one race of the year where the winner takes the stars 'n bars jersey - as well as some precious points toward Olympic team qualification).

Of course, Team REDLINE is hoping to make a little bit of BMX history of their own, here at Denzel Stein's hometrack of Metroplex BMX - the USA's first city-funded covered arena funded by hotel tax dollars.

For home crowd favorite DENZEL STEIN, the rookie pro of the year nominee, a top finish in single-A pro would bump him over the $3000 mark and turn him in to a major leaguer, And with 4 to 6 bike length leads every time he got on the track, there was pretty much no one close to stopping him in his quest for victory. After going 1-1-1 in the motos,followed by 1-1-1 in the mains, please give a big round of applause to ABA's newest AA-pro; "The People's Champ!"

And speaking of AA-pro: Redline's top gun by the name of BUBBA HARRIS, was back in his grove and found his way back to the podium - putting the crowd on its feet with his first-turn swoops. Bubba's the first to admit that his first straight still isn't where it should be, but he also joked "I think these guys forgot how I can take turns."

Apparantly so; as in every main event, Bub' was seen going from the back of the pack straight to the front. In main one, it was 8 to 3, only to get passed by Danny C down the next straight. Scribble our hero down for a 4th. In main two, Harris had lane 8 and blasted from dead-last to 2nd, and held on to it all the way. Now with 6 points going in to the final main event, Bubba was sitting 2nd in points and was coming out of lane 3.

With Cristian Becerine in the lead, Bubba was sitting good and made his patented swoop to the front and began working his magic thru the rhythm section. A third place and 9 points for the day was just enough to put the 3-time ABA Pro Champ back on the podium for the second race in a row.

With Saturday's action being the USAC National Champs, 17 year old Denzel will be taking on the Junior Elite, while Bubba will be hoping to improve his USAC ranking by 1 ... last year, he took 2nd in Waterford. This year, he's hoping to swoop his way in to a stars' bars jersey! 

On Sunday; the World will get to see how this years' Rookie sensation ca hang with the best in BMX - in the AA ranks, Will Denzel's zero-to-30 in 4.3 seconds horsepower take him straight to the front of AA? Can he do what no other rookie has ever done in their AA debut? You'll have to tune back in to RedlineBicycles,com on Sunday (or BMXmania) to find out.


Friday - ABA Super National Pro Results

 AA Pro 1 Danny Caluag 2 Donny Robinson 3 Bubba Harris 4 David Herman 5 Jarrett Kolich 6 Steven Cisar 7 Mike Day 8 Cristian Becerine

 Girl Pro 1 Alise Post 2 Dominique Daniels 3 Amanda Geving 4 Stephanie Barragan 5 Rachael Luna 6 Terra Nichols 7 Toni Rude 8 Cassie Bushnell

Vet Pro 1 Kenth Fallen 2 Tim Dinger 3 Chad Street 4 John Purse 5 Jason Carnes 6 Chris Ham 7 Justin Wheat 8 Mike Gul

 A Pro 1 Denzel Stein 2 Liam Phillips 3 Kris Fox 4 Travis Ohrazda 5 Matt Kelty 6 Logan Collins 7 John Miller 8 Jason Egbert

 Pro Cruiser 1 Tyler Brown 2 Kenth Fallen 3 Mike Gul 4 Brandon Thomas 5 Michael Kilpatrick 6 Danny Caluag


Friday Photo Gallery

BMX Mania Photos by Derek Novaes

Danny Caluag showed those in attendance why he was the ABA National Number 1 AA Pro! Danny battled in all three mains with a 3rd, 1st and a 4th and beating Donny by a single point! Donny Robinson had a big day in AA Pro with a big fat 2nd, Friday, and hopes for a USAC National #1, Saturday! Kenth Fallen fought all day for his top spots in Vet Pro with riders like Chad Street and Tim Dinger chasing his Supercross. A much earned win by Kenth!
Not sure if home track advantage was the cause, but Denzel Stein is now a AA Pro after an unbelievable performance. If it was lane 1 or lane 8, Denzel was on fire today! BMXMania.com was very well represented in Desoto by Kris Lundgren, with a 1st in Cruiser and 3rd in Class! Mikey Day was consistent as ever! Somehow maintains pressure on the riders in front of him. Mr. Consistent! Riley Stair of Tangent/Bawls seemed to battle the track elements more than usual this weekend. Luckily, he finished the day off with staying upright on his bike throught the mains! Much like her fellow #1 AA Pro, Alise also demonstrated how a champion must maintain her status! Alice managed to ride hard in all three mains with new upcoming star Dominique Daniels in hot pursuit!
      With four spots up for grabs in the semi, things got a little tight in the first turn. Bubba's already huge body somehow just got bigger, helping him snag a spot in the main event and eventually earning a 3rd place overall.