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The ABA Fallnationals/Disney Cup for 2008 was a BMX Amusement Park for BMXers who showed up to race for the Sliver Cup. The Sliver Spurs Arena is an air conditioned facility on the 120 acre Osceola Heritage Park.


When the ABA rolls in to town, they bring the RIG along with them. A complete office, 'venue wide' internet capabilities, walk up registration windows and a shaded 'ABAwear' area to pick up your race goodies. There're always vendors at the races, but Profile Racing, makers of some of the best high quality parts in BMX, motored over from the west coast of Florida to set up shop and send out the Team to race some Disney Cup. Another Florida Standard, it's J&R Bicycles, one of the biggest BMX Racing parts dealers in the country. J&R were dealin' parts at the Disney Cup for broken down racers and folks lookin' for a good deal. Morphine Industries, an upcoming biz that makes lots of parts and soft goods was making the scene with a new hot team. Redline was in the house with lots of product on display. Redline is always a good place for the pros to hang out.



Josh Meyer's Dad, Big Bob, get's PRANKED!

     The Disney Cup was the 1st race back for 2 time ABA AA Champ and UCI Men's World champ, Warwick Stevenson. What's "The Warlock" been up to.

     Warwick and his wife Sarah make their home in Illinois where Sarah is studying in the medical field. Podge is the Manager of a successful  Bally's gym.

     With not being on the track regularly for a season, Warwick had no expectations to be beating the pack, but loved being back at the races, takin' laps, being with friends and BMXin'.

     Future? Warwick loves his wife, loves his job and he loves his BMX. Warwick's got a bike and he's a man with a love of the sport. We'll see him on the track. Whether you're in first, or makin' the effort to BE in first....That's a good thing! - Warwick's a good thing.

Turns Pro

     Popular Super Fast Expert, Josh Meyers made the jump to pro on Sunday and promptly won all three Main Events.

     Not bad for a rookie! If Josh keeps this pace up, he'll be AA in just a few races. Look out for Meyers to rock the ROC and ABA Grands over Thanksgiving.

     Josh's Dad, and Kris Kristofferson 'look alike', Big Bob promptly celebrated by pranking Michelle Posey, while unknowingly getting pranked hizself! NICE, Bob!

Sam & Sifiso Denzel's best of times,          
Go to the Big City!

     Two of the hottest riders on the international circuit, Sam Willoughby and Sifiso Nhlapo showed up at the Disney Cup on Friday to try their hand at a little ABA racing.

     It's quite different and it's took these two World Known Peddlers a bit to catch on to the super quik ABA gate as opposed to the slower, more deliberate UCI Random Gate.

     Didn't take em long. Moto fill on Day 1 & 2, break out main event appearance for BOTH of the boys on Day 3.

worst of times.

     Redline's, Denzel Stein was ON FIRE on at the Disney Cup. Friday, he could do no wrong as he PULVERIZED the competition with a BIG win in AA.

     Saturday, he went down in the last turn, tangled up with a rider and bike and came out with a badly sprained ankle, putting him OUT for the rest of the weekend.





AA Pro - 1 Barry Nobles 2 David Herman 3 Khalen Young 4 Kyle Bennett 5 Carlos Oquendo 6 Jason Rogers 7 Sam Willoughby 8 Sifiso Nhlapo

Girl Pro - 1 Dominique Daniels 2 Alise Post 3 Arielle Martin 4 Stephanie Barragan 5 Terra Nichols 6 Amanda Geving 7 Madison Pitts 8 Kim Hayashi

Vet Pro - 1 Kenth Fallen 2 Dale Holmes 3 Chad Street 4 John Purse 5 Tim Dinger 6 Cesar Acevedo 7 Paul Caldwell 8 Percy Owens

A Pro - 1 Josh Meyers 2 Jim Brown 3 Matt Tischler 4 Corey Reid 5 Thomas Fernandez 6 Pat Lebel 7 Fausto Endara 8 Sergio Salazar

Pro Cruiser - 1 Danny Caluag 2 Tyler Brown 3 Barry Nobles 4 Billy Anderson 5 Eric Rupe 6 Joe Mathis 7 Matt Baisley 8 Domingos Lammoglia




Pro Results

Dominique sends a message...2 out of 3! - - - - - Danny takes two 2day!

AA Pro - 1 Danny Caluag 2 David Herman 3 Kyle Bennett 4 Khalen Young 5 Jason Rogers 6 Jeff Upshaw 7 Travis Ohrazda 8 Jason Richardson

Girl Pro - 1 Dominique Daniels 2 Arielle Martin 3 Amanda Geving 4 Stephanie Barragan 5 Kayla Gaddis 6 Madison Pitts 7 Terra Nichols 8 Kim Hayashi

Vet Pro - 1 Kenth Fallen 2 Dale Holmes 3 John Purse 4 Percy Owens 5 Chad Street 6 Paul Caldwell 7 Cesar Acevedo 8 Domingos Lammoglia

A Pro - 1 Fausto Endara 2 Jimmy Brown 3 Sergio Salazar 4 Ronald Vega 5 Cristian Jiminez 6 Randall Neave 7 Andres Holguin 8 Deivlim Balthazar

Pro Cruiser - 1 Danny Caluag 2 Tyler Brown 3 Billy Anderson 4 Barry Nobles 5 Domingos Lammoglia 6 Eric Rupe 7 Joe Mathis 8 Matt Baisley










AA Pro

1 Denzel Stein

2 Khalen Young

3 Kyle Bennett

4 Cristian Becerine

5 Barry Nobles

6 Jarrett Kolich

7 Jason Rogers

8 Jeff Upshaw

Girl Pro

1 Dominique Daniels

2 Alise Post

3 Arielle Martin

4 Amanda Geving

5 Stephanie Barragan

6 Madison Pitts

7 Kayla Gaddis

8 Terra Nichols

Vet Pro

1 Dale Holmes

2 Kenth Fallen

3 Tim Dinger

4 Percy Owens

5 John Purse

6 Paul Caldwell

7 Cesar Acevedo

8 Chad Street


A Pro

1 Matt Kelty

2 Jose Diaz

3 Jim Brown

4 Cristian Jiminez

5 Deivlim Balthazar

6 Andres Holguin

7 Matt Tischler

8 Tyler Faoro

Pro Cruiser

1 Danny Caluag

2 Barry Nobles

3 Tyler Brown

4 Billy Anderson

5 Eric Rupe

6 Joe Mathis

7 Matt Baisley

8 Chris Krooswyk


With 142 motos, over 800 riders and a sweet, Billy Allen/"Certified Smooth" track,

the ABA's Disney Cup Friday National was a HOT race. (Except for the Air Conditioned venue!)

Look for more, Saturday from Kissimmee, Florida, right here on BMX Mania!