JULY 11-13, 2008


Late Breaking Sunday News....Khalen Young Doubles In Roseville!


Khalen Young picked up a BIG win in the ABA on Saturday. Nice Job, K.Y.!

Results to be posted, as available.


Saturday Pro Results

AA Pro - 1 Khalen Young 2 Steven Cisar 3 Jarrett Kolich 4 Barry Nobles 5 David Herman 6 Mike Brabant 7 Randy Stumpfhauser 8 Denzel Stein

Girl Pro - 1 Alise Post 2 Dominique Daniels 3 Stephanie Barragan 4 Mary Liyun 5 Terra Nichols 6 Brittany Bates 7 Stephanie Higgins 8 Cassie Bushnell

Vet Pro - 1 Kenth Fallen 2 Dale Holmes 3 Chad Street 4 John Purse 5 Mike Gul 6 Robert Harris 7 Jason Silva 8 Shawn O'Gorman

A Pro - 1 Mike Larson 2 Gavin Lubbe 3 Justin McClintock 4 Travis Ohrazda 5 Justin Wike 6 Karl Clark 7 Trevor Mead 8 Deak Brown


Dominique Daniels and Alice Post duked it out all weekend, the young girls have proven the boys that they too race hard. Tangent/Bawls ride, Riley Stair took advantage of his home track status! Think you have seen plyometrics? Not until you have searched Joey Bradford on and see him jump on a stack of boxes as high as himself! Amazing stuff. A few years back this guy, James Starks, was racing intermediate. Today his is sitting at NAG 1 in 31-35 Cruiser, by the looks of his skills, we know why! Jordan Nopens of VRP Racing not only won, but solidified her lead in Girls National Number 1 standings! Action Sports Depot's own Billy "Brutal" Anderson represented his sponsors with major pull in Roseville!


Travis Ohrazda took a mind blowing spill in Prunedale a few weeks back. Judging by his riding, it has had no affect on him.
  Brandon Smith, out of Utah pulls a killer manual on the second straight and some great finishes! Smooth Criminal, Randy S! Always smooth! Semi local rider from Truckee, Ca., Michael Larson continues to make strides in A pro! Wonder why Oak Creek BMX has its name?? Take a peek at the awesome background. If you have been around BMX awhile you'll know a gal by the name of Cheri Elliot! Well, the genes are good, this is her brother Kent Elliot making a name for himself in 36 Expert! In one of the smoothest saves of the weekend, Connor Fields managed to stay upright off the doubles in the first turn after nearly going over the bars(see the dirt trails).    
Bill Ryan at Supercross BMX must be proud his Vet Pro Kenneth Fallon, always a gentlemen off the track and beast on the track! Steven Cisar and Barry Nobles tangle up in the first turn. Guess who lost out? Denzel Stein! In one of my biggest surprises, Barry Nobles, seems to have turned the corner in AA and is making a huge name for himself. David Archibald, a staple in the cruiser community, with his win this afternoon has surpassed Kory Cook for the lead in the National Cruiser Standings. Old guys can pedal too folks!


Wanna turn A Pro? Get ready for some cozy and uncomfortable riding! GHP's Mike Larson managed to pull away from the mess! It's become a tradition at Roseville to host side hack races. Kids of all ages come out, here are the youngest of them all, The Barrette Brothers; Scott and some guy named gOrk. Good times, great racing and incredible crashes! Look at this shot, this is just a moto, any day these guys could fill a main event!